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Best sparring gloves reviews


Gloves for sparring reviews – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


With summer on its way, everyone seems ready to train more to get in shape. Have you found the best sparring gloves reviews to offer you the inside information you need to purchase a reliable product for your training sessions? In case you are not yet certain of your choice, we have made a list of reliable items that you can consider based on the best gloves for sparring reviews and the overall ratings achieved by these products. Our top recommendation in this category is represented by the Fairtex Thai sparring gloves for sale. These have been created to come in handy for all training purposes that involve the use of proper gloves. You can now engage in pad and bag work with these professional gloves that have scored the highest in the best sparring gloves reviews. These will protect your entire hand, and you will certainly appreciate their compact design. In case you need another top product to compare this one with, here is our second recommendation in this category: the RDX Cow Hide sparring gloves.


Top features to consider


Every reliable purchase is one that you have made after a careful analysis of the quality and the purposes for which you could use the chosen products. When it comes to the best gloves for sparring reviews, the situation should be the same. You need to be aware of the top features to consider in any product that might attract your attention to make sure you choose wisely. For this intended purpose, we have made a complete guide of essential features that you should focus on when analyzing the products for sale in the category of sparring gloves.



The size


Generally, the best sparring gloves are available in three sizes: S, M, and L. Some brands offer different models for men, women and children, each model being available in three sizes. The women’s and the children’s gloves are more flexible and usually smaller than the ones created for men, but none of these options are standardized, so it is good to test the gloves before you buy them. The items you choose must be comfortable, not clutter nor slip from your hands. Furthermore, these should allow you to wear them even when you have special sparring bandages.



The weight


The sparring gloves for sale vary in weight depending on the amount of lining used for their creation. Heavier patterns have more lining and reduce the risk of injury for all the participants in the game. The weight of the sparring gloves ranks from 8 ounces – 227 grams to 20 ounces – 567 grams. In the case of several sports competitions, the weight of the sparring gloves is determined by the category in which the contestants are integrated.



The material


The best sparring gloves feature either natural or vinyl leather as top materials. The leather gloves are preferred by performance athletes because these feature a very good quality, they allow the skin to breathe and have a high durability potential. Vinyl leather gloves are more affordable and easier to clean, but they have a lower life span and can sometimes keep moisture inside which may favor the appearance of skin irritation.



The method used for keeping the gloves firm


There are two main ways in which you can ensure the firmness of the sparring gloves: either by using lace or through Velcro elements.  Lace gloves are best suited if you want them to be firm and comfortable at the wrist, but you might need some help using those after placing the gloves on your hands. If you are accustomed to training alone, we recommend you to choose a pair of Velcro gloves.



Top rated products



After a careful analysis of the best-rated products on the market, the way in which they scored among specialists and the ranking they obtained in the best reviews, we have come up with top three products that you can consider.



Fairtex Thai


A gym offers versatility for every user because it has numerous workout classes and fitness equipment you can choose from. Each time you go to the gym, you have the option of alternating the use of the devices and the accessories that are available to ensure a complex workout designed for each part of the body. However, you also need a pair of professional sparring gloves such as the ones manufactured by Fairtex.

The Fairtex Thai style training gloves have been designed to provide you maximum protection during training. Depending on the fitness device you choose for each workout, your fingers may require more protection than you think. This is why the Fairtex professional gloves that feature special exterior and inside construction patterns provide you the protection you need and are a good option to consider.

On the inside, the material used for these Fairtex gloves is properly lined to provide the highest level of comfort during training. Moreover, these items are fully made of high-quality materials that prevent excessive sweating. They also offer the best breathability features during your challenging workouts.

Finally, the glove exterior is as comfortable as possible and features an armored palm with proper stuffing. Also, the interior of the glove is made of soft fabrics and features an armored palm with high-quality stuffing.



The Fairtex Thai training gloves are a good option for users interested in pad and bag work at the gym or in the comfort of their own home. These feature a wraparound hook and loop wristband which is comfortable and easy to use. Moreover, the wristband has been designed to ensure a perfect fit so that the user might have full control over the gloves and his hands.

Proper comfort and control are essential features when it comes to sparring gloves, and the manufacturer has focused on these two features when creating these professional gloves. These come equipped with padding protection elements that are evenly distributed and which ensure full protection for the entire hand.

In addition to this, the padding protection elements also create a compact and tight design that you will appreciate.



You need to make sure you choose the proper size of the gloves to avoid stiffness or soreness.

Buy from for ($119)




RDX Cow Hide


The RDX Cow Hide gloves are designed to be perfect for sparring, fitness, bodybuilding and other sports. These are also ideal for weight lifting at the gym but can also be used at home if you prefer training there.  Moreover, the design of these gloves is anatomical and accurately adapts to the contours of your hands.

The exterior of the gloves is as comfortable as possible and has an armored palm that features proper stuffing for enhanced convenience and protection. Also, the interior of the gloves is made of high-quality fabrics and perfect lining materials that enhance the overall comfortability featured by these gloves.  

Moreover, these items will help you not feel that your hands are strangled during exercise. In addition, these will keep the blood circulation along the hands at a normal level. The special type of leather used for their construction also comes as an added advantage for the users. Additionally, these items offer you full protection against shocks caused by impacts.  It is all due to the special padding curves used by the manufacturer. These are Polymer contoured TRI-Slab PC3 curves over the knuckles.

Finally, with the RDX Cow Hide sparring gloves, you gain access to the latest breathability features due to the way in which the moisture management mesh manages to spread throughout the palm.



The RDX Cow Hide sparring gloves are made of authentic full grain cowhide leather. This is a premium material used only for some of the best sparring gloves available on the market. Moreover, the leather fabric is also strengthened by perfect reinforced stitching that improves the overall quality of the gloves even more.

With these professional gloves, any sparring training session will become more pleasant. They come equipped with special Polymax contoured padding curves over knuckles. This feature ensures the proper level of protection against shock, which is essential given the purpose of these gloves. There will always be some sort of impact involved in this kind of workouts, so you need to keep your hands protected during every training session.

Furthermore, these gloves that were created by the RDX specialists include an advanced inner lining which features a special type of microfiber that eliminates unpleasant odor and bacteria.



You might feel like the gloves are too tight in the beginning, but these will soon adjust to your hands and offer you all the comfort you need.

Buy from for ($57.74)




Ringside Apex FTG2 BK/GD 16OZ-P


The Ringside Apex sparring gloves come equipped with the latest shock absorbing IMF Tech foam padding that makes them a perfect choice for users interested in bag work or sparring training. These are made of highly durable synthetic leather which is easy to clean either in the washing machine or manually. With these gloves, you gain access to a professional hoop and loop closure as well as the latest anti-microbial liner that will keep the bacteria far away from your hands.  

Very often, when lifting weights or engaging in sparring sessions without professional gloves, you feel that your hands are so sweaty that the weights might slip out of them. The same happens with some workout devices in the case of which you feel like you do not have 100% control over due to your slippery hands.  This is not the case when wearing these professional Ringside Apex gloves.

The quality of the materials used for their construction and the sweat absorption features make these gloves your ally at the gym.  The air circulates properly when wearing these which means that your skin will always remain dry and you will feel comfortable every time. The adhesion in their case is increased which means that the risk of injury will tend to 0.



The Ringside Apex sparring gloves feature the latest IMF Tech padding technology that ensures full protection for your hands. These are made of synthetic leather that ensures proper quality and durability over time. Moreover, these are also easy to clean and include a special wrap around that will come in handy.

The wrap around, together with the hook and loop closure ensure proper support and all the convenience you need when wearing such items. Moreover, these items come equipped with a mesh palm and an inner liner that features anti-microbial elements.

Finally, with the Ringside Apex sparring gloves, your hands will always feel comfortable and remain cold enough to support another training session. Their quality, the overall flexibility they offer and their attractive design make these sparring gloves a good option to consider.



The size of the gloves might give you a hard time in the beginning if it is not chosen right.

Do not wash these at extremely high temperatures because you might ruin the materials used for their construction this way.

Buy from for ($54.99)




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