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Best softball bat


Softball bats – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you’re on the lookout for the best softball bat yet you’re time-poor, you’re in the right place as we will help you learn more about top rated products. After examining various models of softball bats for sale and softball bat reviews, we have concluded that the first option to consider is the Louisville Slugger 2019 PXT. Designed to take your softball game to the next level, this bat features the PWR STAX barrel technology for maximum performance as well as the patented TRU3 construction for vibration reduction and thus enhanced comfort on contact. Thanks to the ultra-lightweight X-Ca, you will get to enjoy a better swing speed and increased durability. The Power Balanced end-loaded design makes it ideal for professional hitters in need of speed and unmatched power. Should you be unable to find this product, a reliable alternative in terms of quality is the Mizuno Finch Jennie.



Products worth your attention





Top features to consider


There are many factors that will contribute to the way your softball game ends. From little things such as the softball mitts you use to how much practice you’ve had. Bats are part of the gear you need to pay great attention to if success is desired.

Whether you’re looking for expensive or cheap softball bats, there are some key elements you need to focus on in order to make sure you get the right model for your needs.



Length and weight


The first things you need to consider when choosing a new bat regard the bat’s dimensions and weight. Softball bats are usually 26 to 32-inch long for young players and 30-34-inch long for older players.

Then, you need to consider the drop weight which is the length to weight ratio. You should find bats that have a drop weight that ranges from -8 to -14. To find out the weight drop of a bat, you just have to take the weight minus the length. The negative number resulting is the drop of that bat.

Therefore, a 34-inch bat that has a weight of 24 ounces will have a -10 drop weight. The smaller this number is, the heavier the bat, and vice versa.





Softball bats are available in composite and aluminum alloy designs. Each material comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Composite bats provide the player with a larger sweet spot and reduced vibration, which means that a mishit won’t sting your hand that much. Moreover, such bats are more precisely balanced and have more pop.

Still, they are more expensive, fragile, and even temperature-sensitive. On the other hand, alloy bats are lightweight and durable yet they have a smaller sweet spot and lose pop sooner than composite models. You will also find the classic wood bats as well as hybrid bats, the latter combining a composite handle and an alloy barrel.



One piece vs. two-piece bats


Bats are further divided into one-piece and two-piece designs. If you’re a contact hitter looking for a stiffer and more balanced bat, then you might want to consider a one-piece model. The downside of such bats is that they do not reduce vibration and you might feel lots of that on mishits.

Two-piece bats provide more flex and reduced vibration. The disadvantage of such bats is that they are end-loaded, which means they will come with a heavier swing weight. Still, if you’re a power hitter, such a bat might be just what you need.



Top rated products



If you find it difficult to identify a good softball bat because of the rich offer available on today’s market, you might want to check our selection. We have compiled a list of reviews to help you learn more about some of the most appreciated products in this line.



Louisville Slugger 2019 PXT


The success of your softball game depends on a variety of factors from the gear you use such as softball gloves to your health status. Bats are an essential part of the equipment you need when reaching the softball field. A model you might want to pay attention to is the 2019 PXT from Louisville Slugger.

Crafted with your victory in mind, this product comes with specs that have gathered appreciation from the customers who tried it. It boasts the PWR STAX barrel technology that promises to ensure maximum performance as it will distribute the load across the whole barrel.

Moreover, the TRU3 construction delivers vibration reduction, which translates into enhanced comfort and an unparalleled feel on contact. The unit is also ideal if you’re interested in improved swing speed as its ultra-lightweight X-Cap will make sure you enjoy such benefits.

Weighted at a -8 drop and featuring a Power Balanced end-loaded design, this softball bat is committed to helping hitters enjoy not only speed but also unmatched power. Thanks to the multi-layered wall construction and the technologies used, you will get to boost your performance, enjoy an extended sweet spot, and get better results.



The bat is designed in such a way to elevate your softball game through enhanced power and comfort. The materials used ensure durability, so you can rest assured that frequent games won’t ruin the bat.

Due to the TRU3 construction, vibration is reduced and, thus, you get to enjoy a better and more comfortable feel on contact.

The ultra-lightweight X-Cap promises to deliver an improved swing speed whereas the PWR STAX barrel technology will further boost your performance by evenly distributing the load across the entire barrel.

The unit is weighted at a -8 drop yet it is also available in -9 and -10 weight drops. It boasts a Power Balanced end-loaded design for unmatched speed and power.

The 100% composite bat weighs only 1.34 pounds and measures 36 x 3 x 3 inches, which makes it ideal for increased speed and power.



One customer says the grip tape fell apart after a few games.

Buy from for ($190.33)




Mizuno Finch Jennie


Another softball bat you might want to pay attention to if you want to up your game is this model from Mizuno. Created in collaboration with team USA legend Jennie Finch, this bat is committed to providing improved performance and durability thanks to the materials and technologies used for its construction.

Classically designed into a one-piece body, the unit features the MZ2200+ material that promises to ensure both increased durability and a premium pop. The barrel has been optimized in order to lower the swing weight and keep it balanced. This way, swing speed and control are increased through the hitting area.

To further elevate your game and your comfort, the bat comes with a comfortable synthetic grip that will help you reduce sting in your hands during mishits. This way you will enjoy a soft and comfortable feel throughout your game.

The product weighs 2 pounds, measures 35 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches, and has a standard 2 ¼-inch barrel diameter, which makes it a great choice for young players exploring the techniques of this game. What’s more, once you’ve advanced as desired, you can use the bat to play in ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF.



Developed with quality materials, this bat is worth considering if you’re a young player struggling to get the bat around or a more advanced young player interested in a performance-booster and durability.

The MZ2200+ alloy used renders it ideal for frequent practice sessions and games as durability is guaranteed. Moreover, it will help you up your performance since this material is also lightweight.

The cushioned grip ensures a soft grip and reduced sting in your hands during mishits, which means you will feel comfortable even after hours of playing.

The dimensions (including the 2 ¼-inch barrel diameter) make it ideal for beginners and players aged 10 or less who want to increase their swing speed.

The bat is balanced and approved for play in ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF.



Given its dimensions, this softball bat is not ideal for players aged above 10.

Buy from for ($70)




Easton ASA Hammer


If enhanced power and control are the ones you’re after, you might want to consider this bat from Easton for a model that was designed with materials to help you enjoy all that. The one-piece bat is made with 100% durable aluminum alloy so you can use it for extended practice sessions and games.

The unit promises to deliver incredible control and fast swing speed, which can only translate into a greater performance. Offering a stiffer impact feedback and feel, the dual stamp slowpitch softball bat features a 2 ¼-inch barrel diameter and a 12-inch barrel length as well as a rolled over end.

The ultra-thin 29/32-inch handle will help hitters enjoy more control. The cushioned grip will make sure comfort is what you enjoy even when playing or practicing for hours. No need to worry about durability as the material used for the construction of this bat promises to make it last.

What’s also great about this model is that it comes in various sizes, which means you will be able to find lighter bats for beginners and young players who don’t have the strength needed to swing heavier bats. Moreover, you can choose the size that will make it easy to add it to your softball backpack. Plus, the bat is ASA, USSSA, NSA, SSUSA, ISA, and ISF certified.



If you’re on the lookout for a bat that will keep up with extended use and help you enjoy more control, this model should not go unchecked.

The durable aluminum alloy used renders it ideal for intense play and frequent practice sessions.

Enhanced control is ensured not only by the product’s dimensions and material featured but also by the ultra-thin 29/32-inch handle and the cushion grip.

The various sizes available for this unit will help you feed the needs of players of all ages and levels. You can thus even find sizes to accommodate young players who have not yet developed the necessary strength to handle heavier bats.

The unit is approved for play in ASA, USSSA, NSA, SSUSA, ISA, and ISF.



A few customers who tried this bat say it sounds like a metal bat hitting a metal ball, which proved to be dissatisfying.

Buy from for ($37.82)




Easton Pink Sapphire


Enhanced durability and increased control are the benefits you get to enjoy when using this bat. Made with quality materials that will make sure you can use it frequently and extensively, this model from Easton should not go unchecked before you make your decision.

Featuring the ALX50 military-grade aluminum, this bat is made to last. No need to worry that you will run out of the most important piece of your equipment too soon. Moreover, this material will help you enjoy a fast swing speed so you can up your game and advance.

In order to help the player keep all that power under control, the bat comes with a cushioned all-sports grip. The ultra-thin 29/32-inch handle will make it easier for you to go for successful hits while keeping comfort by your side.

The unit has a 10 length to weight ratio and a 2 ¼-inch barrel diameter and is available in various sizes. This means you can find a size that will accommodate even young players who still need practice before developing the necessary strength to handle heavier bats. Therefore, consider it if you’re new to this field. The unit is ASA approved.



Crafted with durability and enhanced control in mind, this bat is worth considering if you’re a junior learning more about softball. The item was developed to meet the needs of young players.

It is made from ALX50 military-grade aluminum, which means you can rest assured that this bat will keep up with frequent games and practice sessions.

The ultra-thin 29/32-inch handle and cushioned all-sports grip will help you keep all that power under control. This is another reason why the bat is ideal for young hitters as it will help them master power with greater ease.

The material used and the design will also deliver a fast swing speed. More successful hits are thus ensured.



A few customers found the bat to be too small yet this model is ideal for kids and not for adult players. Keep that in mind before ordering.

Buy from for ($26.5)




Easton FP17HL12


This bat was designed to take your softball game to the next level. Hence the materials and technologies used. The FP17HL12 from Easton is thus another model you might want to take into account before you make your final decision. The two-piece composite design comes with a variety of specs that have gathered admiration from customers who tried it.

Promising to deliver a greater performance and help you score big, the bat features the Hyperlite composite barrel technology to optimize the sweet spot and ensure remarkable results. A faster swing speed is ensured by the evenly balanced swing weight. The patented CXN ZERO two-piece ConneXion technology reduces vibration and thus gives you a better feel on contact as well as an extra flex for more power.

Furthermore, the ultra-thin 29/32-inch composite handle which comes with the new 1.2mm HYPERSkin grip will deliver stability and boost that unmatched feel on any type of contact. Even when you miss a hit, comfort is ensured.

The product is available in various sizes to meet the needs of players of different levels and ages. The 20-oz model measures 32.4 x 3 x 3 inches. What’s more, the Easton FP17HL12 is ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, SSUSA, and ISF approved.



Add better control and an enhanced performance to your game if you go for this two-piece composite bat. Thanks to the Hyperlite composite barrel technology, the optimized sweet spot promises to help you take your game to a whole new level.

Vibration is reduced to zero thanks to the patented CXN ZERO two-piece ConneXion technology. This will further help you enjoy a better feel on contact as well as an additional flex for increased power.

The evenly balanced swing weight delivers a faster swing speed. The ultra-thin 29/32-inch composite handle which comes with the 1.2mm HYPERSkin grip will make sure that you enjoy a great feel no matter the type of contact.

The unit comes with a number of certifications, so you can use it for play in ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, SSUSA, and ISF.



Several buyers say the bat might not last that much. In some cases, it broke after a few months of use.

Buy from for ($129.95)




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