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Best spare bowling ball

Last Updated: 25.04.19


Spare bowling balls – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you are trying to find the best spare bowling ball out there but you simply can’t find the time to go through all the information that we have put together for you, just read this introductory paragraph, as you should find all the info that you need. After doing the legwork for you by reading countless bowling spare ball reviews, we have concluded that the Pyramid Path is the unit that you should consider investing in. This model is suitable for all types of players, regardless of their age and/or skill level. Moreover, the unit is said to help you throw straight shoots. What is more, the ball is shipped undrilled; thus, you can have it drilled in a way that best suits your needs. If the Pyramid Path is unavailable, you should consider the Hammer Black Widow as it is a reliable alternative that you might also like.



Products worth your attention





Top features to consider


Because we understand just how complicated finding the best spare bowling ball can be, we have decided to lend you a helping hand by putting together a list of top features that you should not settle without in a unit of this type. So read ahead and pay attention to our recommendations.





As you probably know, when shopping in this line of products, the material used in the construction of a model is a make it or break it factor. However, you should also remember that there is a close connection between the type of material and the skill level of the player. For instance, it is recommended that all beginners start by using a ball made from plastic/polyester. These balls usually have a straight direction and little to no friction.

If you are an intermediate bowler, you should invest in a model built from urethane. These balls are great if you are just now learning how to hook. They are also known for allowing a greater level of action between the actual ball and the lane.

Lastly, if you are a skilled player, you should buy a ball made from urethane that also has an ingredient called resin. These units are quite aggressive, and they allow for plenty of friction (which is a great plus, according to the specialists).





Furthermore, before you start digging through the myriad of models that you can find up for sale, don’t forget to consider the weight of the product. In order to select the appropriate model, it is often recommended that one goes to an alley to test different kinds of balls. After doing so, you should be aware of what type of item is best suited for your abilities.



How to get the ball drilled


If you purchase a ball that has not yet been drilled, you should go to a professional shop to have it prepared. Because everybody’s style of throwing is different, chances are that the person drilling the unit will ask you to throw a few balls in order to figure out what is the best way to personalize it.

This process is usually referred to as measuring. Once the drilling process is complete, you can take the ball out for a throw to test its limits.



Top rated products



To further assist you in the task of finding the best bowling ball spare, we have decided to compose a list of top-notch units that are worthy of your time. So, read ahead and select the product that you like best.



Pyramid Path


Because this unit was designed to fit all types of players, this ball is the go-to unit if you are looking into investing in a product that can fit all your needs. The main advantage of the unit is its polyester coverstock that makes it perfect if you are still struggling to shoot straight while bowling.

According to the specialists, this model is a good buy, particularly because it has a great price to value ratio. Therefore, if you happen to have issues with it, you can contact the manufacturer and sort out that particular problem.

Moreover, the unit can also be used by children. Consequently, if you want to teach your young ones how to play bowling, this model might be just what you need. In fact, most of the users of the product have said that this is an excellent unit to be used when first learning how to throw.

When shipped, the model comes undrilled. So, if you decide to settle for this model, you should know that you have to take it to a local shop to get it prepared.Even more so, this unit is covered by a 2-year warranty.



The versatility of this option is undoubtedly its most impressive feature. The unit is built to be easy to use by people of all ages and skill levels, something that can be rather hard to find nowadays when most manufacturers want to specialize their products.

The polyester coverstock is another thing that had customers excited since it will allow all players to shoot straight while bowling.

Because the look of a bowling ball matters just as much as its performance, you should be glad to learn that you have a dozen colors to choose from, a feature that will make finding the right ball design that much easier.

As if all that wasn’t enough, this is also a very affordable option, especially when considering the great features that it comes with.



Customers were unsatisfied with the fact that the pictures did not do a good job of representing the actual design and color of certain balls.

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Hammer Black Widow


If you are searching for a reliable spare, you should definitely give the Hammer Black Widow a go. Designed and produced by a trusted manufacturer among bowlers, the model has a sturdy construction and a beautiful look. With a gas mask core, the ball performs well, especially if your other units hook too much.

The model is covered in polyester, and it has an abrasion finish that you are surely going to appreciate, particularly if you are interested in a product that tends to slide. Most of its users are happy with their acquisition because the ball can effortlessly grip the alley. According to some, this model works best on wood lanes that have been improperly maintained.

Overall, the unit has received positive reviews. The product has an FCC rating of 15.75, a reason why many consider it a great investment. The model has a classic Hammer design that you will quickly recognize.

When compared to other spare balls, some have argued that it costs a pretty penny. Nevertheless, its users were content with what they got, as the unit is said to perform well in dry conditions (when used as a strike ball).



By featuring Hammer’s proven Gas Mask Core with shiny polyester coverstock to give it more hook and core motion, this option is a great choice for more experienced players that want a fast and deadly ball.

The unit is covered in polyester and the abrasion finish will certainly appeal to players that are interested in products that tend to slide a little.

According to the numerous consumer reviews, this model can grip the alley effortlessly, and it performs well even on wood lanes that have not seen the best maintenance.

Finally, we couldn’t avoid taking a second to speak about the design of this unit, which for some is probably this unit’s greatest asset. The black widow logo and the black and red colors are simply gorgeous.



While no product is perfect, we can say that this one is quite close since, after an extensive analysis of the numerous consumer reviews, we were unable to find a pertinent flaw with this unit.

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Brunswick Tzone Deep Space


We couldn’t have ended this selection without mentioning the Brunswick Tzone Deep Space. Similarly to the other models, this product is covered in polyester, a motive why it is easy to use when shooting straight. The product is rather affordable and has received plenty of positive reviews.

You should know that, according to the manufacturer, it is pretty typical for the ball to have small pit holes in its cover stock. Just like any new model, this one does not have pre-drilled holes. The product is a good purchase, especially because any bowler that uses a hook style should have a reliable, rubber or polyester ball.

The ball works equally well if you are a beginner. The unit is likely to catch your eyes as it has an interesting design. Plus, it has received a considerable amount of positive reviews, and most of its buyers warmly recommend it to interested purchasers. The unit has a hook potential of 25 (out of 175) and an RG average of 8.7 (out of 10).

Likewise, the product has an excellent price to value. According to some users, the model can also be used by children.



The polyester construction of this unit will work wonders for first-time ball purchasers or for people that are looking to buy a quality spare ball.

This ball is very accurate as the low hook potential makes it very useful on extremely dry surfaces. The 14-pound size is ideal if you are looking to shoot straight.

The design of this unit is bound to catch the eye of everyone around the lane, but if you are unhappy with the green color, you should be glad to learn that there are nine other colors that you can choose from.

With such a low price point, the Brunswick alternative is the perfect choice for people that don’t have a big budget but still don’t want to compromise when it comes to quality and performance.



There were a few users who noticed that their ball chipped after a few uses, but thankfully this does not seem to be a widespread issue.

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