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Best softball backpack


Softball backpacks – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you’re looking for the best softball backpack, but you can’t be bothered with going through hundreds of different websites, our source of information might be the helping hand you need. We’ve created the guide to include plenty of accurate info and modern buying options, all of which we selected after analyzing many softball backpack reviews. One model that seemed to be universally praised by past customers is the DeMarini Voodoo since it has an eye-catching design and it is made from top-notch fabrics. Moreover, the unit has plenty of compartments, and it is adequately ventilated so your gear won’t smell after an intensive game. We should also mention that the backpack is easy to carry for long periods. As an alternative, in case the first product is no longer available, we could recommend the DeMarini Momentum since it is made by the same popular and high-end brand.


Top features to consider


If you don’t want to carry all your equipment by hand, there’s an alternative that won’t cost you too much money. A softball bag is a must-have if you want to make your life easier and protect your new gear. The great thing is that there are literally hundreds of good softball backpacks to choose from. And below you have all the things that matter when buying a model for sale explained in detail.



Must-have features


You should start by choosing something that has a rubber-reinforced bottom and also double-layered sides. You want the outer layer to be durable so it can protect your belongings from dragging and bad weather and the inner layer should be soft to keep all that expensive gear secured and scratch-free.

Another feature to make sure your life will be easier? Pockets. The model you go for should have at least two compartments because you’ll want to separate your messy equipment from the clean one. But for ideal protection, a backpack should have pockets for each type of item like water bottles, bats, and even shoes.



Bag styles


Currently, there are at least four basic styles of cheap softball backpacks that exist, each with its own unique features. The handheld backpack has a short-length handle to help you carry it. It is usually long and skinny and made for simple tasks. Its main downside is that it offers only one carrying method.

The shoulder strap model needs no explanation, as it is the most prevalent and popular option on the market. It can fit plenty of stuff, and it is easy to carry even when filled to the brim. It offers a lot of versatility, and it can be super sturdy if it is made from the right materials. The other two models are the wheeled backpacks and the bat packs.



Last things to keep in mind


You should choose a bag with reinforced sleeves and an easy-to-clean bottom to protect it against dirt. You could also check for padding in the straps so your back won’t suffer when you have to carry heavy loads. Material-wise, our suggestion is to pick one that is highly breathable in case you’re transporting your softball shoes.

The best backpacks for softball come in a variety of materials. You’ll generally want to look for alternatives made of thick polyester and different water-resistant fabrics for the outer layer. Inside it’s ideal to find something that rocks some sort of a soft mesh or foam.



Top rated products



Below, you have the products that stood out in the crowded sea of sports backpacks. We’ve made sure that our list is only comprised premium items that are well-crafted, stylish and that can fit as many things as possible without sacrificing comfort.



DeMarini Voodoo


The DeMarini Voodoo backpack is an excellent baseball equipment carrying bag that won’t break the bank. It has a large capacity, it is customizable and offers high safety to your gear. However, it takes it to another level with its molded barrel lock neoprene bat sleeves that can hold up to two bats.

Its main compartment is also spacious and big enough to fit a chunky helmet, your trusted glove, and cleats along with any other pieces of equipment or personal items. Also featured in the design are the fleece-lined cell phone pocket and the clever vented shoe compartment.

Most of the compartments are padded which allows you to secure your stuff when you are voyaging. The backpack is also light and easy to carry. And for an extra layer of protection, the brand made sure it is crafted from waterproof materials so you can use it even when its raining.

This alternative has everything a softball player needs to get all of his or her gear to the field without having to leave anything behind. It is possible to customize your bag however you like since the embroidery panel is removable, which is a bonus most of you will appreciate.

Buy from for ($44.95)




DeMarini Momentum


The DeMarini Momentum has a large main compartment where you can keep all your chunky items like your helmet, glove, and gear, and it is accompanied by a fleece-lined cell phone pocket. It also features a vented shoe compartment, to make sure it won’t acquire any bad smells.

The shoulder straps of the unit are padded for added comfort, and so you can also carry heavy weights without your back hurting. There are two mesh pockets on the side which double as bat holders or water bottle pockets, a thing that is both convenient and smart.

Moreover, it rocks an integrated fence hook, and it allows you to stay organized and not to misplace any vital piece of gear. It also has a cool style and universal colors that can be matched to any outfit. Additionally, you can use the backpack for other endeavors as well and not only to carry equipment.

Like all premium products, it also comes with a removable decoration panel for personalization. Its padded back paneling will also enhance its comfort when you use it for extended periods of time. It doesn’t lack when it comes to pockets, and it is sturdily made to last you many years from now on.

Buy from for ($34.96)




Easton E110BP Bat


Those who have a dozen items to carry will really enjoy the Easton-made product, which served as the main backpack for many famous players in The Little League. Ideal for both baseball and softball, the model is perfectly sized for adults and young people as well.

This updated version has a cool and sporty design, plus a number of other nifty features to maximize its usefulness. Its main selling points are the rubberized pullers, padded back and shoulder straps for extra comfort during transportation, and it is compact enough to store in any locker.

When it comes to functions, the piece has two side bat holders and a ventilated shoe compartment, so all the basics are covered. As a bonus, the unit is made from sturdy materials that can stand the test of time without ripping apart.

It is also created to distribute weight evenly, so your shoulders will be less stressed. And, of course, it also rocks a mitt pocket so that you can protect the expensive piece of gear from all the other elements in the backpack. We cannot emphasize enough that this is a well-made model that won’t disappoint, which is surprising when you think about its price.

Buy from for ($42.66)




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