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Best squash socks

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Squash socks – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


The best squash socks can be hard to find since there’s an abundance of options on the market. To make your life easier, we’ve sorted them based on what experts had to say about them, and at the end of this process, we’ve picked some of the most impressive alternatives money can buy. We’ve also considered what regular buyers had to say about them, so we can make sure the data we’ve gathered about the products is realistic and up to date. One product that stood out from the start is the Eurosocks Specific 3812. The socks have a stylish design, and they come in white, a color that goes along with any outfit. Moreover, they are made from breathable materials which don’t lose their tight fit in time and which allow your skin to breathe naturally. As an alternative, we offer you the VeloChampion Recovery.



Comparison table





Top features to consider


Squash socks reviews tell us that you can find pairs made of different kinds of materials, who sport unique designs and features, and we’re here to tell you all about the best things to keep in mind while choosing your favorite model for sale. You don’t have to try loads of socks before coming across the perfect pair – you just have to know a couple of important things.





Squash compression socks are considered a vital part of a player’s squash equipment. They serve a lot of purposes, and most of them help protect your feet and shoes, and they prevent blisters from forming when your feet grind on the hash material of the squash shoes.

That’s why, when choosing socks for squash, you must consider the material they are made of. This is very easy since there are loads of choices available on the market. Comfort-wise, natural cotton is the best choice to date. This material, however, tends to get very hot in the summer and might wear out quickly.

Synthetic options, such as polyester, spandex, and nylon, can give you excellent moisture management and a good fit as well. The only downside they might have is that they are not as good as cotton when it comes to getting rid of odors unless the design features ventilation elements. Good squash socks will often combine natural fabrics with synthetic ones.



What height to go for?


There are plenty of cuts and heights when it comes to cheap squash socks. Some may prefer them long or knee-high, and others short and at an ankle length. Each type of design has its pros and cons, but in the end, it all comes down to your preferences.

Knee-high socks are widely used by professional players across the board. They provide comfort and excellent protection for an increased leg area. People use this particular cut to avoid scraping and scratching. The crew cut is another popular option because it offers a lot more freedom.

The last category belongs to the short shocks, which are not super popular when it comes to squash because they offer very little protection and they are used for their style factor.



What else to look out for?


It might be smart to look for a cushioned bed since that can enhance the comfort of the socks. However, it is a premium addition that might make the pair expensive. Breathability is also vital. Not only does it keep your feet as dry as possible, but it also prevents your feet and shoes from smelling bad.



Top rated products



It is time to introduce you to some of the coolest options on the market. The premium socks are crafted from top-notch materials, are super breathable and provide a snug fit, which will prevent the socks from sliding off your feet as you’re practicing. No matter which alternative you pick, it will be a wise decision.



Eurosocks Specific 3812


These white socks are definitely suited for squash players. They have a balanced weight and a snug fit, which is ideal if you are the type of person who moves a lot. The pair is designed to offer complete foot protection against the harsh conditions on the court, and buyers say the manufacturer was successful in its mission.

The socks come with medium density padding and a seamless toe pocket, which helps relieve foot stress, eliminate swelling and numbness while still allowing your skin to breathe. They are the perfect tools against odor and feet fungi, a common problem among active people.

They also feature a “stay up system” that prevents the socks from sliding down, another benefit that will appeal to a myriad of sporty people. The product is made from four-channel fibers, which provide 20% more surface area when compared to ordinary fibers. This speeds up the evaporation process.

It is also safe to note that the set dries 70% faster than cotton models. The socks will make you perform at your best because you will feel comfortable in them at all times, which is impressive on its own. Plus, the white color they come in is timeless, and it can match any attire.

Buy from for ($10.77)




VeloChampion Recovery


Velochampion is a brand renowned for its quality products. And these socks are not the exception to that rule. They are fully tested in a highly controlled state-of-the-art lab, and they pass many strict guidelines to meet the impressive 20-30mmHg compression rating.

The pair is comfortable for extended use and ideal for multiple purposes like shin splints, leg pain, prolonged squash games, deep vein thrombosis. But you can also wear them as your daily socks, especially if you have a job that requires to stand on your feet for many hours in a row, or if you are pregnant.

The snug fit is excellent for those who want to increase the blood flow to the area, and to make sure their feet won’t hurt after coming back from the court. Each sock behaves as a second layer of muscle, which squeezes the vein walls to reduce fatigue.

We should not neglect to mention the pair has an appealing design. They come in black, with red accents, which makes them a fit choice for those who care about style just as much as they care about craft. The pieces are also taller than the average model, for much better coverage.

Buy from for ($19.95)




Fitliva Knee Length


The great thing about this product is the fact that it comes in a multitude of colors, so you can pick that special one that suits your personality the most. As expected from such a popular brand, the pair is made from breathable fabrics so you can fight against odor and fungi like a pro.

It rocks a young design and the color options are bright and fresh and can transform an attire instantly. The socks are also shrink-proof and the colors won’t fade away in time. This means that you can just toss them in the washing machine when it is time to clean them, a thing that will appeal to those always on the run.

The style is universal, and it can suit both men and women. The knee-high pair can fit women who wear shoes that are up to 12 in size, and men who wear any size between 7 and 13. The polyester it is made of makes sure you can easily insert your feet inside the squash shoes.

Because it has a simple and understated design, you can even wear the pair for formal events and to complete your school uniform, and not only for squash. It is also important to let you know that the socks dry very fast.

Buy from for ($12.98)




Yonex 89SN002M Men’s


This is a pair that won’t disappoint. It has a universal size that can fit most feet shapes and sizes, and its colors won’t fade in time, even if you wash them frequently. The brand chose to manufacture them from a blend of cotton, polyester, and polyurethane.

The combo gives the socks durability and elasticity. They will move at the same time as your feet muscles, without feeling too tight and uncomfortable. Moreover, their softness makes them a pleasure to wear for extended periods of time without getting skin rashes.

When it comes to design, the pair reaches your ankles, meaning they can be worn by those who can’t stand knee-high models but still want adequate protection against scratches and blisters. You can put them and take them off with ease, which is something that many reviewers appreciated.

The units also have a nice weight to them, but you won’t even feel them as you wear them, which is a noteworthy bonus. Going back to their design, it rocks a few ventilation elements in strategic places so odor will have no time to accumulate. This will lead to healthier feet and to you being more confident in your skills.

Click to see the price on Amazon!




Eurosocks Athletic 3812


A pair of black sock should not miss from your arsenal. And this pair could be the perfect new addition. The units have a low cut, so they won’t get in your way and won’t feel uncomfortable or too tight. Moreover, the socks are suited for a wide range of activities, not just for squash and other sports.

They will protect you from scratches and painful blisters and will make sure you won’t sweat excessively. The pair has a clever design that allows enhanced ventilation, which means your feet will smell fresh even after an entire day of playing your favorite sport.

The product will also help with feet stress, numbness, and pain, and will improve blood circulation in the area. The set is made from Coolmax fibers, which provide 20% more surface area than conventional fibers. The threads are also praised for the fact they dry a lot faster than cotton, a thing that appeals to many customers.

Needless to say, the set fits like a second skin, eliminating things like wrinkles, hotspots or pressure points since it is highly elastic and because it has shape recovery characteristics that will enhance your squash performances to the maximum.

Buy from for ($10)




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