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Best squash racket for intermediate players

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Squash rackets for intermediate players – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you want the best squash racket for intermediate players, look no further. We’ve gathered tons of information about these products to create a short and concise buying guide that will save you time and money. We’ve included a few tips on what makes a good racket and we’ve read many reviews so that we can find the top models available right now. One that impressed us in the best way possible is the Black Knight 8110 Super. The unit is a premium product made from a high-quality selection of materials, it has a balanced weight, and it will allow you to hit the ball with more power than ever before. Alternatively, its strings are sturdy, and they can survive hours of practice like a pro. If this one is not available in your area, we suggest buying the Wilson nCode N120.


Top features to consider


Investing in cheap intermediate squash rackets is not an easy task. There are quite a few things that you need to know before you move forward. For example, you need to choose the ideal weight of the product, which is a matter of personal preference. Then you’ll have to decide on a shape and to make sure that the materials the racket is made of are top-notch. And it might also be a good idea to look for a large and sturdy squash bag. Each one of these determinants will be discussed below.





We’ve come a long way from wooden models, as the intricate history of squash taught us. And in the modern world, most products are made from graphite or a hybrid of graphite with another material. Although, we should keep in mind that cheaper rackets are often made from the ever so popular aluminum.

Graphite provides more control and enhanced absorption of vibration when compared to an aluminum racket, while still retaining some durability. Another popular choice is titanium and carbon hybrids, which tend to get more expensive but they have a much longer lifespan. The best intermediate squash racket will make no compromise when it comes to materials.



Flexibility and stiffness


Some of the materials used in modern products help to provide a stiffer frame, which increases the amount of power that can be generated with a quality frame. Although, experts believe that stiffness is less about power and more about how you position yourself while playing.

The more ‘flexible’ the racket frame is, the more maneuverability there is for improvising in tricky positions like off-center shots. The stiffer a model is, the greater the control and connection you have when hitting the ball are. Keep in mind that it too is a matter of personal taste, as some players hate stiff rackets.

This may sound very vague, but a more experienced player knows that with stiffer rackets you can be more precise with your positioning. Conversely, a more flexible racket lets you improvise more, which might suit you if you like to freestyle.



Balance and other things to consider


In general terms, rackets can be either head-light, head-heavy or balanced, squash racket reviews tell us. For expert and intermediate players, buyers suggest a heavy model because it allows more accuracy. If the model is well balanced, you will find the weight is centered around the throat of the product or at the very base of the strings.

Like just all sports equipment for sale, squash rackets have gotten lighter over the years and are now commonly as light as 4oz, with Karakal even releasing a racket weighing under 4 oz. Weight should not matter to an intermediate user as much, because you most likely have already developed all the essential muscles.



Top rated products



In the section below, we’ve included some good squash rackets for intermediate players that will not break the bank. Each one of them is suited for the needs this category of players have and will impress through their craft quality, balance, and power. Let’s have a look.



Black Knight 8110 Super


This is the most popular racquet the manufacturer has ever made. Its lightweight and extra long strings provide enhanced speed and power, without adding unnecessary friction. Moreover, buyers say it has a very solid feel on the ball and that it is highly durable.

It is suited for intermediate and also advanced players, as it designed to have a comfortable grip and to be highly accurate when it comes to handling it. Another factor that testifies to that is the 25 – 29 lbs string tension and the RF-91 rigidity index.

This model has been on the market for well over a decade and is still going strong. It is made of top-rated materials, which increase the product lifespan – meaning you can make it your go-to racket whenever there’s a new opponent to beat. Reviewers also mention that it is best you invest in a cover for the product, to prevent scratches.

With its solid feel and massive sweet spot, this item is bound to impress any expert. It is evenly balanced and stiff and, as a side note, it can be used for both singles and doubles play. The light head design gives it elegance and finesse and will guarantee better shots with minimal power.

Buy from for ($99.95)




Wilson nCode N120


The model is another classic ideal for bargain hunters. The racket provides unparalleled stability, prolonged frame integrity, and explosive power. Buyers mention that it is two times stronger and two times more stable than ordinary models, which is not a small achievement.

The Wilson-made racket is the lightest in the nCode range and is crafted by experts for players requiring maximum maneuverability for competitions and daily practice. The 4.2oz weight is distributed evenly, a thing that generates even more power while hitting the ball.

It rocks an advanced string pattern that offers it a better “bite” on the ball, making the racket suitable for intermediate players that know what quality looks like. It is a stiff product with an ergonomic handle that makes heavy use a breeze. Say goodbye to blisters and sore muscles with its help.

Another attribute to note is that it takes a bit of getting used to, but once you do, you will never have another squash game without it by your side. It is an absolute find for the price since the manufacturer didn’t cheap out, and it used only premium materials to craft it from, to appeal to many demanding customers that appreciate quality.

Buy from for ($99)




Wilson Force 165


The Wilson BLX Force 165 racket is a great option for intermediate players who want an upgraded model that doesn’t break the bank. Its teardrop head shape is innovative, and it allows you to handle the racket faster, with minimal resistance from the air.

Its fan string pattern is cleverly thought out to enhance the control over the piece, which is why most reviewers recommend it for intermediate players. The head size covers 77.2 square inches, and it weighs around 5.98 oz, which means it is a bit heavier than most models – ideal for those who like to feel the racket in their hands.

Length-wise, it measures 27″ and it is strung so you can play it right after you take it out of the box. Its frame doesn’t vibrate as you hit the ball, and it doesn’t bend even if you drop it, which is the mark of a premium piece. And the strings are sturdy enough to survive all your powerful hits.

The grip is comfortable and it has a soft texture. It is slip-resistant so that you can hold it steady even when you’re sweating. This way, even off-center shots will be executed professionally. The unit has a clean design with toned down colors that won’t be distracting.

Buy from for ($47.95)




Black Knight Viper


When it comes to winning designs, this model takes the crown without any doubt whatsoever. It has a youthful aspect and cool, vibrant colors which are a pleasure to look at. These elements make the item suitable for a young player with some experience in this field.

It has an 87 rigidity index because the brand invested heavily in the materials the piece is made from. The Black Knight brand was founded in Canada by racquet sports enthusiasts, and it is a highly trusted one, praised by many customers. By investing in its products, you will opt for a product that won’t let you down.

The upgraded version of the famous 5260, the Viper 2 is one of the most valued models in this category. It rocks the largest legal hitting area possible, and it weighs very little so that it can carry an incredible punch. Moreover, the medium stiff frame is the thing that set it apart from the competition, as it will double its lifespan.

The excellent weight distribution gives it balance for attacking volleys, quick volley drops or wrong-footed changes. And the top-quality strings will stand the test of time since they are made from sturdy materials.

Buy from for ($82.5)




Prince Team Black


This racquet brings superior power and extra control to your game, as a premium model should. It is mostly geared towards intermediate players, and it features a lightweight and extremely durable graphite frame. We should not omit to remark that the large O-ports enhance the aerodynamics of the product.

This translates into faster swing speeds, and a generous sweet spot. The high-quality strings wrap around a PowerRing in the throat, which is something that adds extra years to the overall lifespan of the piece. Also note that the racquet is factory strung, an exciting bonus not all products offer in this price point.

Its impressive grip ensures excellent moisture management if you tend to over-sweat, and it has a clever shape that will prevent the racket from slipping away. The model is ideal for those who take the sport seriously, as it respects all of the industry’s requirements without being overpriced.

Various smart technological touches optimize the efficiency and user-convenience of the unit. Furthermore, its nice color completes the image, and it will make sure you will be noticed on the court. To protect your racket better and to preserve its luxurious feel, invest in the covers the brand offers.

Click to see the price on Amazon!




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