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Best softball gloves reviews

Last Updated: 13.04.19


Gloves for softball reviews – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Does the weather outside make you want to add the best softball gloves for sale into your personal collection of biking accessories? We know that you never seem to have enough items to use when it comes to your outdoor activities. This is why we have considered useful to research the market and see which might be the best products according to the best gloves for softball reviews. We have found several interesting products for you to consider. Number one on our list is a product that has received the most positive reviews from users who have already used these: the Louisville Slugger FG Diva gloves. These are a perfect fit for your hands and are made of high-quality materials to ensure proper comfort for users. The manufacturer has created these gloves both for beginner softball players and advanced ones. These are durable, so you will be able to rely on them for a very long time. In case you do not want to choose this product, here comes our second recommendation of the day, the Mizuno Prospect gloves.



Products worth your attention




Top features to consider


Every product that is worth buying must come with the most important attributes that determine its quality and the overall performance. For you to become familiar with the top features that you should consider in the case of all the products recommended in the best softball gloves reviews, we have made a useful guide in which we present and analyze them. This way, you can become well-informed and make a reliable purchase in the end. It is better to spend some time before choosing a product to ensure proper research so that you might enjoy using a high-quality product for a long time after that.



The quality of the materials


The most important feature of any glove is represented by the quality of the materials that have been used for its creation. Every other feature will be influenced by it. You should look for top grade leather or other premium materials in the products you consider as reliable choices. Leather products are the best ones because these manage to fit your hands perfectly and feature longer durability. These have even been compared to great wine which gets better with age. This means that once you choose a pair of gloves made of premium materials, you will not have to be worried about their resistance over time.



The size matters


With items such as the softball gloves, the size is an essential feature to consider. Most sizes are measured in inches in this case, and the manufacturers use the index finger slot and the end of the glove as measurement criteria. Moreover, you should know that the measurements differ in the case of softball gloves and other types of items used for similar sports.



The web feature (the pocket)


When it comes to softball gloves, there is another top feature to have in mind when analyzing the best softball gloves reviews: the web. This is one of their defining elements, and it is used to define the catching area featured by the gloves. Numerous webbing designs have been created by the manufacturers who are interested in making the best products available for sale. One of the best designs, in this case, is the open web mitt that includes either an I or an H element. Also, in the case of the best gloves used for softball activities, the manufacturers use extra pieces of leather for the rest of the mitt. There are also numerous professional players that go for gloves that feature an open back because these allow them to catch the ball entirely into the glove mitt.



Top rated products



Based on the scores obtained by the products in the tests that have been done by specialists in this field and according to the best reviews that have been written after analyzing their features, we have selected the top rated products that you can consider in the category of softball gloves.



Louisville Slugger FG Diva


The Louisville Slugger gloves are a perfect fit for fastpitch players who are just beginning their career in the industry or for players who simply love to play this game for no purpose whatsoever. The item offers the players the ability to catch and throw the ball perfectly, without feeling any discomfort.

The glove is specially designed to serve beginner players who have special needs, but it can also be used by advanced ones who have already been down that road. The color of the glove, the design that was chosen by the manufacturer as well as the fact that it fits your hand perfectly makes it a reliable option to consider.

Moreover, the leather palm and the mesh backing featured by this item from the Diva series does not require break-in yet has proven its durability over time. The easy closure is enabled in its case as well due to the lightweight mesh back it comes equipped with as well as the extra-soft palm lining it features.

Finally, this glove is all about comfort and control. When you play softball, you always need to be in control of your hands and the ball. A professional glove such as the Louisville Slugger FGDV14-HG105REG-Parent will make sure you are on top of the game every time you wear it.



The Louisville Slugger FGDV14-HG105REG-Parent gloves feature a 10.5 inches size which makes them a perfect fit for your hands. They come equipped with a special leather palm that makes them soft and durable.

These are part of a limited series of gloves that have been specially designed to serve fastpitch softball players. No matter whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, these gloves will help you keep yourself protected during the game.

Also, these items have been designed so as not to interfere with the flexibility you need while playing softball. Their mesh backing and leather palm make the gloves highly durable, so you will not have to worry about purchasing new ones anytime soon.

Finally, you will be able to benefit from fast and easy closure options with these gloves as well as an innovative design that focuses on offering you full comfort and control over your hands.



You need to carefully choose the right size of the gloves to avoid issues from this perspective.

You should avoid washing the gloves at very high temperatures so that you might not damage the quality of the materials used for their construction.

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Mizuno Prospect


Mizuno is a popular manufacturer of professional gloves these days. Their success is due to the quality of the materials used for manufacturing the gloves and the fact that their priority has always been that of creating products that fit the user perfectly.

The Prospect softball gloves manufactured by Mizuno are made of high-quality materials, and you can rely on them the same way thousands of other players have done for many years. The premium quality of the materials used to create the gloves ensures high performance for players who choose to wear them on the playing field.

The artful combination of professional craftsmanship and technology has led to the creation of this product. It is appreciated by worldwide users for its attractive design, its top quality and the level of performance you can achieve when playing softball with these gloves on.

Furthermore, this is a tailor-made glove that will perfectly fit the hands of a young player looking to enter the world of professional softball playing. When you catch the ball perfectly, you love the game more, so these gloves can become your favorite ally on the field.

Finally, with features such as the PowerClose technology, the PowerLock technology, and the ParaShock Palm you gain access to an item that is easy to use, flexible, durable and which reduces the shocks caused by repetitive movements.



The Mizuno Prospect softball gloves are made of high-quality materials that make them durable and soft. Also, their design ensures proper flexibility and a secure fit for your hands.

These items come equipped with the PowerClose technology that makes them a great accessory that you can use to firmly catch the ball during the softball games. This way, you will not risk losing your focus during the game or have to worry about the gloves not doing their job.

The PowerLock Technology considered by the manufacturer in the case of these softball gloves gives the user access to the most secure and simplest fit. The closure can be easily initiated in the case of this product due to the V-Flex Notch feature it includes.

When playing softball, there is always the risk of hurting your hands due to repeated ball throwing and catching movements. With these professional gloves, any shock is reduced due to the ParaShock palm pad created especially for them.



You need to make sure that the size of the gloves, 12.5 inches, is a perfect fit for you so that you might enjoy all the benefits offered by the Mizuno Prospect model.

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Mizuno Prospect 12”


What do you expect to get from a professional softball glove you purchase? First of all, an easy way of catching the ball. This is exactly what the manufacturer had in mind when he created this Mizuno Prospect softball glove. The glove allows you to catch the ball easier due to the PowerClose Technology featured by it.

Moreover, this feature comes in perfect combination with the PowerLock technology that ensures the safest fit possible. This does not mean that you will have to deal with any complex system because the gloves are pretty simple yet they do a great job on your hands.

Moreover, when it comes to softball gloves, it is also essential to have access to easy closure features. This is exactly what you get from the Prospect softball glove intended for fastpitch players. The ease with which the glove is closed is all due to the V-Flex Notch it comes equipped with.

Finally, when you play softball, there is always the risk of facing negative effects from repetitive shocks and movements. However, with this glove, you get access to the ParaShock palm pad that reduces the shock every time and helps minimize the annoying stinging effect.



The Mizuno Prospect 12” gloves feature the main advantage of having been created based on the PowerClose technology which makes them the perfect ally for perfectly catching the ball every time.

These feature a simple yet highly attractive design that attracts attention every time. The PowerLock technology they come equipped with enhances the level of security for your hands during the game.

Easy closure options are enabled in the case of this product due to the way in which the manufacturer decided to design the V-Flex Notch of the gloves. Moreover, the items include a ParaShock palm pad that helps reduce the shock and minimize any stinging effect.

Finally, with these professional softball gloves, you will be able to benefit from great durability due to their full-grain leather shell. The ParaShock palm absorbs any shocks caused by repeated use and offers outstanding protection for your hands.



You need to make sure that the size of the gloves is a good fit before purchasing them.

Improper cleaning or maintenance of the gloves can lead to material flaws.

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