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Best squash sneakers reviews


Squash sneakers – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


The success of your squash game depends significantly on the gear you use and if you’re interested in getting the best squash sneakers, you might want to check this paragraph for a more informed decision. Based on the features good squash sneakers boast, customer feedback, and the specs of some of the most appreciated products available for sale, our team of researchers has concluded that the HEAD Sonic 2000 is the first product to consider. The sneakers were designed with the player’s comfort in mind and, thus, feature only quality materials. The breathable mesh element will help you stay cool while playing whereas the synthetic leather materials ensure durability. Comfort is further enhanced by the internal pre-molded heel counter that provides a great heel fit. Moreover, excellent shock absorption is ensured by the cushioning EVA midsole featured. In case this product is unavailable, the second option to try is the Python Racquetball Indoor.


Top features to consider


More often than not, squash players pay greater attention to the racket they use than the shoes they wear. Unfortunately, that’s one of the most common mistakes people interested in playing squash make. Considering the highly demanding physical nature of squash, using the right pair of sneakers becomes a matter of health and safety.

While not knowing everything about the history of squash won’t affect your game or health, wearing the wrong shoes will. There is a great variety of considerations to keep in mind when purchasing a pair of squash shoes. Here are the most important factors to keep in mind.





Many squash professionals recommend non-marking gum rubber soles with round edges in order to maximize the efficiency of the grip on the squash court floor. The round edges are preferred because sharper ones can get caught up on the floor when the player changes the position and this can trigger ankle injuries.

Plus, it is best to avoid thicker soles as they can decrease your stability and, thus, your capacity to feel the floor when playing and moving across it. Once you’ve chosen the shoes that best suit your needs, try to wear them only in the squash court as clean soles will help you maintain the grip on the floor.





Although shoes usually come with a size chart that is detailed enough to help you get the right ones for you, don’t overlook the shape of your foot. Sometimes, you might need a smaller/bigger size. Try to find specific details regarding the length and width of the size you want to order.

A good fit is essential since squash games can last for hours. This doesn’t mean that the shoes should be too tight, though. You need to have some allowance along your toes and your ankles should not feel constrained. This way, you can optimize your game by enjoying comfort, stability, and freedom to move but not to slip.



Cushioning and materials


Even if your budget allows you to buy only cheap squash sneakers, you need to try to find the best value for the money. Quality materials are part of the factors you cannot compromise on. Go for breathable materials that will keep your feet dry and fresh but that will also last.

Cushioning is extremely important as well since it will allow you to play longer, reduce tiredness and injuries, and protect your heels, knees, and hips. The cushioning should not be too thick, though, as it will prevent you from feeling the court properly.



Top rated products



The abundance of products available on today’s market might be intimidating. To simplify your shopping experience, we have compiled a short list of squash sneakers reviews. Check it to ease your decision-making process.



HEAD Sonic 2000


The shoes you wear while playing squash will significantly affect your game. To make sure that influence is on the positive side, you might want to consider the Sonic 2000 sneakers from Head for enhanced comfort, stability, and durability.

Designed with performance in mind, the shoes combine quality materials that together ensure the comfort and grip you need to feel like you’re always up for the game even if it takes hours. The breathable mesh element used will make sure your feet stay dry and fresh and thus eliminate the discomfort caused by sweat building up.

Furthermore, the synthetic leather materials provide the player with the durability needed for extended squash sessions. They also deliver a great fit that further boosts one’s comfort. Stability and a great heel fit are ensured by the internal pre-molded heel counter. Thanks to the non-marking HEAD HyBrasion gum rubber compound used, you will enjoy excellent traction and durability.

What’s more, the cushioning EVA midsole used is committed to delivering excellent shock absorption when the game gets more aggressive. This is also great if you play for longer periods as it will reduce tiredness. The product is available in two color combinations: Black/Blue and White/Blue.

Buy from for ($89.95)




Python Racquetball Indoor


Because the comfort your shoes provide you with when playing squash will have a great impact on the way and how long you play, you might want to give these shoes a try to pair your squash sessions with the comfort you need to make sure success is not far away.

Ideal for squash, badminton, racquetball, and indoor pickleball, the shoes are made with quality materials that will improve your game by keeping you stable and comfortable. Thanks to the high-quality synthetic leather upper and the open mesh inserts, you will enjoy great breathability and that will keep your feet fresh.

The materials used are also ultra-light, a feature that will only add to your comfort. The non-marking gum rubber ensures a better grip whereas the lightweight EVA insole and cushioning will further boost your comfort and reduce tiredness when you play for longer periods.

What’s more, the die-cut Artholite insoles are committed to delivering superior shock absorption and deodorization to prevent sweat from building up inside. The customers who tried the shoes have reviewed them in a positive light saying that they are very comfortable and provide a great fit even for wide feet.

Buy from for ($99.95)




Ektelon T-9 Roadster


The right shoes will get you an advantage by keeping you comfortable and reducing tiredness when playing. Consider the T-9 Roadster from Ektelon to enjoy all that and advance your game as the shoes were designed with performance, comfort, and success in mind.

Featuring the quality materials all great squash shoes come with, the product aims at improving the game through enhanced stability, excellent grip, and boosted comfort, the key factors for a victorious session. The synthetic leather upper and the AIRMesh panels promise to keep up with extended games and deliver the flow-through breathability you need to keep your feet dry and cool.

Moreover, the AIRMesh tongue enhances breathability and offers soft support. The shoes also boast a contoured, thickly-padded collar that provides the ankle with comfort and lateral support. To make sure you enjoy optimum stability, the shoes come with dense cushioning and a 4-piece midsole.

Shock absorption is provided by the molded EVA midsole with ShockEraser heel insert and polyurethane forefoot insert. Injury prevention and protection are also supported by the forefoot lock-down straps that will hold your feet snugly in place and thus prevent toe jamming when the game gets more aggressive.

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