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Best softball cleats


Softball cleats – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you’re looking for the best softball cleats, you’re in the right place. Following our advice and considering the tips we’ve gathered from reading countless of softball cleats reviews will surely put you on the right path. Our research shows that the first product to consider is the Under Armour Men’s Leadoff, due to its various useful functions. For example, its rubber sole will guarantee good stability and will allow you to move without fearing accidents. The synthetic leather used in the manufacturing process is a durable material that will ensure long-term use as well as support and comfort for your feet. The mesh tongue enhances the breathability of this item and prevents the skin from overheating during physical effort. Should this alternative be unavailable, we suggest you check out the Mizuno Women’s 9 Spike instead, as it would make for a great second choice.



Products worth your attention





Top features to consider


In your search for good softball cleats, make sure you check out the suggestions we’ve outlined for you in our buying guide. We know how confusing it can be to deal with a market that’s overcrowded with options, so we provided you with our advice.



Your position in the field


If you’re not new to softball, you probably know a thing or two about how much importance is placed on this aspect. Your place in the game can profoundly influence the style of gear that you get to wear, so make sure you know your requirements before buying.

A pitcher might have great benefits from choosing a shoe with a reinforced toe, while metal cleats are better suited for infielders. If you’re not exactly sure and you want to practice some exercise, develop your skills and find out things along the way, we recommend you get a pair of cheap softball cleats.



Cleat style


There are mainly three types of cleats that you have to choose from, but it’s important to mention that they all serve the same purpose of preventing you from slipping while running and accidentally hurting yourself.

The first alternative you have is buying a pair of shoes with metal cleats, which can be uncomfortable if not cushioned correctly, but they provide the most traction. They’re an excellent choice for professionals, but they’re often prohibited due to safety issues. It’s safe to say they’re not recommended for regular training sessions.

Another option would be choosing molded cleats, usually made of rubber or hard plastic. They’re a lot more comfortable, and even though they do not offer the same traction as the metal ones, they’re a fine choice for beginners.

Then there’s training cleats, which are the least recommended for off-field activities since they’re not too reliable in case of a game.



Other aspects to consider


The mix of materials used by the manufacturer in the process is also essential because it influences the level of comfort that you get when wearing the shoes. It’s necessary to have a sturdy material to offer support and to have a breathable texture to prevent the skin from overheating.

A product’s weight can also affect the user’s perception because if the shoes are too heavy, they will hinder their movements and will leave them feeling uncomfortable. Also, you’ll have trouble transporting them, even with a softball backpack, because a large piece of equipment takes up too much space.



Top rated products



In our search for top softball gear, we have to dedicate a particular spot to cleats. In the list below you’ll find a few of the alternatives available for sale that we consider to be top picks at the moment. We’ve showcased their best features to give you some inspiration on what to choose.



Under Armour Men’s Leadoff


This alternative is a good choice for those looking to find a sports shoe that’s durable while still being comfortable for your feet. The material used when manufacturing this model is synthetic leather, which is at the same time ethical and resistant. It can provide a safe environment for your skin.

The quality of the material guarantees long-term use, but the real highlight is the mesh tongue, which perfectly compliments the synthetic leather. It will allow the air to circulate freely through the shoe, letting your skin breathe and preventing it from overheating as a result of strenuous exercise.

On the entire length of the shoe, an EVA midsole has been added for increased comfort. This way, the cushioning will help disperse the pressure and reduce the level of fatigue. What’s more, these items only weigh 13 oz, so they’re light enough not to cause you any trouble during the game.

Optimal traction is ensured for the customers due to the rubber sole that these cleats feature. This model can allow you to perform on any field surface, due to their unique design. They’re true to fit so you won’t have trouble finding the right size when you place an order.



This model is made of durable materials that will keep your feet protected during the game and will also provide a comfortable environment for them.

Due to the cushioning, you won’t feel pain or fatigue while you’re playing. Another factor that contributes to this is the small weight of the shoes, only 13 oz.

The rubber sole will allow you to perform on a wide range of fields, by increasing your stability during the game and lowering your chances of being involved in an accident.

They come in a wide range of color alternatives that you can choose from and also have an attractive price that offers good value for the money.



There have been complaints from a few customers saying that these shoes are too narrow for the average foot, so many people might have struggled to find a right size that fits comfortably.

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Mizuno Women’s 9 Spike


It’s worth mentioning first of all that this model is designed specifically for women, so you shouldn’t buy them for male consumers. They provide an optimal fit and an accurate feel for fast itching due to the Thermoplastic Polyurethane used in the composition.

The outsole is made using nine spikes, all designed to increase your traction against a certain kind of surface, enhancing your stability during the game and lowering your chances of falling or injuring yourself.

A full-length midsole has been added to the mix, only to make sure that the user’s feet are comfortable at all times. These shoes also use wave technology to make sure that the right amount of cushioning and stability is provided to the user.

If you’re looking for a shoe that can offer you superior fit and comfort, this is indeed an alternative to have in mind, since the padded booty tongue is added by the manufacturers to take care of these aspects.

To correctly choose your size for these cleats, casual reviewer’s opinions say that you might need to go half a size up for what you usually wear on a daily basis, only because you need to allow some extra room for thicker softball socks.


Try this model if you’re looking for an alternative that will provide you with an opportunity to develop your softball skills. It will do so through the use of the Thermoplastic Polyurethane technology.

You’ll be able to perform wearing a shoe that offers you a perfect fit and, what’s more, you’ll get an accurate feel for fastpitch, which will significantly improve your performance.

The design features nine spikes, added to the outsole to offer you enhanced stability and the opportunity to perform on various surfaces, without having to worry about slipping and falling.

Mizuno uses the wave technology for this model, making sure that it provides its customers with the right amount of cushioning and stability.



There have been a few complaints saying that the padding used for the inner sole is not thick enough, and from certain standing positions you might feel the cleats underneath.

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Under Armour Glyde RM


Try this Under Armour alternative if you want to give your kids the most reliable equipment there is. It’s designed especially for their comfort, with a size chart to fit the measurements typical of their age.

Most manufacturers put out products that lack in quality when it comes to kids’ options because they’re going to need new ones so quickly. That’s not the case with Under Armour, since the engineered synthetic upper is lightweight, so it doesn’t slow down the movement, while still offering enough support to ensure comfort.

The ankle collar and the tongue are constructed using mesh material, which serves the purpose of allowing the skin to breathe through the air circulation while also maintaining a reasonable temperature inside the shoe. We all know how overheating during exercise can cause incredible discomfort and affect your performance.

For the entire length of the sole, the shoe is covered with an EVA midsole, with the role of both absorbing the shock from sudden movements and preventing the customer from feeling the cleats from the other side.

Its cleats are molded out of rubber, and they increase the traction that these shoes can offer against any surface.



These shoes only weigh 7.2 oz, making them an excellent choice for anyone who’s looking to move freely, especially for children.

They’re cushioned throughout the entire length of the shoe, turning the interior into a comfortable environment that won’t cause your child’s feet any pain or fatigue.

It’s essential to remind the users that these sports shoes are constructed using a durable synthetic upper and a mesh ankle collar and tongue, which allow the air to circulate freely and prevent the skin from overheating.

Easy to clean and not showing too much dirt, they’re ideal to be used by children, who can get messy sometimes.

Last but not least, the rubber used to mold the cleats will increase the traction these items can offer against horizontal surfaces, lowering the user’s chances of slipping.



A few customers have complained that the shoes they ordered run a bit small, and it’s difficult to find a good fit for a wider foot.

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