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Best surf backpack reviews

Last Updated: 12.04.19


Surf backpacks- Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you are trying to find the best surf backpack that money can get you but you simply cannot spare the time to read the info that we have put together for you, this paragraph should be of great help to you. After going through numerous reviews of surfing backpacks and after looking at aspects such as the value they offer for the money, we have reached the conclusion that the BPS Premium Universal is the model that you should consider investing in. This product is large enough to accommodate any board that measures 12’6 in length and 34 inches in width. Likewise, the unit has padded shoulders straps that can be adjusted so that it best fits your needs. Lastly, this model includes no fewer than three different ways in which you can carry it when on the move. If the BPS Premium Universal is unavailable, we recommend that you take a good look at the Hydrobabe Paddle Purse as it is equally reliable.



Products worth your attention




Top features to consider


Finding the best backpack for surfing is a task that comes with numerous difficulties. Because we are well aware of this, we have composed a list of features that you should not miss out on whenever you are shopping in this line of products.


Select the suitable bag size


One of the first aspects that you should pay particular consideration to whenever you are in the market for a quality surfboard bag is the size. As expected, most manufacturers are known to design their backpacks in such a manner so that the model fits all units that are of the same size. For instance, if you own a surfboard that measures 6’7, you can safely purchase a bag that is 6’7 as well.

If you want to be 100% certain that your board fits a given backpack, you can always ask the sellers for more info about the dimensions of the products. Likewise, it might be an excellent idea to ask the previous buyers of the unit whether or not one particular bag is fitting for the board model that you own.



Mobility and convenience


According to many surf backpacks reviews, another feature that you should not ignore has to do with the unit’s mobility. Therefore, it is wise that you select a product that allows you to transport your board in different ways (on your back, as a suitcase, etc.). This aspect is particularly crucial because it might come in handy in different circumstances.

What is more, a good surf backpack usually comes supplied with extra padding so that you can carry it for an extensive period of time without your shoulders and/or back feeling sore. Likewise, if you want to make sure that this is the case with the models that you can find up for sale, we suggest that you see what previous users of the products had to say about them from this point of view.





Just like when shopping for a surfboard roof rack, you should also check that the model that you opt for is practical. By this, we mean that you should invest in a unit that does not have a lot of unnecessary features that make the bag difficult to operate.

Similarly, no matter whether you purchase a cheap surfboard travel bag or a somewhat more expensive unit, you should verify if the chosen product is made from lightweight materials, as you will come to appreciate easy to transport models.



Top rated products



To be of greater assistance to you, we have composed a list of highly talked about units that you might want to take a look at before placing that order. So, read ahead and make up your mind!



BPS Premium Universal


With overall positive reviews from previous buyers, the BPS Premium Universal is the ideal product for those that are in the market for an easy to carry model. This bag was specially designed to provide you enough room so that you can use it to transport all inflatable paddle boards that measure between 12’6 in length and 34’ in width.

What is more, this model is sizeable enough so that you can also carry the inflatable pump with you without feeling like you are running out of space. To better cater to your needs, the manufacturer has constructed this unit in such a way so that you can carry it in four different ways.

The model also includes padded shoulder straps so that you are comfortable while carrying it. As a plus, the option provides various adjustment settings that make this unit proper for large chested people. Moreover, the product also features a padded layer between the board and the back of the carrier. This way, he/she won’t suffer from backaches.

Additionally, an extra internal pocket where you can store a paddle is also included in the design of this backpack. Two heavy duty zippers also make sure that all your possessions are kept safe in the bag during transportation.

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Hydrobabe Paddle Purse


Another product that you should not overlook is the Hydrobabe Paddle Purse. According to the manufacturer, this item has been designed by women for women in an attempt to provide them with a practical accessory that can help them enjoy surfing.

The product is large enough for you to store your keys, your money and cell phone in it, as well as your other necessary gear. An outside mesh pocket is also included so that you can put your waterproof items in it. This way, you will be capable of reaching them effortlessly every time you need to use them.

The model was constructed from neoprene, and it is said to be 100% waterproof. Therefore, you can be confident that your gear won’t be affected by the water. Still, it is vital that you understand that is bag is not meant to be used as a backpack where you can store your board in.

If you want to do so, you should consider acquiring another more spacious model. Still, this small bag is stylish and comfortable to carry while actually surfing or paddling. What is more, the model is versatile enough to be used as a bag that you take with you while out at the beach.

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THURSO SURF Inflatable


We couldn’t have ended this list without talking to you about the THURSO SURF Inflatable. This device is large enough to fit a 36’’ x 17’’ x 11’ board. In fact, this model is said to be sizeable enough to fit most inflatable paddle boards as well as the additional accessories one has to use while surfing (fin, paddle, leash, deck bag, pump, etc).

The outer shell of the model is made from nylon so that your board and your accessories are protected while you are on the move. Similarly, the model includes a torso strap and a supporting back feature that is said to distribute the weight of the board evenly so that you feel comfortable when using it.

The model also includes two carry handles that are placed on both sides of the bag. Because of this, you will have no problems handling it when taking it out of the car or when checking in your baggage at the airport.

The heavy-duty full zipper that the unit includes can be used to fully open the bag and whenever you want to place/take out the board from inside the bag. Also, this makes it easy for you to get access to other gear in the bag.

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