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Best squash racket reviews

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Squash rackets – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Squash can be a demanding indoor sport you can either practice alone or with your best friend. It is a wonderful way to burn the extra calories without staying out in the sun, wind or cold. However, in order to give your best, you will require high-performance equipment, including a pair of specific trainers and the best squash racket. And if you’re not sure which one would best suit your interests, we got you covered. After conducting our thorough market research, we have concluded that a reliable racket is the Dunlop Squash Court Pack. The set includes eyewear protection, two balls – single dot and double dot, as well as a carrying case. The racket weights little over six ounces and comes pre-strung, so it’s ready for your next squash game. If this set is not available for sale right away, perhaps a good alternative would be the Tecnifibre Carboflex Series.


Top features to consider


Finding a good squash racket is not an easy job, especially since this sport has increased in popularity and there are now plenty of options available on the market. However, if you want to make sure you chose the perfect one for your abilities, here are the top features you need to consider.





The most important feature you should pay attention to when searching for new squash racquets is the weight. The general weight is usually between 110 grams and 190 grams or 3.88 ounces and 6.7 ounces, depending on your playing style, weight, and whether or not you are a professional.

A lightweight racket is probably the best choice if you opt for an aggressive playing style with fast moves and often change the direction of the ball. It is also great for beginners or juniors who don’t have full body strength yet and might not be able to handle a heavier racket with the same ability.

On the contrary, a heavier racket will add more power to the kick and is suitable for experienced players or those who want the extra legwork.

Keep in mind that no matter if you’re opting for cheap squash rackets or professional items, the weight usually listed doesn’t include the grommets or the strings. Therefore, it would be best to use the racket in your own hands for a little while and see how you adjust to its total weight, including the accessories.





Strings come in various textures, tensions, and materials, so picking the right ones for you requires a little bit of research. Most regular squash rackets come pre-strung, but this may not be the best option for you, especially if you want to become a pro.

High-quality strings usually provide more grip, which makes them perfect for expert players. However, they are also thinner and tend to snap easier, meaning you’ll have to replace them quite often.

If you’re considering high tension strings, you need to understand that with them comes less power and more control. Look for additional help from professionals or go through some online squash racket reviews to read the opinions and advice of other customers. Take your time and ask for a second opinion, especially if you’re a newbie.



The shape of the throat


Lastly, also look for the right throat shape according to your own skills. A bridge racket comes with shorter strings and additional control but also reduced power, which makes it more suitable for professional players.

Beginners or youngsters can opt for the open throat rackets that offer more power. It will take some time until you learn to control the racket and your hand moves, but you’ll get there with practice.



Top rated products



Although we cannot tell you exactly which type of squash equipment would fit you most, we did make a list of some of the most popular rackets according to customers’ opinions.



Dunlop Squash Court Pack


If you’re looking for the complete gear to start playing squash, this set is everything you need. It consists of a high-quality racket, vision protective eyewear, one single dot ball, one double dot ball, as well as a carrying case for convenient handling.

The case features a resistant shoulder strap to help you easily carry the entire set or hang it whenever you’re not using it. Although it is made of plastic, it is large enough to provide cover for two rackets in case the extra one you have doesn’t come with its own carrying tool.

The squash racket weighs 175 grams, which means it is rather heavy and suitable for those who have played squash before. It is made of graphite alloy to reduce the weight and provide a secure and safe grip.

The racket comes pre-strung and ready to use, which is always a plus. The sturdy construction will help you enjoy it for a long while so it’s perfect for those who prefer training on a regular basis.

Most customers who purchased the set said it’s suitable for beginner players too although it might take some time until you fully adjust to the racket’s weight.



The starter kit includes everything you need for a single squash session.

It also includes a double dot ball and a single bot ball, depending on your level of expertise.

The carrying case is made of quality plastic and is flexible, providing enough space to carry all the items and a little extra.

The racket comes pre-strung, suitable for beginner players.

It is made of graphite alloy, so it is solid and sturdy, perfect for those who are practicing their strength hits.



The racket is not lightweight enough at 175 grams, which means you’ll have to know your squash moves before you can easily handle it.

Some customers were not pleased with the overall quality of the items included in the set, claiming it is rather suitable for beginner players only. We suggest you look for professional racket brands if you expect better performances at your squash game.

Buy from for ($59.95)




Tecnifibre Carboflex Squash Series


The product is available in three different weights, ranging from 125 grams to 140 grams, so make sure to pick the right one according to your needs and level of expertise.

The 125-gram item comes with a head size of 77.5 square inches and is made of graphite and basaltex. It is high-quality and comes pre-strung, allowing you to use it right away.

Since we are talking about a rather lightweight squash racket, it is suitable for both beginner and more experienced users. It is specifically designed for fast moves and those who require more flexibility. The cushioned handle will provide a good grip, reducing hand fatigue and absorbing extra sweat that might interfere with your serving.

The 350mm balance and heavy head are more suitable for more advanced players, so we don’t suggest purchasing this product unless you have some previous squash classes. The racket comes with the standard Tecnifibre Absolute Squash wrap, but you can also build your own grip, depending on the size of your hands.

The original overgrip will prevent hand fatigue and will help your hands feel more comfortable and secure when holding the racket.



The product comes factory strung and ready to use, meaning you won’t have to spend more time looking for replacement strings.

The frame is very light and easy to handle, weighing just 125 grams.

The squash racket is delivered with a ¾ cover to help you easily carry it and deposit it wherever you want. The case comes with a handle for conveniently hanging the racket or taking it on your shoulder.

It is equipped with an overgrip which is decent enough for most players with regular hands. However, you can build your own grip depending on your necessities without feeling the racket becoming too heavy.



Since it is lightweight, it is more designed for experienced squash players. Although a reliable model to practice, we may suggest starting with other brands of rackets if you have just begun squash classes.

Buy from for ($119)




Wilson Hyper Team 500


This set is perfect for those who want to practice squash as a team. So whether you decided to teach your kid or significant other, the Wilson Hyper Team is everything you need. It contains two rackets, two squash balls, and a water bottle, all inside a full-length bag with a convenient handle.

Each of the rackets weighs 214 grams unstrung and is made of aluminum, benefitting from the V-matrix technology. The rackets are quite heavy and will help you improve the strength of your shots, meaning they are suitable for beginner players too. However, they might feel a bit too heavy at the beginning so make sure to take your time and practice.

Both rackets are strung and ready to use, which is a blessing for beginner players who still need to learn about different types of strings.

Most of the customers who purchased the set claimed it is suitable for those who have just picked up squash. The rackets are of good quality and come with good grips, preventing your hands from getting sweaty and losing control. All you need now is a pair of new goggles, and you’re ready to start your squash training.



The set includes most of the items you need for your new session of training. It comes with two prestrung rackets, two balls, and a water bottle to keep you hydrated during the intense workout.

The carrying bag is lightweight and made of durable materials, making it perfect for transporting your squash essentials.

If you are a beginner player, you will enjoy the sturdiness and the added weight of the rackets. The extra weight provides better control and balance of the racket, helping you with your beginner’s moves.



However, the weight can be a negative factor too, especially if you are not used to playing squash. Since we are talking about a heavy racket, you may experience hand fatigue in the long term.

Some of the customers complained about the overgrip being of inferior quality and not absorbing the excess sweat properly. If you have sweaty palms, we suggest adding an extra grip.

Buy from for ($79.99)




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