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Best softball catcher’s mitt


Softball catcher’s mitts – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you are looking for the best softball catcher’s mitt, but you are short on time, this paragraph should clue you in. After doing the research on your behalf by reading what previous users and the specialists had to say on the topic, we have determined that the Mizuno Prospect GXC112 is the product that you should consider purchasing. This choice was built to be used by young players, and it is said to initiate easy closure. On top of that, the model features ParaShock palm pads that can absorb the shock caused by repeated use. According to the seller, this mitt can provide the player with less rebound. Plus, the item is known for being extra protective and quite comfortable, which is why so many like and recommend it. If this unit is out of stock, be sure to check out the Rawlings Gamer Softball as you might also find it suitable.



Products worth your attention





Top features to consider


Shopping for a high-quality, yet cheap softball catcher’s mitt can be a complicated process, especially if you have never purchased an item of this kind before. To be of assistance to you, we have prepared a list of features that are considered a must-have in a product of this kind.



The material


Just like in the case of buying softball helmets, the fabrics used in making a mitt are crucial. Generally, the type of material used in manufacturing softball mitts directly influences their price. The most expensive units out there are those made of genuine leather.

Their main advantage is that they are quite durable; however, it does take quite a bit of time to break them in. Still, the specialists say that models made of leather get better as time passes by, as they conform to the user’s hand perfectly.

If you are interested in a budget-friendly alternative that you can find for sale at a lower price, you should also check out those mitts made of synthetic materials. These gloves are considered better suited for beginners and casual players that are not very competitive. However, they are not as durable as those made of leather.





According to softball catcher’s mitt reviews, the most important factor that you should have in mind before purchasing softball gloves is their size. The size of a glove is measured in inches from the tip of the index finger to the end of the mitt, that is better known as its heel.

However, if you are interested in a catcher’s glove, keep in mind that there is a different technique that you should employ, as you should rather pay attention to the model’s circumference, or the catching area of the mitt.

No matter the kind of glove you decide on, its size should match that of your hand. By doing so, you won’t find it difficult to manipulate it.



The webbing


If you want to end up with a good softball catcher’s mitt, you should also take a good look at the type of webbing that it features. Firstly, there are the open web mitts that include an I or an H design. They are preferred by players that are interested in a quick ball transfer.

Secondly, the closed web mitts are known for supplying their users with a more rigid catching area. This latter option is usually liked by pitchers.

If you are new to acquiring products that softball players need, it might be a good idea to read this buying guide on how to select softball face masks. Even more so, this guide on how to purchase softball backpacks can also be of help to you.



Top rated products



Because we know just how challenging it can be to browse through all the models that are available, we have decided to help you out by composing a short list of some mitts that have received excellent reviews from previous buyers.



Mizuno Prospect GXC112


This mitt measures 31.50″ and it is marketed as a catcher’s mitt given the spacious catching area that it incorporates. The choice was designed to be used by young players, and it comes equipped with a unique closing mechanism that makes it effortless to be used by novices.

As a plus, this device includes what the seller calls the ParaShock palm pad, a kind of padding that can absorb the shock caused by repeated use. Therefore, this choice can protect your hand, and it is highly comfortable at the same time.

This mitt is available in two hand orientations and, consequently, it can be purchased and used by both left and right-handed players. Most of its previous users pointed out that this glove is of high quality and that it can pass the test of time. However, if you are an adult player, you should know that this item might not fit you given its size. In fact, some argue that it can only fit 7 to 9-year olds.

Although it is made of leather, breaking in the mitt is not at all difficult if you use leather conditioning. Still, you should expect it to feel a tad stiff when utilizing it for the first couple of times.

Buy from for ($42.71)




Rawlings Gamer Softball


This alternative is 33 inches in size, and it is often described as a fast-pitch softball catcher’s mitt. What is more, this item comes provided with a leather-enforced palm pad that supplies the player with increased impact protection.

As a plus, this model has a padded thumb sleeve and a soft finger back lining, features that are known to supply extra comfort to the user. In order to make it as easy to use as possible, the manufacturer has also provided this unit with a non-slip back that can loosen and tighten instantly with a simple pull of a strap.

This choice also comes fitted with a Pro H webbing pattern that makes this glove perfect for catching balls thrown at high velocities. Plus, although this model is made of leather, it was designed to break in effortlessly with little to no special conditioning needed.

Because of its updated pro-style patterns and its contrast lacing, this option has a modern look that is likely to catch your attention instantly. Previous owners were happy to report that this mitt is well crafted and that it is very comfortable, even when worn for extended periods of time at once. According to the reviews, this model can fit both girls and boys.

Buy from for ($84.94)




Mizuno Prospect Gxs102


If you are looking for a model that was designed to be used by girls, be sure to give this product a go as it might turn out to be just what you need. This mitt measures 32.5 inches, and it incorporates a full grain leather shell for maximum durability. Even more so, this glove has a butter soft palm liner that increases its durability, and that makes it very comfortable for the player.

This model is highly recommended by fellow players and coaches because of its sturdy structure and the short break in period that it requires. The unit is easy to put on and to take off as it features a polyurethane PowerLock system. As the manufacturer claims, the incorporated liner of the mitt can help you keep your hand sweat-free.

Although there have been buyers that had issues selecting an appropriate size, most users were happy with what they received and pointed out that the model fits as expected. Most users were also content with the design and the durability of this choice, which is why so many recommend it.

However, before you place any orders, you should remember that this product is generally suitable for children that are under 14.

Buy from for ($52.87)




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