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Best squash bags


Squash bags – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


The best squash bag is not an easy find. That’s why our guide will be a great ally if you’ve been looking for it for a long time. We’ve created it to aid your mission by going through plenty of expert reviews, and by analyzing revealing buyer opinions. And we’ve managed to find plenty of products that respect all of our quality criteria. One product that has managed to impress many customers is the HEAD Elite Tennis. The bag is spacious, and it has plenty of compartments where you can keep your essentials. Moreover, it is made from a premium selection of materials that guarantee the product will last a long time. For those concerned with aesthetics, the young design will definitely be a bonus. Alternatively, the Harrow 3 Racquet could be just as helpful when it comes to storing your belongings if the first model is out of stock.


Top features to consider


There are several types of equipment needed if you want to play squash professionally. You would require a premium squash racket, a ball, different kinds of shoes, and a change of clothes whenever you play squash if you don’t want to go home smelling of sweat. It is impossible to go to the court without a bag to conveniently store all these things. That’s why the guide below will teach you which are the marks of cheap squash bags.



Size and type


Rucksacks are the most compact options right now that also come with a decent amount of storage space. They are indeed very convenient, but most will fit just a single racket, and sometimes the handle will have to stick out of the top. These bags will also be able to store a few accessories, a medium water bottle and maybe some clothes.

Another popular choice is the three-racket bag. It’s best to think of these bags as having space for two rackets plus a can filled with balls, a gym towel, and an extra shirt. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to fit in shoes or larger pieces of gear.

But any smaller accessories should fit in just fine. And the last type is the six-racket bag, and as the name suggests, it can hold up to six rackets, which is a bit of an overkill since not all beginner squash players will ever need this many. It can be a good squash bag for a family.



Materials and colors


When investing in just one bag for sale, experts suggest going for neutral colors that can be matched to any type of outfit. Black is universal and so is blue. If you prefer neon colors, you could at least buy a colorful racket to go with it.

Material-wise, any will do, as long as it is breathable so odor will not accumulate and you opt for a model such as a deluxe Head squash racket bag. Waterproofing is not necessary because it is a premium addition that will make the bag super expensive, without you actually needing the feature.



Other things to know


Before buying any of the mesmerizing models, squash bag reviews tell us, make sure that they can be carried comfortably. For example, most products can be transported with the help of a handle. This is great for short distances, but if you have to walk a long road from the parking lot to the court, go for a piece that also has a shoulder strap.

Buyers also seem to recommend going for something that has a side pocket for your water bottle, so you won’t have to open the main compartment to reach it. A front zippered one is a welcomed addition too since you can keep your phone there.



Top rated products



The best finds will be discussed below. We’ve made sure that the products are made from materials which don’t wear out quickly and that they have a balanced price according to what they offer. Moreover, you’ll see that each of the bags is roomy enough that to help you transport your gear but not cause a complete waste of space.



HEAD Elite Tennis


This is the ideal bag for those who want to keep everything well organized. From your racket to your water bottle, everything has its own compartment so you won’t have to search for things frantically when you need them, as it usually happens.

It also features an integrated shoe compartment to keep your smelly shoes separated from the other objects. The front zipper pocket lets you quickly and easily access smaller items while on the run, a convenient thing that is not found in all models.

The 19 x 7 x 19-inch dimensions make it super compact and ideal to store it in the trunk of your car or other small spaces. The racket compartment can hold up two rackets, and for the price tag, you also get two side mesh pockets for water bottles.

Another great thing about the model is the fact that you have plenty of colors to choose from, so you’ll for sure find one that suits your style. The understated design is fresh and dynamic, and the materials it is made from will last a long time. And let’s not forget that the bag is comfortable to carry thanks to the cushioned back panel and to the adjustable shoulder straps.

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Harrow 3 Racquet


Another durable squash bag made from a sturdy material is this one from Harrow. Aside from its durability and soft surface, it is quite lightweight as well. That means the piece won’t add unnecessary weight to the load you usually carry, so you can pack as many items as you’d like without having to give up anything.

Additionally, it features a sweet deal of pockets. To be more precise, there is even a separate pocket for squash balls, a vented compartment where you can store your sweaty shoes, another part for personal stuff, and of course, a dedicated compartment for the racquet.

This product manages to offer so many things without being too large or heavy. And its durability is doubled by the fact that it has strong stitches which won’t allow the product to fall apart easily. These are signs that the brand has experience and knows how to create a premium product.

And we cannot end this review without mentioning the bag’s appealing design. It is pitch black with some silver accents, a thing that transforms it into a universal product that can be matched to basically any type of outfit, and which won’t look out of place in any situation.

Buy from for ($38.95)




Tecnifibre Squash Backpack


The Tecnifibre backpack makes it ultra easy for you to organize your belongings. You can store things exactly where you want them since the model rocks plenty of zippered sections and internal pockets. For example, the main pocket is spacious, and it can fit even a medium-sized laptop.

Designed for squash, the model boasts another compartment that can fit most racquet types and sizes, plus smaller zippered accessory ones, with the capacity to store most of your essentials. There’s even one for your shoes, which might help prevent the smell of feet from reaching the other items.

Buyers also appreciate the green and black contrast, which gives it a young vibe. It doesn’t feature any annoying straps or unnecessary bling so it can be matched to any attire. This way, you could also use it as your main school or work backpack, not just as a way to make your squash games hassle-free.

It is an excellent choice for players who appreciate a highly ventilated design that is also light and comfortable to carry. The easy access to your valuables is provided by the zipped front pocket, and its carry options include an ergonomic handle and its padded, adjustable shoulder straps.

Buy from for ($59.95)




Head Core 3R


If an eye-catching design is a must for you, do not overlook this model. The Core 3R sports a compact design that will allow you to pack lighter for those moments when you don’t need many things to take with you to the court.

The materials it is made from transform it into a light piece that is spacious enough to carry up to two average rackets and a can of balls. You can also add a medium-sized water bottle to the mix, so you can stay hydrated while playing. It is a model that takes pride in its compartmentalization.

The manufacturer also added a small side pocket which can hold your keys, phone, and even your wallet. The product measures 30 x 4 x 13 inches, and it features grab handles. You can also carry it via the padded and adjustable shoulder strap. The edgy modern design is available in two colors, in case you want more variety.

The zipper closure lets you store your gear, accessories or valuables securely, and it also provides an additional layer of protection against rain. The reduced dimensions make it the perfect club bag for a weekend match, especially since it doesn’t compromise when it comes to craft quality.

Buy from for ($32.95)




Python Racquetball Squash


This blue and black beauty has something for every buyer out there. One of the most useful features has to be the fact that it is divided into two main compartments, where you can keep your rackets and protect them from scratches and other types of micro-damage.

When it comes to carrying the item, the comfortable hand straps and the padded shoulder strap will make your active life so much easier, especially if you have to transport the filled bag for a long time. It is designed not to burden your shoulders and back since those body parts suffer the most while playing squash.

The manageably sized bag is perfect for frequent trips to the squash court. Additional features include the two inner plastic pockets for your smaller items and the smart outside pouch, which is large enough to carry an array of squash balls.

You can even use it to carry your workout clothes because, despite its small footprint, it can fit many items at once. It is an upgrade that should not miss from your accessory collection, especially if you like to take part in squash tournaments. And the last thing to mention is that this squash bag is renowned for its durability and efficiency.

Buy from for ($33.99)





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