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Best surfboard travel bag reviews


Surfboard travel bags – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you need a new surfboard travel bag, our guide will provide you with plenty of buying options so you can invest your time in picking your next travel destination. We’ve created it based on what past buyers had to say about the hottest models on the market and on all the features they offer to adventurers. Moreover, we’ve gathered plenty of advice so you can learn how to spot a good product yourself. One unit that impressed us with its lifespan and quality is the Dakine Surf Daylight. First of all, the bag is heat and water resistant so that the board will be protected at all times. It features foam padding to protect your belongings from damage, and it is extra easy to use. If the unit is out of stock, or if the seller doesn’t ship to your area, we can recommend you the Curve Surfboard Day as an alternative.


Top features to consider


We know that getting the best surfboard bag for travel is not as easy as it seems, especially when there are so many aspects to look into and compare before making a choice. This is why we’ve created a short buyer’s guide that might be able to help you understand some basics about these special bags so you can make an informed choice.



Construction and materials


Getting one of the good surfboard bags implies that you look at the construction materials first. Many surfboard bags are made of various types of nylon or polyester fabrics. These are highly resistant to mechanical damage, and you can also go for a model that comes with thick reinforcements for the nose and tail areas.

You can find models featuring ⅕ to ¾-inch high-dense foam padding which offers decent protection for your board. You might want to choose a bag that has a reflective surface, especially since heat and foam don’t go well together. Ventilation is also important, and that’s a good reason to look for a model that has several vent pockets.



Choose the right size


When looking for surfboard bags for sale, you want to make sure that you choose the right size. The last thing you want is to get a bag that’s too small for the board, although a too-large size might also cause inconvenience.

Many manufacturers advise that you get a travel bag that’s at least several inches longer than the board you currently have. Pay extra attention to the specifications relating to the fin area, as some bags might be able to extend the tail, while others are fixed.



Other things to consider


You should compare surf gear and check for extra features such as multiple internal pockets. These can come in quite handy since you can store your wax, fins, screws, tools, keys or other items and avoid spending a load of time searching for them.

Getting a model with strong zippers is also a good idea since you don’t want to deal with a broken zipper while having to walk several miles on the beach until you reach your car.



Top rated products



If you’re trying to get a model that’s resistant, lightweight, as well as affordable, yet don’t have enough time to do your own research, then you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a list with the top surfboard bags reviews so you can check out what they have to offer and be able to choose one that has the features you want and none of the ones you don’t, for the right price, of course.



Dakine Surf Daylight


The bag is a necessity if you’re someone that’s often on the road with his or her surfboard. It will allow you to keep your treasured possession safe no matter if you’re traveling by plane, train or car. Moreover, it even features a padded shoulder strap so you can carry it yourself when needed.

To put the board inside the unit is a simple task, especially since it rocks a wrap-around zipper that is both fast and corrosion proof. It was created from heavy-duty materials so it won’t disappoint you when you least expect it to.

The fin pocket will allow you to store smaller items, and it is an addition that shows the brand’s dedication to details. Note that the product is made from a heat-resistant material and that it is water resistant as well. Combined with the thick foam padding, no damage will ever destroy your expensive board while traveling.

People mention that it can fit a wide range of boards, which is great news if you own more than one type and you want to save money by using the same bag. Furthermore, you can also choose your preferred size since the seller has more than one available.

Buy from for ($119.95)




Curve Surfboard Day


The Curve Supermodel gets its well-deserved name from how sleek and slim it looks. It fits a surprising list of features into a minimal and lightweight design that gets really compact when folded. If you’re looking for solid and lightweight protection for daily use, the item is an excellent inexpensive choice for a travel bag.

Moreover, the addition of a custom pocket stash is an excellent feature for those with many surfing accessories and is perfect for storing your wetsuit or other surf gear you may have with you while on the road.

It also comes with a highly adjustable shoulder strap, which is padded for comfort and extended use, and it even features a side carry handle for extra versatility. The foam core is thick enough to protect your board, but not too much to make it take up too much space.

The nose and tail are reinforced with a thicker foam to keep those areas protected as well. Another unique feature for the Curve Supermodel is its semi-reflective silver tarpaulin that wraps on both sides to keep your board protected from heat and UV rays. Altogether, this bag is simple and practical and perfect for those who are on a budget.

Buy from for ($57.95)




Dakine Daylight Thruster


Another excellent bag that is perfect for shortboards is this one from Dakine. It fits one board and is ideal for short trips to and from the beach. The unique thing about this surf bag is that the outside tarpaulin material helps protect your favorite board from heat and solar damage.

This is because it is slightly reflective, which also gives it a touch of style. The thick foam padding it rocks is ultra lightweight and soft and makes for a slim product while still offering solid protection when traveling via plane, boat or car. It’s this versatility that is appreciated by everyone.

A comfortable padded shoulder strap comes attached, as well as a small wax pocket on the side, where you can store the items you need to maintain the board. All in all, this unit is extremely simple and versatile, and it is perfect for the expert surfer who wants a minimalistic bag or is on a tight budget.

Dakine created it to please those who want only protection and practicality from the model. Also, note that it comes in an array of sizes so that you can fit just about any size shortboard you can think of.

Buy from for ($63.95)




Unavailable Products:


DAKINE Daylite-Thruster


The Daylite-Thruster is an excellent choice for carrying your surfboards down to the beach, whether you live two blocks from the sea or several miles away. This bag is made of tough tarpaulin, which is a material that’s resistant to mechanical damage as well as heat so it will protect your board from overheating and save your wax from melting all over your car’s bench.

Tarpaulin is also waterproof so you can keep spare clothes and make sure that you’ll find them dry and warm when you come back from the water. This reliable bag comes with a ¼-inch padding that will protect the board from impacts. There’s also a heavy-duty 10# coil zipper that will work smoothly without giving you a hard time.

Another great feature of this bag is the fact that it comes with a fin pocket where you can keep some spare fins and screws in case the ones mounted on the board break or you lose one of them in the water. You can also keep your wax there, your keys, as well as other pieces of equipment that you might need.

Thanks to the padded handle, you can easily carry your board anywhere. There’s also a padded shoulder strap for convenient transportation every time.





If you’re looking for a new surfboard bag that can offer reliable protection for your surfing equipment yet you don’t want it to weigh a ton, then the SHORTBOARD Single variant from Curve should be a good choice. This bag comes with massive ¾-inch foam reinforcements in the nose and tail area so you get extra protection for these highly important areas.

The top side is made of 600D Polycanvas while the base is made of rugged Tarpee. You also get a thick foam padding measuring ¼ inches across the interior so you enjoy a protection you can call more than decent for regular use.

You can easily open and close this bag with the help of the heavy-duty non-corrosive PK nylon zipper which comes with a big tooth for easy and long-lasting operation. This model also features a TPSS tail protection strap system which ensures that your board won’t accidentally slide off and get damaged.

This model offers a double-adjustable shoulder strap that benefits from a thick padding so you can easily carry this even if you have to walk long distances to your favorite surfing spots. There’s also a small handle for convenient maneuvering during loading and unloading.



Dorsal Project StormChaser


The Dorsal Project StormChaser is a nice addition to any passionate surfer’s equipment, and it also makes for an excellent surf gift, especially if you have a partner or friend who’s crazy about this popular water sport. The bag has a solid construction which benefits from the use of quality materials such as durable 600D polyester and YKK zippers.

This model comes with a strong fabric that’s resistant to scratches or ripping. The nose is reinforced with a thick layer of 600D polyester, while the entire surface makes use of the Thermo-Flow Technology which ensures a proper ventilation of the interior. The external material reflects sunlight and thus protects your board from overheating.

The 10# YKK zippers will give you an easy time opening and closing the bag, while the internal pocket allows you to store wax, spare fins, and other tools you might need on your awesome surfing adventures. The bag comes with ⅕-inch high-density foam which is resistant to high impacts.

Thanks to the multiple carry handles and shoulder strap, you can easily transport your surfboard anywhere you go while enjoying amazing comfort, especially thanks to the neoprene padding that’s soft to the touch.




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