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Best softball helmet


Softball helmets – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If what you desire is the best softball helmet the market has to offer, you’ve reached your destination. This beginner-friendly guide contains an abundance of buying options and great softball advice that will transform the choice-making process into a breeze and not a hassle. We’ve created it after analyzing many softball helmet reviews that were both realistic and full of relevant info. After going through all that, we’ve concluded that the DeMarini Paradox is worth all your hard-earned money. It is a sturdy helmet that is up to all the international standards, and it is made from shock-resistant materials. Moreover, it has a pleasant finish and a clever design that leaves no area exposed. If this option is out of stock or if the seller is unable to deliver it to your mailbox, we recommend looking at the Rawlings Highlighter Series since it is equally impressive and budget-friendly.


Top features to consider


Wearing the wrong helmet could shatter your confidence. That’s why you should make sure you learn how to spot a good softball helmet with the help of this small guide. The first thing that you should concern yourself with is the fit. Then you can look out for the materials the unit is made of and, of course, if the model is suited for official competitions.



What features matter?


Faceguards are what players in this category need the most. These inventions are great for sporty people who like to wear braces or for those who want that extra level of protection. Make sure you find one that is part of the helmet itself, or that is manufactured by the same company.

Easy maintenance is something that matters to players as well. Deterioration is unavoidable, but there are items that have replaceable parts. So if that is something that is vital to you, rest assured that you can find plenty of models which will appeal to your crafty side. Even cheap softball helmets can have replaceable parts.





Regarding sizing, most manufacturers use different measurement systems with their helmets, but most of them are similar. A good tip from experts is to treat the process like you would do when you buy a new hat.

Measure the real circumference of your head and then correlate it to the closest size the brand has available, which can be found in its charts. And if the unit you receive doesn’t match your head shape, don’t be afraid to return it, as that can be a real issue when you’re playing.



The proper fit


To help determine if your unit fits right, you can use the so-called shake test as a guide. What you have to do is place the helmet on your head and then give it a few good shakes. It sounds silly, but if it moves too much and if it feels too uncomfortable, try going down a size, or you could buy a padding kit.

You should make sure that your helmet sits about an inch above your eyebrow as well, and that it fits evenly on your head without any blind spot. If the item is tilted up, you run the risk of taking a bullet-fast ball to the forehead while batting or running the bases. The same rationalization applies if the helmet tilts too far forward. In this scenario, the back of your head will be exposed, a thing that could pose a risk.



Top rated products



Below you have the helmets for sale that have impressed us the most. We’ve selected them out of hundreds of alternatives since experts created them from the best materials available to date, and because they can be comfortably worn for many hours. Moreover, they all seem to provide an ideal fit and to have proper ventilation.



DeMarini Paradox


The original helmet offers superior protection behind the plate, and it meets all the NOCSAE protection standards. Moreover, it has a simple and low-profile design, which helps it deliver optimal performance even in rough playing conditions. Its soft, comfortable padding creates what buyers call a superior fit.

This way, the unit will feel comfortable, and it won’t seem too loose as you’re moving around. The premium rubberized matte finish chosen by the manufacturer, along with the with strategically placed vents, maximize the airflow and make sure odors won’t pose a problem to you even if you play for many hours in a row.

The unit comes equipped with a fastpitch facemask so that it can take protection to a whole new level. It was designed by professionals, and it doesn’t lack when it comes to sturdy materials and it doesn’t leave any area exposed or vulnerable. Buyers mention that the item feels light and soft and that you won’t avoid wearing it.

It is one of those rare products that make you be a more confident player, a thing that you can’t put a price on. Also, the vents will also help keep your head cool, so you can pay attention to what’s coming towards you.

Buy from for ($42.76)




Rawlings Highlighter Series


Nobody can deny that this unit is made of the highest quality materials so that it can survive years of practice. It can be the ideal softball companion since it is sturdy and it provides a fit that won’t feel too tight nor too loose. Moreover, the interior of the model feels soft, which is excellent if you have sensitive skin that gets irritated quickly.

The protective piece of gear is part of the brand’s legacy, and it benefits from its years of experience. Thus, it will be reliable and up to all the industry’s standards. The helmet can be used for both daily practice and official competitions, a bonus that will save you some cash in the long run.

This adult softball batting helmet is specially designed to protect the plate, and it features the brand’s patented Coolflo technology, which provides a constant flow of air that keeps your head cool and bad smells like sweat odors at bay.

And we should not forget to mention that the piece is also very stylish and a pleasure to use. It comes in universal colors, and it has a simple, sleek look that will appeal to those who don’t like distracting products.

Buy from for ($31.96)




Easton Junior Z5


For reliable comfort and protection, you should equip your softball player with this helmet. It was constructed from high impact-resistant ABS plastic to last years of intensive practice, and it is accompanied by an equally premium steel wire mask to make your life even safer on the field.

As expected from this brand, the helmet meets the NOCSAE standards for all levels of play, which makes it a steal considering its price point. It is a tool that offers complete protection, without sacrificing weight and a soft feel. You can wear it for hours, and you won’t feel hot or sweaty.

Because it was designed with love, the helmet looks great while wearing it. If you’re the type of player that cares about matching the protective gear to the uniform, you’ll be happy to hear you have more than one color available to choose from. Another bonus is the Wrapped Ears implementation that makes this helmet highly durable through the rigors of constant play.

The unit itself incorporates soft and shock absorbent dual-density foam, a special material that was created for enhanced moisture absorption. It is a durable product that will guarantee your well-being and comfort without costing a fortune.

Buy from for ($36.24)




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