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Surfing books – Buying Guide, Ratings, & Comparison


Doing some proper research before actually getting into water could really make you a better surfer, so why not start by reading a good book? And, if you don’t have enough time on your hands to search for the best surfing books yourself, we already did that for you. So, after going through plenty of online product reviews, we have concluded that a great way to start your surfing training is the “Saltwater Buddha” by Jaimal Yogis. This is not your regular “how to” book but more of a memoir of how can a simple man end up a great surfer and all the obstacles one has to overcome in order to achieve success. The product is available both for Kindles and in hard copies. If this book is not available right away, you may also consider “Surf Is Where You Find It” by Gerry Lopez as a great alternative.


Top features to consider


Looking for some surfing books to start your learning process but you’re not really sure which ones you should buy? With so many great options on the market, finding the most inspiring surfboard book could be an exhausting process. Make sure to consider the following features if you want to find the best books on surfing.



Paper vs. pixel


In a world of screens and WiFi connections, it is hard for some to stick to reading from paper books. However, in an attempt to avoid reading falling into the obsolete, most authors and publishing houses understood the need of youngsters to keep in touch with modern technologies.

Thus, they developed numerous ways for customers to have access to their favorite content digitally, whenever they want.

Most surf books are available both in hard copies and digital formats, so it is up to you to choose the one most comfortable for you.

If you’re a busy person who is always on the run, having access directly on your Kindle to the books you are interested in seems like the most viable choice. In addition, you can take your digital copy with you anywhere you go, and you can read it anytime you want, skip to the most interesting parts or even make notes.

Not to mention the fact that the same digital device (Kindle, for instance) can stock thousands of your favorite books so you can literally have access to an entire library with just one click.

However, if you’re more of a traditionalist and still prefer the smell of a freshly opened book and the authentic sensation of paper on your fingers, we suggest you opt for paperbacks. This means you’ll have to carry the book with you everywhere you go and you could damage it if you leave it in the sun or next to your new and cozy wetsuit.




In your quest for finding good surfing books available for sale, you’ll stumble across many genres, each with its own benefits and downsides.

Some authors prefer a personal style similar to an autobiography, filled with quotations and personal stories. These books are perfect for those who want to read more about the experience of surfing more than the technical details.

On the other hand, some authors prefer to describe surfing as technically as possible, so you’ll get plenty of books on how to purchase your surfboard, a good pair of surfing booties or a protective surfing hat, along with different styles of surfing, what to do in the event of emergency situations, and others.

Obviously, these books are more technical and try to describe as accurately as possible all steps you need to follow in order to learn how to surf.

If you’re not sure which type of books is the best one for you, we suggest you go through some online surfing books reviews and see what other customers have to say about the item, and how useful it could be to you.



Recommendations and cost-related factors


The personal opinions of readers are extremely important, so we strongly suggest you to go through some reviews of surfing books before sticking to a certain book. This way you will see which type of style the author adopts, and plenty of insights from the book so you’ll know if it is the right one for you.

As for the costs, by comparison to other surf-related gear such as a waterproof surfing watch, this product is definitely the least expensive one. Most of these books sell between 10 and 15 dollars.



Top rated products



There are hundreds if not thousands of good surf books on the market, so reviewing them all would have been impossible. Nevertheless, we have made a list of the most popular products right now according to the customers and shared it with you below.



“Saltwater Buddha” by Jaimal Yogis


This is not your ordinary book with technical details on how to pick up surfing without even touching a surfboard prior. In fact, it is a more personal experience shared by the author with his readers. It is about the journey of a lifetime, about personal accomplishments and failures, about how to follow your dreams and live the life you always wanted in the end.

Described as two equal parts of spiritual memoir and surfer’s tale, this book will teach you so much more than simply advice on how to ride a wave. It is about finding peace and serenity in the blue and salty water, and how to overcome your fears and push your limits when there’s no one else but you.

Yogis is a journalist, a photographer, and a surfer who shares his life experiences with the audience in hope of teaching others some of his acquired wisdom. His lessons are easy to understand but hard to follow.

Buy from for ($16.78)




“Surf Is Where You Find It” by Gerry Lopez


The product is available on Kindle, in hardcover and paperback, depending on your reading preferences.

The book is written by one of the most popular surfers of his generation and consists of a collection of stories about a surfer’s life, with all its ups and downs. The book doesn’t only focus on storytelling but also on the lessons one should learn from every challenge faced in this lifetime.

In his book, Gerry Lopez presents 38 of his most significant surfing stories that can relate to almost all people, regardless of their contact with the surfing world. Lopez is an innovator in the stand-up paddle surfing style and shared his stories about pioneering the sport and all the obstacles he had to overcome throughout the years.

All the stories from Lopez’s book focus on some of the most influential personalities in the world of surfing, along with what they have learned from practicing this sport.

Buy from for ($24.95)




“Ghost Wave” by Chris Dixon 1452155852


This interesting book is available in 8 different formats and editions, including Kindle, hardcover, and paperback. Written by journalist Chris Dixon, this non-fiction book describes the legendary rock of Cortes Bank and the reason why it is famous across the globe – it is the home of the biggest rideable wave in the world.

This is not your regular technical surfing book on how to find the right surfboard and accessories for you, but it is more about understanding the unique experience each surfer lives – a cosmic bounding with nature in its purest form – water.

Dixon tries to unlock the secrets of the famous Cortes Bank through his catchy narrations. This is a book about adventure, danger, and mystery at the same time. It is a book about the reasons behind the surfers’ attraction for the biggest wave in the world, and the obstacles they have to overcome to reach the peak of this sport.

Buy from for ($10.84)




“Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life” by William Finnegan


The book is available in 13 different formats and editions, including the most popular paperback, hardcover, and Kindle.

The “Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life” is the winner of the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Autobiography, the highest distinction in the world of books and their authors. This particular work received both the acclamation of specialists and readers as it is more than just a regular book about surfing.

Finnegan managed to bond with his readers by putting down on paper some of his most important life stories that truly changed the course of the events, and helped him end up in the place he is today. It is a book about family, traveling, and finding comfort and happiness in a sport that is rather dangerous and life-threatening than relaxing.

The book was not only described as an autobiography, but also as an old-school adventure story, a page of modern history, and a wonderful exploration of life’s gradual experiences.

Buy from for ($12.13)




“The California Surf Project” by Eric Soderquist


Felt like you always belonged to somewhere else? You’re not the only one and, unfortunately, if you cannot follow your own dreams, no one else can do it for you. This book is about two friends – photographer Chris Burkard, and Eric Soderquist, a passionate surfer – and how they decided to stop living ordinary lives and find true happiness in their passion.

They quit everything they had and hit the Highway 1 from Oregon all the way to Tijuana Sloughs to discover some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world and all the amazing experiences it has to offer to passionate surfers and photographers.

The book is about their adventures on the water, meeting new friends along the way, and sharing wisdom with other people. It is a full visual experience that shares their journey in over 200 beautiful photographs, meaningful texts, and a thirty-minute professional DVD.

Buy from for ($25.34)




“Surf Shack: Laid-Back Living by Water” by Nina Freudenberger


The Kindle edition of this book aims to help you discover the true life of surfers behind the doors of their houses. It is a book about people who want to enjoy full freedom, and not living by the rules of the time. It is a book about free people, about surfers, and those who enjoy living on the beach.

The book provides a series of wonderful and meaningful photos of design details and home decors from all around the world – Malibu to Australia, Miami, and Japan.

This book gives you an amazing chance to step inside some of the most beautiful shelters for surfers and beach lovers across the globe, and learn some more about their habits, joie de vivre, and passion for decorations.

It is a very inspiring collection of meaningful texts and colorful photos that serve you both as a lesson of style and of life.

Click to see the price on Amazon!




“Force of Nature” by Laird Hamilton


Being named the world’s greatest big-wave surfer, Hamilton certainly has some interesting stories about the surf world to share with the rest of us mortals. His first book, “Force of Nature”, provides a meaningful insight into his life philosophy and the decisions that made him the man he is today.

Just as with many other successful people in all fields, the life of Laird Hamilton was never easy. He had to work even harder than the most of us to become the successful surfer he takes pride in being today. His father abandoned him shortly after he was born, he worked on a pig farm and was forced to drop out of school one year before graduating.

However, the struggles he encountered in his life shaped the great surfer he is today, and this book is as much about that journey as it is about succeeding in living your dreams.

Buy from for ($12.75)




“The History of Surfing” by Matt Warshaw


The author researched and wrote this book for five years and he ended up knowing about surf as much as any other professional in the field. This amazing book counts for over 250,000 meaningful words and approximately 500 pages about the history of the sport, its most iconic figures, and the journey you must make in order to become a true surfer.

All the words in this creation are backed by over 250 rare photographs and testimonials of true professionals. This encyclopedic work provides everything you must know about the world of surfing and its history.

This is not an easy book to read as it contains many detailed facts so we suggest you to read it carefully, in the comfort of your own home rather than on a deserted beach near your surfboard. This book must be enjoyed fully and understood profoundly so take the time to do just that.

Buy from for ($39.67)




“Kook: What Surfing Taught Me” by Peter Heller


This book is available in five different formats and editions, including Kindle, and Audio CD. The renowned author of “The Whale Warriors” returns in the world of literature with a new book filled with humor and poetry in which he recounts a fascinating journey of discovery.

The book is not only about picking up surfing as a new challenge but is also about the entire culture surf stands for, a closed yet welcoming community with strong bonds, beautiful people, and new adventures.

The author describes his own adventure and, more importantly, teaches us how to look for adventure while still being able to create a meaningful experience here on Earth.

Some readers consider Heller’s book as being more about obsessions and how willing a human being is to push every aspect of his life to achieve just one goal. How far would you go to catch the perfect wave?

Buy from for ($17)




“For the Love” by Kelly Slater


Slater, a nine-time world champion surfer joins with veteran Phil Jarratt to create this tribute book about what it really takes to become a great surfer. The book is about a person’s journey to world fame, money, and big love stories but, despite the obvious outcome, still managing to remain a good person.

“For the Love” contains numerous interviews with fellow surfer friends, enough wisdom to last a century, and meaningful anecdotes. It is a book about the rise of one of the world’s greatest surfers, a book about struggle, sacrifices, passion, and devotion.

The beautifully written text is combined with never-before-released photos depicting the greatest successes in Slater’s surfer career. It is the first time that his entire story is put in full color, reflecting the most challenging moments of a type of lifestyle that surely won’t fit too many people.

Click to see the price on Amazon!




“The Book of Surfing” by Michael Fordham


This item is available in six different editions and formats, including the popular Kindle version you can pick up and read anywhere.

“The Book of Surfing” is a wonderful illustrated journey of those who struggle to become surfers. You may call it a complete guide full of everything you need to know in order to strive in this competitive sport. From surf tips to iconic movies, sports celebrities profiles, and essential items you’ll need while traveling, this book has it all.

Journalist and surfer Michael Fordham put all his effort and energy into delivering a meaningful manual of a true insider in the surfer world. His tips and tricks are meant to boost your confidence and help you cope better with life’s deceptions. It is a book that delivers a positive message, complete with over 300 never-before-seen pictures and illustrations.

If you want to step into the fascinating culture of surfing, this is your number one guide.

Buy from for ($22.99)




“Fit Surf” by Rocky Snyder


Keeping your body in a perfect shape is not an easy task for normal people, even less so for surfers who have to train most of their lives to have the strength of putting up with the forces of nature while riding huge waves.

Rocky Snyder, a reputed personal trainer and an avid surfer for over two decades, put together this complete guide on how to look after yourself if you want to be successful in the world of surfing.

The book is complete with specific fitness guidance for surfers of all levels, including amateurs and national champions. Inside you’ll find everything you need in order to build your own fitness program to improve your body’s strength and endurance and to avoid the risk of injuries and increase your balance.

What we liked about this book is the step-by-step program supplemented with 60 photos of the most popular exercises you can pick up in the comfort of your own home, at the gym or even when in the water.

Buy from for ($8.24)




“The WetSand WaveCast” by Nathan T. Cool


If you’re a devoted surfer, you must probably know all about, the most notable surf forecast source in the world. The man behind this notorious website decided to take things one step further and wrote an entire book about how to make your own forecasts regarding the next big wave.

The book will teach you how to make use of public and free data into making your own forecasts with simple calculations. This particular paper explains the science behind the winds, waves, and water temperatures in simple and common words so that everyone can understand how this system works.

Thanks to his great predictions and the key to unlocking your own big wave predictions, you’ll be able to enjoy the greatest surfing days and improve your skills at the same time. You’ll even be able to track tropical cyclones in order to find the best surfing spots in your area.

Buy from for ($15.95)




“The Surfboard” by Ben Marcus


In this Kindle version of the book, you’ll find everything you want to know about the history of the popular surfboard, including the development of different styles, arts, stokes, and more.

The book focuses on a chronological depiction of the surfboard and how it evolved throughout the years. It is a book about innovation and how this innovation dramatically changed the face of surfing in time.

From the first redwood planks beautifully crafted by Hawaiian locals back in ancient times to the lightweight and plastic breakthroughs of today’s technologies, this book will tell you everything you need to know.

It documents the evolution of the surfboard’s shape, weight, and materials in time, and it will provide you an interesting insight into the world of surfing. The book also features beautiful illustrations with engravings and historical prints and is perfect for those who picked up surf recently or for surfboard enthusiasts.

Click to see the price on Amazon!




“The World Stormrider Guide” by Bruce Sutherland


Any professional or amateur surfer must get this book as it is the complete color guide to 80 of the world’s most spectacular coastlines for surfing. The book provides all the details you need to know about these natural miracles, including the best surfing spots, the optimum weather, and water temperature conditions, how to get there, how to have access to the beaches and waters, as well as where to stay.

You might consider this book as the number one to read if you are interested in picking up surfing in the near future. It also features over 120 maps and 500 beautiful photos so there’s no way you won’t end up falling in love with the blue waters and golden beaches of Europe, Africa, the Indian Ocean, Australia, the Pacific Ocean, North America, South America, and other unique regions of the world.

Buy from for ($36.54)




“The Wave: In Pursuit” by Susan Casey


This book is available in no less than 16 different formats, including Kindle and paperback. It was voted as the best book of the year by the “San Francisco Chronicle” and received numerous other national distinctions.

The author Susan Casey teamed up with legendary surfer Laird Hamilton and his crew in a global pursuit of the best waves and surfing spots. The author managed to experience first-hand all the thrill, excitement, the glory, and the mystery of the waters, in the company of some of the greatest surfers of our times.

“The Wave” is a great book that perfectly portraits human beings facing the most dangerous and exciting adventures. It is a journey of bravery, courage, success, and a tiny bit of madness, all put together in meaningful texts. It is a great book to take with you to the beach and relax while waiting for the new big wave.

Buy from for ($16.13)





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