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Best surfing accessories reviews


Surfing accessories – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Surfing is one of the coolest water sports you can practice in almost all weather conditions, providing you have trustworthy gear and accessories. It may take you several months until you finally learn how to properly surf but there is no comparison to the sensation you’ll feel when you’re finally able to ride a big wave. However, since you need to stay safe at all costs, surfing also requires you to have the best accessories for surfing you can buy. So, after going through plenty of product reviews, we have decided to recommend the Unigear Premium Coiled Leash so you can stay safe. The product is designed to last so it is strong enough to handle even the heaviest and longest surfing boards while also being lightweight and flexible. If this product is not available, you can also look for the SUP-Now Carrier/Storage Sling as a great alternative.


Top features to consider


Looking for the best surfing accessories is not an easy task, especially since there are so many valuable options for sale worth considering. How do you know which are the best choices and the ones you’ll need the most? We hope that our following buying guide will not only answer your questions but also help you find some good surfing accessories.



Safety and accessories


No matter the type of surf accessories you choose to purchase, make sure they are completely safe to use by all types of surfers, not only by the most experimented. This means you should look for top quality in terms of materials used.

Also, make sure the accessories you’re buying are suitable for the type of surfing you want to practice and for your own body type and measurements. If you’re not really sure which products to buy, you can take a look at some online reviews of surfing accessories to see what other customers have to say about certain items and their main characteristics.

Keep in mind that surfing is not exactly a cheap sport and that you’ll have to invest in quality and reliable equipment and accessories.





You should start with a great surfboard as the first item you require to practice surf. There are various types of surfboards, including shortboards, fish boards, longboards or Soft Top boards. Each type will reflect a certain surfing style and will be great for practicing different styles.

You should also pick your surfboard according to your weight, height, and body strength to make sure you can fully control the one you’re using. For instance, fish surfboards are generally thicker and wider and are suitable for days with moderate waves and beginner surfers.

Longboards are perfect for year-round surfing and are mainly suitable for beginners as they offer improved strength and stability, as well as plenty of room to keep your legs and try to ride it.



Paddleboards and carrying accessories


If you want to practice standup paddleboarding (SUP), you’ll also require a reliable and new surf paddle board. This type of surfing is originated from Hawaii and allows surfers to use a paddle board to propel themselves through the water and reach waves faster.

This is a common outdoor activity that is mainly practiced by youngsters who first need to learn how to stay on a surfboard before learning how to surf.

Next, you have to consider a quality surfboard roof rack if you want more to catch as many waves as possible. These items can be easily installed on all types of cars and allow you to carry your surfboard everywhere you go.

This way you’ll not only get to the beach equipped and ready to surf, but you’ll also have the possibility to move from one setting to another, depending on the weather and the waves.




Top rated products



While we can’t offer you a full selection of useful surfing accessories, we did come up with a list of top items you should consider purchasing if you want to improve your surfing skills. Some of the most appreciated products by customers are showcased below.



Unigear Premium Coiled Leash


For those who enjoy practicing SUP, a good inflatable surfboard leash is essential. This particular product can be purchased in 11 different colors to match your surfboard and your personality in the best possible way.

The item is made of reliable and strong 7mm urethane cord and is powerful enough to handle even the heaviest and longest boards. This means paddle surfers and beginner surfers will have an easy time handling this item whenever they are in the water.

The product is also lightweight and flexible, which means it’s perfect for flatwater paddling. The item is made of TPU elastic polyurethane and features a soft sponge which will increase comfort to the point that you’ll forget you even wear it. It is extremely easy to attach to any type of surfboard and will prevent dings and rail wearing.

What we also like about this inflatable paddle board leash is that it also comes with a small waterproof wallet that is specifically designed to hold your keys, wallet, and phone.

In addition, thanks to the adjustable waist belt and the adjustable lanyard, you can wear this wallet around your waist, shoulders or neck, allowing you to always have access to your precious belongings.

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SUP-Now Carrier/Storage Sling 


Paddleboarding can turn into a unique and exciting experience for all enthusiasts, provided they will have the right gear and accessories. This paddleboard carrier is a must for all paddle surfing enthusiasts who want to carry around their item easy and comfortable.

What we like about this accessory is that it adjusts more than all other straps available on the market for a similar retail price.

This means it is specifically designed to work for all paddleboarders, regardless of their height and their board choice. No matter if you’re tall and carry a large paddleboard with you or you’re petite and come with a small surfboard, this strap is the right item for you.

The item is made of durable and soft neoprene to provide maximum comfort when wearing it. The idea behind these straps is to help you carry the weight of your board on your shoulders and not on your hands.

The product also comes with a removable drawstring bag that is large enough to carry all your personal belongings for a fun day at the beach. You can put your sunscreen, phone, wallet, and water bottle in this bag and enjoy a full day on the beach with everything you need.

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Cor Surf Changing Mat


The two main characteristics of this product are that it’s portable and compact. The changing bag is easy to carry around with you everywhere. It features a large portable bag that can hold a towel, swimsuits, and one wetsuit. The barrel lock closure ensures all your belongings stay inside the bag and don’t interfere with other objects around.

This accessory is perfect for any water activity, from triathlons to swimming, kayaking or scuba diving. It will help protect your wetsuit from dirt and sand while keeping the car clean and all your wet clothes separate from the dry ones.

In other words, you can change into your regular clothes anywhere you are and, thanks to this small bag, you’ll be able to keep your wet clothes in a safe environment for them to dry without getting dirty.

The bag is made of strong PVC poly fabrics, built to last and provide maximum protection. It is easy to clean manually or in a regular washing machine. It is the perfect companion even when you’re practicing winter outdoor sports because it helps you change your wet socks or gloves with new ones allowing the wet ones dry.

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