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Best softball turf shoes


Softball turf shoes – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


When you’re looking to buy the best softball turf shoes, you need all the advice you can get. Luckily for you, we’re here to give you some insight into this topic. We’ve read dozens of reviews of softball turf shoes, and we bring you this complete buying guide. Our research shows that the first product to consider is the New Balance Men’s 3000v3, due to its useful features. For example, it has a rubber sole that increases your traction against horizontal surfaces. Also, the revlite midsole is durable enough to provide support for your feet but at the same time light enough not to hinder your movements. They come in a wide range of design options, so you can choose the ones you want to match with your softball gear. Should this option be unavailable, we suggest you check out the Mizuno Men’s 9 Spike instead.



Products worth your attention





Top features to consider


In your search for good softball turf shoes, maybe you need a little help to make the right call. To help you figure out what the features that require your attention during this search really are, we’ve put together a buying guide to expose all the relevant advice.





The entire idea behind a turf shoe is that you switch to wearing them when you can’t stand in cleat shoes anymore, because of the pain and fatigue. They might not be as reliable as a usual pair of shoes you would use for a tournament, but they have to be comfortable enough to even wear on a daily basis.

This comes from their design and mainly, the way the insides are cushioned. Depending on which areas you know are more sensitive for you and what part of the regular cleats causes you the most discomfort, you should try to pick your turf shoes accordingly.

Remember that due to their specific characteristics, you can use them for training as well as for wearing on a regular basis. Buying a pair of cheap softball turf shoes might seem like an easy way out because you don’t use them in the game, but in fact, it might do more harm than good, because you lose the comfort.



Cleat style


It’s uncommon for turf shoes to have the same form of cleats as regular competition shoes have, but it’s not unheard of. What is true, however, is that the materials used for designing them will not be as sturdy as in the case of the real deal.

This generally results in a pair of shoes that can offer you reasonable traction, especially against surfaces like dirt or turf. They can prevent you from slipping and accidentally injuring yourself, but do not rely on them to get you through a game, because accidents might occur.





Another relevant aspect, especially in this case, is the design of the product because it’s clear that some feature has to make up for what the shoes lack in functions. They might be more comfortable than regular cleat shoes, but they’re also a lot more good-looking, with various color schemes and different shapes available from designers.

Our advice would be to choose them like you would any other piece of equipment. They shouldn’t take up too much space, because you need to fit them in with other pieces of gear in your softball backpack, and your softball gloves are only an example.

Also, make sure you consider your field position when you make this decision because all seasoned players know how much that can affect the shape of the product that’s right for you.



Top rated products



If you find yourself confused while having to browse through countless alternatives of products available for sale without knowing which ones would be a good fit for you, then you’re in luck. To give you a few ideas, we’ve put together this list of products we consider to be top picks.



New Balance Men’s 3000v3


These sneakers come in a wide range of color options, which will allow you to mix and match until you get the perfect fit to go with the rest of your sports gear. They have a wearable design that you can use outside of the field as well as during a game.

Perhaps their most relevant feature is their combination between textile and synthetic materials, which manages to offer durable support for your feet while providing a comfortable environment at the same time. Your skin will be allowed to breathe, while the cushioning will prevent you from feeling fatigued.

It’s worth mentioning that you should not use these shoes for strenuous exercises or games because they’re designed to be used for training. They do not have cleats, so they might not offer you the same traction and stability that the right pair might.

Even so, they’re designed to be enjoyed, and their debris-free construction is one of the aspects that need to be considered. They have a rubber sole which offers a reasonable traction against the soil, not as much as regular cleats would but enough to get you through training.

They’re also a lot more comfortable than regular cleat shoes because they don’t need that much cushioning.



These shoes come with a debris-free construction and a revlite midsole, both of which manage to increase the support they offer and at the same time provide a comfortable environment for the feet of the user.

They’re made using a combination of textile and synthetic materials, which result in a lightweight model that’s easy to pack and travel with, due to its compact size and flexibility.

This item comes with a rubber sole that is designed to increase their traction against horizontal surfaces, but it’s advisable to only use it for training since it won’t deliver the same result as the regular cleats.

The price is affordable, and the color range is generous.



There have been a few complaints from customers saying that the shoes they bought run a little narrow, despite being accurate to size. This means you might have trouble finding a good fit if you have a wider foot.

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Mizuno Men’s 9 Spike


These shoes are made using synthetic materials, which results in a lightweight alternative that retails for an affordable price. They have a rubber sole that comes with ground grip studs, designed to increase the athlete’s traction against the soil and enhance their performance.

They use Proflex technology to allow the forefoot to flex, thus increasing the comfort that the user feels while wearing them and lowering the chance of accidents and injuries occurring as a result of wearing shoes that are too stiff and that might hinder your movements.

The best performance that they can deliver usually takes place either on clay or turf fields, so they’re better for training rather than for actual games, but they’re a lot more comfortable than regular cleat shoes and they can be worn on a daily basis without any effort.

Also, one of their essential aspects is their versatility. Their lack of cleats makes them adaptable to other sports activities, so they’re a worthwhile investment. The range of sizes offered by the manufacturer is wide enough to ensure every customer finds their perfect fit.

However, some users have complained that these shoes run a bit small, so if you plan to wear them with socks, you need to go at least half a size up than usual.



This shoe sole might not improve traction as much as the cleats do, but this design is developed to be used for training and even worn daily, so it’s a lot more comfortable and stylish.

The Proflex technology allows the forefoot to flex freely through the multiple flex zones that it contains, lowering the risk of accidents or injuries and increasing the wearer’s comfort.

Another factor that contributes to the comfort level is the full-length midsole.

Last but not least, they might not be as good as cleat shoes, but the ground grip rubber sole improves your traction against surfaces like clay or turf, making them an excellent choice for training.



A few customers have stated that it’s difficult to get the right size when ordering this model because they run a little small, so you better try them on first if you have the opportunity.

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Mizuno MIZD9


The unique combination of textile and synthetic materials is what makes this model worthy of taking into consideration. It’s durable, offering support for your feet, while also being comfortable and lightweight due to the textile part. These shoes won’t hold you down or hinder your movements in any way, so you’ll be free to perform.

They use a 9-spike sole, designed to increase traction against horizontal surfaces and thus enhance the performance of the athlete, reducing their chances of slipping and being involved in an accident that could affect the game.  

This model works great for fastpitch softball since it’s specifically developed for this niche. The wave technology that Mizuno uses provides just the right amount of cushioning to make sure that your feet are comfortable and that you do not feel the cleats from the other side, but still manages to offer support and stability.

It’s essential to mention that these shoes are designed for women, so we wouldn’t recommend that you buy them under other circumstances, because they wouldn’t fit right. Also, they’re made with Thermoplastic Polyurethane to make sure that the optimal fit is achieved.

They come in a wide range of colors, so you can experiment with your outfit and choose the ones you prefer.



The nine spike design of the rubber outsole is similar to cleat shoes, and significantly increases the traction against various surfaces, such as turf or clay.

By using Thermoplastic Polyurethane, these shoes provide an optimal fit and increase your chances of performing in fast pitch.

One aspect that needs to be considered is the wave technology used by the manufacturers. This way, stability is still provided while the amount of cushioning is just enough for you not to feel pain from the cleats or any fatigue.

This Mizuno alternative is excellent for the young players out there, because it provides them with the opportunity of choosing from a wide range of colorful designs.



Some customers that tried this model have complained that after using it for a few weeks, the shoes started to give off a strange scent. However, it’s probably easy to make it go away by washing them.

They also reportedly have an unusually wide toe box.

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