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Best softball mitt


Softball mitts – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If it is time you invested in the best softball mitt popular brands have to offer, you shouldn’t ignore this article. It was created based on the hottest trends and on what experts had to say about these products and their features. We’ve also read many softball mitt reviews to make sure that we can offer you attention-worthy products and not cheap knock-offs. One model that can be a guarantee you’ll be noticed on the court is the DeMarini Diablo Baseball. The item is solidly made from ECCO leather, and it will last you years of intensive practice. Moreover, it provides a comfortable fit, and it has a design that will allow you to catch all the balls that are coming in your direction. If you need an alternative, the Franklin Sports Windmill can also be that loyal softball companion that you’ll get attached to instantly.


Top features to consider


In softball, a fielding mitt is one of the most important tools you’ll need by your side to become a successful player. In many ways, it’s the final piece that gets you from the beginner level to the expert one. However, not all softball gloves are created equal. What glove size you should buy depends on the position you play and on your personal preference, but there are also many other factors that help determine exactly which glove you should invest in.





Softball mitts are constructed from different types of materials and fabrics. This part will impact both the quality and the durability of a good softball mitt, and it will also influence the price point. For these essential reasons, it is vital that you pay particular attention to the material that the product you are thinking about purchasing is crafted from.

Those softball mitts made of full-grain leather are the most durable. This choice also conforms to the hand of the player better than other materials. However, leather is also the most expensive alternative, so if you’re a budget player and looking for cheap softball mitts, maybe avoid this one. Synthetic materials or low-grade leather can be just as sturdy even if they feel more rigid.





To find a suitable softball mitt, you need to make sure that you purchase the right size first. As expected, models vary in size and also shape. The size is critical as it will impact your ability to catch the ball fast, as well as your ability to transfer the ball from the mitt to your hand quickly.

Catcher’s mitts are known to have the largest circumference, which ranges from 31 to 34 ½ inches. This improves the player’s ability to catch the bullet-fast balls that are thrown by the pitcher. Infield mitts are the shortest of all softball mitts, and they fit beginners and those with smaller hands.



Design and other features


The web of the mitt is something else that you are going to have to pay attention to. The web is the catching area or the pocket of the glove. Some models have open web designs, and others closed web designs. Infield players prefer the former since it allows for a quicker transfer of the ball.

The wrist adjustment is another thing that’s a matter of personal preference. Your options include Velcro, D-ring, lace, and buckles. Velcro and buckle options are the fastest to adjust, while D-ring and lace adjustments will require more time.



Top rated products



If you’re curious what our premium picks for sale are, read the selection below. We’ve included only pieces that can stand the test of time, and that will help you be the best softball player you can be. Moreover, each one has an ergonomic shape, a great design and is made from top-notch materials.



DeMarini Diablo Baseball


This is a solid option that comes from DeMarini. Featuring a 14″ spread, this premium item is enough to take your skills to a whole new level. Its palm is designed to let you feel the balls you catch without feeling the pain of the impact. It’s also quite affordable if you consider the materials it is made of.

Although the Diablo is fit as both a softball and slowpitch mitt, it shines the brightest as a slowpitch glove, mostly due to the large pocket size and closed mesh pattern. DeMarini used ECCO leather to craft the Diablo, which will ensure the glove will be comfortable from day one.

It also features breathable lining that serves as a way to reduce moisture from your fingers and wrist, and it also has a palm reinforcement which reduces stinging dramatically. The greatest thing about the Diablo is the soft finish that will make the unit a pleasure to use for extended periods.

Another pro is the fact that it is soft and broken in right out of the box, as we previously mentioned, and that it is ideal for both beginners and intermediate players. Note that it is reliable in all weather conditions.

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Franklin Sports Windmill


The Franklin-made sports glove is said to be one of the most comfortable pieces when it comes to youth players. It helps them learn a great deal through its pleasant use. The model blends quality and durability, and it comes with adjustable wrist closure, a design that includes mesh elements, and a laminated palm.

Moreover, the model comes in two different color variants, pink and green, which you can match to the colors of your outfit. The mitt measures 11 inches, a thing that makes it ideal for players across a wide age spectrum. And you should also know that it is suitable for both left and right-hand throwers, mostly due to its unique design.

Both maximum protection and comfort are delivered by the unit through the soft PU lamination of the palm. Also, it is reasonably priced, especially if you consider its impressive lifespan.

The unique wrist closure makes the item capable of being adjusted to any position or fit the wearer desires. This also gives the product the ability to be used by more than one person without consideration of their palm size and shape. The final note is that it is ready to be used right out of the box.

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Mizuno Prospect Gxs102


Mizuno incorporates many features in this glove. Essentially, it aids the new players in closing the glove faster and securing more catches. The model also has a broader pocket, so there’s an enhanced area to allow you to catch the ball. Moreover, the unit can be used in any position on the field.

The designers created the model for female players, and because of that, it features a narrower shape that feels more comfortable especially if you like to play softball for many hours in a row. It is also equipped with PU palm lining for increased durability, a soft feel, and comfort.

We can safely say that the improved model is designed to deliver high performances and also last for many seasons, a thing that will save you money in the long run. It is an investment for the future and not just a simple buy. And the fact that it is black gives it a timeless style that will appeal to everyone.

The material choices make it lightweight, and the full-grain leather gives it a sturdy feel and a soft texture that will feel pleasant to the touch. This way, your hand is protected at all cost, and most of the shock will be absorbed by the glove.

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