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Best squash goggles


Squash goggles – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


When looking for the best squash goggles, you need to do your research thoroughly if you want to get the right results. Luckily for you, we went through many squash goggles reviews to come up with relevant advice, and our findings show that the first product to consider is the Python Racquetball Xtreme, due to its complex functions. For example, the adjustable sidearms of this model allow the user to achieve the perfect fit, regardless of their measurements. More than one person can use them due to this feature. They come with an adjustable head strap, and their classic design fits almost anybody, so there’s no need to worry about returning them or trying them on in advance. Last but not least, they come in two different colors, so they’re easy to match with your other equipment. Should this alternative be unavailable, we suggest you check out the Dunlop I-Armor instead.


Top features to consider


If you’re in the market for cheap squash goggles, one way to search for them would be to carefully consider each relevant aspect and make sure you look for the product that best showcases all the features that you find essential.

Remember that there’s no such thing as an excellent item, there’s only the one that’s right for your needs and the purpose that you plan to use it for. After you get that misconception out of the way, follow our advice to be sure you make the right decision.





The primary function of eyewear that’s not medically prescribed should be to shield the eye and the area around it from the damage that might occur as a result of an impact, a danger all too common in the world of professional athletes.

Even if you’re not so experienced in this field and you’re only a casual player, you still need all the security you can get.

One way to make sure that you’re not exposed to danger is to choose a pair made of durable materials, that will not shatter at the first sign of an impact. Make sure they’re not too heavy or bulky, because if they cause fatigue, the discomfort might ruin your game.

Another important aspect is the way the model shields you from the external factors. If you manage to find a pair that can protect you against harmful UV radiation, you’d  better purchase it.



Clear vision


When you put a lot of effort into your performance, naturally you’ll start sweating, and your body temperature will rise. That’s when fogging might occur, and the wrong pair of goggles might begin to cause discomfort. Giving them up means opening up to the possibility of being involved in an accident, so that’s not a valid solution.

The way around this unpleasant phenomenon would be to choose an item that can prevent fogging via a ventilated design. If the eyewear allows air to circulate freely, the constant temperature exchange will keep steam from forming, and your vision will remain crystal clear.





The size and the way the glasses fit your shape matter a great deal, because otherwise they won’t stay in place and the entire purpose will be defeated.

You can deal with this issue by choosing a pair that comes with adjustable side arms, preferably coated with a soft material that won’t put too much pressure on your skin. If you’re worried about losing the goggles during the game, opt for a pair that comes with an elastic strap for increased stability.



Top rated products



In your search for good squash goggles, you might run across many options available for sale that do not entirely meet your expectations. To limit your research time, we’ve come up with a list of what we consider to be the top choices of the moment.



Python Racquetball Xtreme


Try this alternative if you’re looking for an eyewear model that can offer high-end quality for an affordable price. The primary feature that defines these goggles is their adaptability, given that they can fit a wide range of sizes and measurements.

They come with an adjustable head strap and adjustable sidearms, two components that will help the user achieve the perfect fit in order to maximize the efficiency of this product and significantly increase their performance during a racquetball match.

To keep your vision crystal clear, these glasses come with a vent hole at the top, which prevents steam from forming and thus lowering the visibility. Regardless of the effort that you put in your game, your goggles will not show any difference in terms of surface or protection.

Despite being able to prevent fogging from disrupting the session, this item cannot prevent sweat from getting in your eyes, due to its design. However, they’re suitable for a wide range of sports, including racquetball and volleyball, and they come in two different colors, black and white.

Easy to match with other pieces of reliable squash equipment, this model comes at an affordable price that’s hard to ignore.

Buy from for ($14.99)




Dunlop I-Armor


Very similar to the other items in our list, this alternative stands out because of its extreme shielding abilities. Customers have stated that these goggles are an excellent choice for making sure accidents are avoided at all cost since the materials used are resistant and will protect your eye area.

They come in a lime green color with a rough material on the bridge of the nose which is added to make sure that they stay in place during a challenging game. These goggles can be adjusted to many sizes, but reviews have stated that they fit a wide face best.

That’s a helpful feature since larger models are usually harder to find. What’s more, they help you maintain clear vision all throughout the game, in spite of the amount of energy that you may put in.

Fogging will never bother you again, but it’s worth mentioning that an issue which you may encounter with this product is it can’t be used in combination with a pair of prescription lenses since they don’t leave enough room.

The affordable price and the compact design are just a few more aspects that recommend this option, but its primary asset is the sturdy build.

Buy from for ($29.99)




Tecnifibre Absolute Eyewear


One of the most relevant features that this model has to offer is the innovative vented shield, a design hack that will prevent fogging from interfering and ruining a game. The maximum airflow will be allowed, making sure that your vision is not affected by the temperature or the amount of energy that you put in.

These goggles are built to last, featuring a durable design that can resist scratching due to a layer of protective coating. They’re developed to offer security, and they’re built of a polycarbonate eyeglass that’s shatterproof, preventing the eye of the customer from suffering any damage even in the case of an accident.

Not only the lenses but the frame as well is built using sturdy materials, designed to last in case of impact. Nylon is added to increase the efficiency of the material combination used for this product.

The model is held in place by the rubber coating of the side arms. This aspect also helps reduce the feeling of fatigue from using the eyewear for extended periods of time, especially if they fit a little tight.

A storage pouch has been added to the packaging in order to make sure this pair doesn’t accidentally suffer any damage during transportation.

Buy from for ($24.95)




Head Raptor Eyeguards


Aside from offering the regular impact security and anti-fogging properties, these goggles stand out by also providing the user with 99.9% UV protection, which will come in handy if you decide to use them for other outdoor and indoor sports aside from squash. They’re made using durable materials which ensure a long lifespan.

Despite being built of sturdy components, this product provides a significant level of comfort, due to the softness of the non-slip nose pieces. This is a delicate aspect when it comes to eyewear because that’s the most sensitive area and discomfort can ruin your mood and subsequently the game itself.

The soft material also adds a stable fit, making sure the item stays in place no matter what. To supplement the feeling of security, an adjustable strap has been inserted to keep them firmly attached. You can remove it if you feel it’s unnecessary.

This model’s amber lenses are designed to enhance the lighting conditions of the environment, offering you a clear vision regardless of the circumstances. Their dark tint provides you with protection against damaging sun rays. The lenses can be maintained using the cleaning bag included.

Impact standards are all met, resulting in a high-quality, reliable design.

Buy from for ($24.92)




Ektelon Strobe Eyewear


This one-piece design is intended to shield you from the misguided attacks of over-enthusiastic fellow squash players, protecting your eyes from suffering any damage in case of an impact. It comes in a transparent design that fits any equipment and instantly elevates your fitness look.

Aside from their design, the more practical aspects of these goggles include anti-fog properties, which will make sure that your vision remains crystal-clear regardless of the conditions that you encounter during your game.

They’re built to last, not only due to the quality of the materials used in the manufacturing process but also because of the anti-scratch coating, which is added to extend their lifespan. Also, aside from damaging the look of the product, scratches can weaken its resistance or affect your eyesight by blocking the view.

The way this item makes sure fogging is not a problem anymore is by using an AirFlow shield design, which includes a vented lens that allows air to circulate freely. The continuous temperature exchange makes sure steam doesn’t have time to form.

An impact brow bar is added to this product’s shape to lower the risks of injuries in case of an accident during the game, protecting your eyes as well as the entire area around them.

Click to see the price on Amazon!




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