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Best softball bag

Last Updated: 13.04.19


Softball bags – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you want to find the best softball bag, but you are in a hurry, you have come to the right place. In this short paragraph, we will tell you all that you need to know if you wish to make an informed purchasing decision. After consulting some of the softball bag reviews and specialized forums, we have concluded that the Easton E50BP is the product worth considering first. This model is designed for the beginner player, and it comes with ample storage room for two of your favorite bats. The padded shoulder straps will confer extreme comfort. As a plus, the top and bottom pockets will offer enough room for all your personal items. If our first choice is not available for sale, but you are determined to get a good softball bag, we recommend you bare the Easton E700W in mind.



Comparison table





Top features to consider


It can be difficult to find cheap softball bags if you are not yet sure what the features worth focusing on are, and doing proper research can be very time-consuming. Even so, there is nothing for you to worry about since we have taken the time to showcase the key factors when purchasing a softball bag in our buyer’s guide below.


Bag styles


There are currently four styles of softball bags (handheld, shoulder strap, wheeled, and backpack) and each offers its own advantages or disadvantages. The handheld model has a shirt-length handle, and is long and skinny, making it perfect for carrying many bats and balls.

The shoulder strap style has many things in common with the handheld model in terms of looks, but it is much more versatile since the shoulder-length handle works great for quick and comfortable travels.

If you are a coach and have to carry lots of equipment, you might want to go with a wheeled product. For people that enjoy the comfort and the stylish look of a classic backpack, you can choose a bat backpack. This option may limit your bat-carrying capacity, but it frees the center compartment for other gear or personal items.



Storage space and comfort


When choosing between the four types of bags, it is essential to focus on the amount of storage space that you need. Simply put, you shouldn’t get a bag just because it looks good to you, but instead get the one that can accommodate all your bats, balls, helmets and other personal effects.

Similarly, the bag should be easy to carry. In the case of backpacks, the frame of the pack should feature padding to the area where it touches your back. Padding should also be present for the other bag styles that feature a handle so that your hand can feel comfortable even when carrying a hefty bag.





Finally, once you have managed to narrow down your choices considerably, the deciding factor should be the quality of the materials. If you want to purchase a quality softball bag that can last you for a very long time, it is important to get a product that is built using heavy-duty fabrics capable of handling diverse environments and weather conditions.

If you intend to store sensitive items in your bag, such as your phone or clothes, you may want to think about getting a unit that sees the use of waterproof fabrics. This way, the content of your bag will remain dry.



Top rated products



With so many options available, it can still be challenging to decide on just one, even if you have all the tools you need to narrow down on your choices. If you have found yourself in a pickle, we have extracted some of the top-rated models currently on the market so that you can pick the one that meets your requirements.



Easton E50BP 


The new E50BP model is a player backpack that is loaded with tons of useful features that make it suitable for all players. Before you purchase it, keep in mind that this is a youth-size model, so if you are looking for a unit designed to be used by adults, you might want to take a quick look at the other products on our list.

The comfort that this product offers is a very beloved feature, especially once you consider that it is meant to be used by children and teenagers. The padded back and straps will ensure that even when the backpack is stuffed full of equipment, your back and arms will not have to suffer.

Another feature that makes this option a must-buy is the fact that it is capable of holding whatever softball or baseball items you may need to carry. You also get a special ventilated compartment for cleats and gloves to help prevent moisture and odors from accumulating inside the backpack.

The front pockets can be used to store your personal items, including your wallet or keys. To store the bats, you can use the sleeves located on each side of the bag. These sleeves can also be used to store water bottles.



You can choose from numerous colors such as red, black, and royal so that you can personalize the look of the product to fit your preferences and outfits.

Apart from the main compartment and the sleeves, you also get a front access pocket that provides additional storage for personal items such as phones, music devices, wallets, or keys.

The backpack is very comfortable to carry, thanks to the use of high-quality paddings, and customers have reported that even 5-year-olds can carry this option comfortably.

The materials used are very sturdy, and buyers have praised the built quality, which should ensure the longevity of this unit.

The option comes with a fence hook for dugout functionality.



Many buyers were confused when purchasing this unit since they didn’t notice that it is a youth size bag, thus incapable of storing the kind of equipment that an adult softball player requires.

Buy from for ($29.99)




Easton E700W 


Since this a wheeled model, it comes with ample room to store all your favorite equipment such as helmets, bats, gloves, shoes, and more with great ease. The heavy-duty inline wheels are rugged since they are constructed from a very durable material and offer excellent mobility across different types of terrain.

The bag features a 4,275 cubic-inch main cargo compartment, an insulated water bottle compartment, a helmet/cleat compartment, a side compartment with three organizational pockets, and a bat holder capable of fitting up to 4 bats. You can certainly see that this is a perfect pick for professional players that have a lot of equipment to carry.

To add structure and durability, the unit comes with a full bottom rail. The bag is made of T420-denier hex ripstop and 600-denier polyester for a stylish look and durable construction. The ten lockable zippers will ensure that once you have secured a compartment, it will remain closed so that no item is lost.

As a plus, after a long game or practice session, you can put the equipment back in the bag with peace of mind knowing that the vented compartments will help dry your items to minimize odors.



If you have lots of equipment that you want to transport, you will be pleased with the four different compartments that offer a total capacity of over 7,000 cubic inches, more than enough for a professional player.

Despite the ample storage room, the bag remains quite compact meaning that it is very easy to store once you are done with it.

The wide-set tank wheels come with a full axle that will facilitate transport and prevent the bag from tipping over.

All your items will be stored securely thanks to the lockable zippers used for all the compartments and pockets present on this bag.

The separate bat compartment is capable of holding up to four softball or baseball bats.



While there are many compartments and pockets for you to choose from, the unit does not come with a specialized pocket for your wallet or keys.

Buy from for ($119.95)




Franklin Sports MLB 


Featuring a large storage compartment, the Franklin Sports option is spacious enough to accommodate your softball and baseball helmet with face mask, fielding and batting gloves, cleats, and other accessories. The top-side mesh is adequately ventilated to allow the fabrics to breathe and air out your cleats and gloves after each game or practice.

The convenient J-style hook will allow the bag to hang on to the dugout fence for easy accessibility. The cushioned, contoured backpack-style shoulder strap will make it very easy to transport the unit comfortably since it provides excellent support and will not press too hard on your shoulders.

The quick-access dual-bat storage can hold up to two bats in a way that allows you to grab them easily when you are on the go. The base of the backpack is waterproof, meaning that it is designed to keep water from escaping your wet clothes and reaching your back.

What’s awesome about this unit is that it manages to remain reasonably compact but still capable of multi-item storage. This means that even the more experienced softball players that have a plethora of gear and accessories will be satisfied with this purchase.



The Franklin Sports MLB manages to offer a backpack that is both lightweight and durable, thanks in part to the use of quality black nylon that is very light but still capable of handling heavy and frequent use.

Apart from the main compartments designed to hold softball equipment, you also get a zippered front pocket that is designed to be used for keys, wallets, ID badges, and other small items.

The backpack is very well built, and the many compartments will allow you to organize your equipment efficiently so that you always know where to look for a specific item.

Affordability is a key factor with this model, and if you are on a tight budget but don’t want to sacrifice quality and performance, the MLB is a great choice.



Since the material is highly breathable, it is also very thin meaning that it can get punctured by sharp objects if you are not careful.

Click to see the price on Amazon!




Easton Hybrid 


If you want a softball bag that can fit all of your favorite softball, baseball, and personal gear, you are certainly going to be pleased with the performance and features that the Hybrid model can offer. This unit combines the spaciousness of a duffle bag with the ease of carrying that a backpack provides.

Thanks to this feature, you will be able to carry all of your equipment more comfortably and conveniently. The bag also features the use of very durable materials that are capable of withstanding the elements for long-lasting storage and organization. The numerous compartments and pockets will help ensure that you will never run out of storage space.

The main compartment for gear is spacious and vented which means that you can also use it to store clothes you have worn during training since the breathable fabrics will help dry them out and minimize odors. You also have a separate compartment for your cleats and helmet that sees the use of the same breathable material.

The external slip pockets are designed to store and protect up to two bats. The shoulder straps feature a rubberized print that will offer some extra-grip for when you want to use the unit as a duffel bag.



The unique design of this model makes it so that you get two products for the price of one since you can use the bag as both a duffle bag and as a backpack, depending on your needs.

The use of a durable tarpaulin exterior enables the bag to withstand the elements and to give you years of excellent service.

Organizing your items and equipment is very easy since the inner pockets are zippered. There is also a felt-lined pocket that is designed to store personal items such as keys, your phone, and more.

The main compartment and the helmet/cleat compartment are vented which means that you won’t have to worry about sweaty clothes or equipment ruining your backpack.



While most buyers had only good things to report about this model, we did notice a few that were not entirely satisfied with the quality of the zippers, claiming that they are not as durable as they expected.

Buy from for ($99.99)




Easton E500T 


The E500T model is a large-capacity tote bag that features a unique design which allows it to be carried as a backpack. You can use the hand straps when moving the bag around over short distances, and then switch to the padded backpack straps for when you need to carry the equipment from your home to the field, and back.

For easy organization of your many gear and items, this model has separate compartments for shoes, bats, and your other personal items and equipment. With ample room available to store all your stuff, this is a great choice for professional softball players that don’t want to be held back.

The separate bat compartment can hold up to four bats. The main compartment is very spacious, and it can be used to store your helmet, gloves and everything else that you might need. It is so roomy that customers have reported that they wouldn’t be surprised if it could store both catcher and pitcher equipment.

The massive zippers are very durable and can handle frequent and heavy use. The zippers are also designed to close the compartments securely to prevent blowouts. As a plus, there is also a small pocket inside the bag where you can put your car keys.



You get ample storage space to fit all your equipment, and the many separate compartments will make it very easy to organize your items in the way that is most convenient for you.

The size of this model is also a big advantage. It is large enough to ensure that you will never run out of space, but still manageable enough to be easy to carry as a tote bag or as a backpack.

The use of T420D hex ripstop and 600d polyester as the primary materials makes this option very durable.

You get a mesh pocket on the outside top of the bag for stowing batting gloves. The pocket is ventilated which will allow sweat to dry off the gloves.

There is also a J-style hook that that is built from very tough plastic for dugout functionality.



Customers were unhappy with the fact that previous descriptions of this unit have stated it is a wheeled bag. If you are looking for a wheeled option, you might want to take a look at our other selections.

Buy from for ($46.06)




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