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Best surfing booties

Surfing booties – Buying Guide, Ratings, & Comparison


Surfing is one of the coolest sports you could ever pick up, and it will certainly turn you into someone with a good story. However, you can’t practice it in all waters and seas so, if you were fortunate enough to be born near the ocean, you should take full advantage of it. A big step into becoming a good surfer means finding the right gear, including the best surfing booties. After conducting our own thorough research, we have concluded that a reliable pair of booties for you would be the O’Neill Reactor 2 2mm. They are available in Men’s sizes ranging from US5 to US14 so you’ll easily find the right size for you. The upper is made of 2mm thick neoprene mesh that will repel water and will keep your feet dry and warm, while also providing proper ventilation. If these shoes are not available right away, we suggest you choose the O’Neill Superfreak 2mm Tropical as an alternative.



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Top features to consider


Finding the best surfing boots for your particular needs and surfing style might be harder than you might have expected. There are lots of design options and features to consider, each coming with their own pros and cons.

In addition to that, there are also countless models available online, which might make it even harder to know which one to choose. The good news is that we’ve studied numerous models while also reading tons of customer reviews to see which features matter the most. So here are the things you should look at when shopping for your next pair of boots for sale.



Thickness and warmth


When looking for the best water boots, the first thing you want to check the thickness of the neoprene and interior insulation. Even if you prefer surfing in warmer waters, you still want some boots that will help retain heat so you won’t get your feet cold and battered after just half an hour of surfing.

You can easily find lots of models with a thin 2mm neoprene. These don’t offer the best thermal protection, but they’re lightweight and highly flexible. They may not be able to provide the same insulation of thicker boots but are a great choice for people swimming in tropical waters.

If you want to surf during the winter or in cold waters, then you’d best get some boots that come with 5mm-thick neoprene. These should maintain your body’s heat and ensure that you won’t have to take long and frequent toe-warming breaks and spoil the fun.



High or low-cut?


Depending on your style and the climate you’re surfing in, you might want to choose some proper high boots or go for a low-cut design. The main difference should be obvious: the former have enhanced insulating properties. They also offer better ankle support so you don’t risk sprains or other injuries.

A high boot will also prevent water from seeping in, especially if you see to it that your comfortable and waterproof wetsuit goes over the top part of the uppers. The downside is that these are heavier and less flexible. However, their soles are usually sturdier and you might also get ankle reinforcements, rubber inserts, and all sorts of features that would ensure better protection.

Low-cut water shoes are a much better choice for summer surfing or for use in warm climates. They represent the right mix of comfort, flexibility, and protection, and in many cases, they might also be cheaper. If you aren’t surfing in freezing cold waters or don’t care if some water manages to get through, then these might make a smart buy.



Round or split toe?


When picking a pair of shoes, you should also consider whether you want a round-toe boot or a split-toe design. The round shape is good for retaining more heat, as your toes will stick together and stay warmer for a longer period of time. The chances of injuring your toes would also be quite low since they’re kept in a compact shape and thus are easier to protect.

On the other hand, they may take away some maneuverability due to your toes sliding inside, and in some cases could even hinder your ability to perform some moves.

Split-toe booties provide you with an improved control, especially since your big toe has a greater strength and contribution to overall balance. If you love surfing on agile shortboards, then these might be a better choice than the standard design. The toe area would normally benefit from extra reinforcements so you don’t risk hurting your big toe by accident.


Sole resistance and traction


Looking at the sole of the boot you’re about to purchase should also give you an idea of how much protection it can offer. In case you’re in need of some medium protection for your feet, then the sole need not be too thick, especially if the area where you’re surfing doesn’t pose great hazards.

However, in cold weather or really rugged terrain such as near coral reefs or in places where you can expect to get cuts from corals or sharp rocks, then it might be a good idea to go for a model that comes with a thick rubber sole.

This might be able to offer increased protection against punctures, and some even have extra hard rubber inserts to ensure you won’t have to abruptly end a surfing session due to an injury.

Traction is another thing you should be looking at. You want to enjoy a proper grip so that you won’t risk slipping off your agile and lightweight surfboard. With better traction, you could also improve your skills faster and try out new moves you’ve been afraid of performing until now.





While you want some boots that give you protection from the environment and heat insulation, you also need to consider comfort. If you’ve already purchased a wetsuit and perhaps even a surfing hat to protect against the glaring sun, it’s time to make sure that the boots you’re after are comfortable.

Now, one of the things you can do to feel great in your water shoes is to make sure you get the right size. There are all sorts of size charts and these differ from one manufacturer to another. This is why you should compare your own size to specific manufacturer’s charts and pick the corresponding one.

Bear in mind that you can’t err on either side, as boots that are too large will not feel too good, as your toes or entire foot might slide inside, causing blisters or affecting control.

On the other hand, if the boots are too tight, they may cut off the blood flow and lead to hypothermia or other problems. A model with adjustable straps or cords would be of great help as well, ensuring that the boots fit snugly.



Other accessories to consider


If you’re just starting out in this sport, you might want to get some surfing books that can help you improve your technique. You might also want to look for an accurate surfing watch that will aid in monitoring your training sessions, observe the upcoming tides, as well as track your surf movements, if you couple it with a smartphone app.



Top rated products



If you’re searching for some reliable and comfortable boots but really have no time to spend on reading countless surfing booties reviews, then you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a list with some of the most popular models available which offer adequate protection and thermal insulation so you can choose a pair that’s perfect for your surfing needs.



O’Neill Reactor 2


If you’re looking for a pair of booties that are perfect to use around reefs and in warm water, then the Reactor 2 from O’Neill is a model you should definitely consider. These are lightweight water shoes that will offer you the protection you need to enjoy surfing to the maximum without worrying about getting your feet hurt.

These are slip-on shoes with heel tabs that you can equip them without a hassle. The 2mm neoprene mesh offers some thermal insulation, and in case water gets inside, the mesh will help with drainage so you don’t get stuck with your feet soaking wet and cold. The fluid foam helps you stay super-comfortable while also ensuring that you benefit from a tight fit.

The strong stitching should allow these to last for several surfing seasons so you don’t have to spend money on a new pair anytime soon. The stitching is ergonomically placed which means it won’t bother you or cause sores on your toes even after prolonged surfing sessions.

The sole is made of a tough rubber that will protect your feet. However, the material is flexible to give you enough freedom of movement to surf the way you want to.

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O’Neill Superfreak 2mm


The O’Neill Superfreak 2mm are lightweight and comfortable water shoes that are ideal for watersports such as surfing in warm or tropical waters. These come with a 2mm insulation that should keep your feet and toes cozy in case temperatures drop a bit.

These low-cut boots are comfortable to wear, and the slip-on design makes them convenient to equip. There’s also an ankle cinch cord that will ensure a tight fit and prevent these from slipping while in the water so there’s no risk of losing them. There’s also a forefoot Velcro strap that makes the boots feel snug and secures them without hindering movement.

The bottom part features drain holes so that water that may enter the boot can also get out so you don’t spend an entire afternoon with your feet wet. The fluid foam exterior is meant to offer superior comfort for every occasion.

The split-toe construction ensures that you can control your board properly despite wearing boots. This means you don’t have to sacrifice mobility for extra protection, which is always great, especially if surfing in waters near reefs. The textured soles maximize grip and traction so you can trust your feet every time.

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Hyperflex AMP Round Toe


With a solid build and a comfortable interior, the Hyperflex AMP Round Toe can ensure that you won’t get your feet wet and cold while also protecting you from getting hurt by corals, jellyfish or rocks. These boots should allow you to surf in colder climates without a problem. The neoprene is engineered to retain warmth while also being tough and durable.

The P4 Thermal Lining is made of microfiber fleece that doesn’t just have remarkable insulating properties, but it is also comfortable and soft to the touch. The blind stitching makes these extremely durable without puncturing the inner neoprene and insulating layers.

The stitching is also double-glued which prevents water from seeping in and robbing your feet of the much-needed warmth. Despite their thick construction, these boots are actually quite flexible and comfortable so you won’t be hindered in any way while riding the waves.

The Diamond Skin sole offers excellent protection against punctures from sharp rocks and corals while also offering an improved traction for even the most demanding surf moves out there. The vulcanized ExoShell+ membrane is attached to the upper arch strap which allows you to adjust the boot for a snug fit while also offering adequate support.

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Hyperflex AMP Split Toe


In case you’re searching for some good boots for water sports, then you might have just found them. The Hyperflex AMP Split Toe offer the protection and comfort you need to enjoy surfing in any kind of weather. The AMP foam neoprene is made to be durable and resistant to the wear and tear associated with surfing in rough terrain.

With the P4 Thermal Lining that employs soft microfiber fleece, you get a cozy interior that’s both pleasant to the touch as well as warm so you won’t have your feet wet and cold even when the water temperatures are quite low. All seams are blind-stitched with a single-needle machine as well as double-glued to ensure maximum durability and a water-tight seal.

The uppers are rigid enough to provide proper support without hindering flexibility. You can perform a wide range of motions without a problem, thanks to the ingenious design which includes an ExoShell+ membrane that’s connected to the arch strap so you can adjust your boots perfectly and ensure they’re not too tight or too loose.

The Diamond Skin Sole is rugged and resistant to damage while also offering a proper grip on your board. The split-toe design is meant to give you increased control for even the most complex moves.

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Hyperflex AMP Low Reef


Have you just gotten a comfortable wetsuit and are looking for a reliable pair of booties to match? Then this model might be just what you’re looking for. These low reef boots are lightweight and flexible so they’ll ensure your feet stay safe while surfing without hindering movement.

These are made with high-tech neoprene that’s engineered to last for a long time. Despite a thickness of just 2mm, you get the proper protection in waters with reefs or sharp rocks, as well as the ability to ride the waves at temperatures lower than normal. This is due to the use of microfiber fleece insulation that’s warm and soft to the touch.

The Diamond Skin sole gives you remarkable traction and comfort thanks to its miniature diamond-shaped channels. You get to enjoy superior comfort and control while also benefiting from some support with the vulcanized heel lock via the ExoShell+ membrane. This membrane forms a large part of the boot upper, and it connects to the large strap above.

This strap is easy to adjust and it ensures a tight and secure fit. The single needle stitched and double-glued seams keep water outside so you don’t stay wet for the entire surfing session.

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O’Neill Wetsuits Heat Split


With the O’Neill Wetsuits Heat Split, you can stay more in the water and surf to your heart’s desire without having to take frequent trips to the shore to warm your feet. These boots are made with FluidFlex neoprene which will keep heat inside and ensure you stay dry and comfortable for loads of surfing fun.

This neoprene comes with a 3mm thickness which is enough to keep you warm in cold waters without being too stiff to hinder movement. The upper is flexible and soft so you can move your feet at any angle without any discomfort. However, you still get some proper support for those dangerous techniques that would be risky without a pair of sturdy neoprene boots.

The outsole is made of tough rubber that’s still flexible but hard enough to protect your feet from injuries caused by sharp rocks, clam shells or jellyfish.

The split toe design is a great addition since it gives you a better feel of the board as well as more control so you can steer your board with ease. You also benefit from improved traction for extra performance and safety. The upper features a sturdy hook-and-loop strap which ensures a secure closure and a tight fit.

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Xcel Mens 13


If you need a pair of good surfing boots for your next trip, then you might want to take a look at the Xcel Mens 13. These are made with high-grade neoprene that will keep you warm and protected in water that’s cooler than normal. This is thanks to the Drylock TDC celliant which helps preserve heat inside so you won’t have to take toe-warming breaks on shore.

The sole is solid and offers a good amount of protection from sharp rocks and other nasties that might hurt your feet. The sole still retains a proper flexibility so you can perform various moves with ease. The split toe ensures that you get improved control over the board and a tight grip that won’t see you falling in the water when performing difficult techniques.

All seams are blind-stitched and glued to keep water out and your feet warm throughout the day. The Taitex outer seams and ankle seamless seal also contribute to a watertight boot that won’t cause any kind of discomfort even after prolonged use. The Velcro straps offer a snug fit and a secure lock that will keep you safe and comfortable for a very long time.

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O’Neill Ninja


The O’Neill Ninja are surfing boots with a minimalist design and all the features you need to stay comfortable and safe while riding the waves. These boots are made with stretchable FluidFlex for the rear part of the upper. The front part is made of Krypto Forefoot material which is strong yet flexible to give you that great feel without any hindrance whatsoever.

The shin strap benefits from an anti-flush design which should keep water outside of the boot so you can stay dry and comfy throughout the day. The strap also helps you fit these boots tightly and secure them so there’s no risk of losing them in the water.

The foxing sole is made of durable rubber that should prevent sharp shells, rocks or jellyfish from bothering you or hurting your feet. The outsole also has a textured surface that’s bound to make it stick to the board so you get maximum traction for daredevil moves. The sole remains flexible and relatively soft for skilled executions in great style.

With the split-toe design, you can now maintain a proper balance on the board and enjoy superior maneuverability each and every time. The strong stitching will ensure a long service life and adequate comfort.

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Xcel Wetsuits Infiniti Split


The Xcel Infiniti Split are the perfect match for your wetsuit which should ensure that your feet get the right amount of protection for every occasion. The company has been manufacturing surfing equipment since 1982 so you’re bound to get superior quality and enhanced durability for all your watersport endeavors.

These boots offer maximum stretch for a good fit as well as increased comfort. The upper is made of sturdy neoprene that will keep the water out and heat inside so that you stay warm and dry as long as you’re riding the waves. This ultra-stretch material is also soft so your feet won’t be bothered at all even when flexing them at steep angles.

The seams are blind-stitched which means that the inner part of the neoprene is not punctured, leading to good waterproofing capabilities. What’s more, these seams are also pressure-glued over for a watertight seal so that you won’t have to stay with soaking wet feet and get all that fun spoiled.

The quick dry liner won’t just keep you cozy and warm, but even if the boots do manage to get wet, water will evaporate fast so you can get back in the water after a short break on the beach.

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Quiksilver Mens Syncro


The Quiksilver Mens Syncro are boots that are certain to keep you warm and dry while surfing in cold waters. With a 5mm thickness, you can enjoy riding the waves even when water temperatures are between 49 °F – 55 °F. The Freemax neoprene is strong yet flexible so you don’t need to skimp on protection for an improved feel on the board.

The blind-stitched and triple-glued seams prevent water from seeping inside the boots and causing loads of discomfort. Water has the capacity to conduct heat away from the body quite fast so it’s great that these boots keep warmth inside to maintain your feet and toes comfy.

That translates into longer surfing sessions since you won’t need to take frequent breaks to warm your feet before you could go back into the water. The heel reinforcement offers a good amount of support so you can perform new and daring moves without risking spraining your ankles.

The sole is soft and comes with a textured surface which should provide you with an awesome grip on the surfboard so you won’t risk slipping when you least expect it. The large Velcro strap offers a snug fit and a secure lock at all times.

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NeoSport Paddle Low


The NeoSport Paddle Low are reliable water shoes that are made with 3mm neoprene material which should keep you warm and cozy throughout your surfing endeavors. Not only will you enjoy dry and warm feet for longer periods of time, but also protection from jellyfish stings, sharp objects, corals, and other things in the water that might otherwise cause injuries or discomfort.

All seams are strong and also glued so that water won’t get inside and rob you of the much-needed warmth. The durable sole is flexible so as to not hinder movement, but tough to prevent punctures that could lead to loads of problems. The hardened insert soles further add to the protection already provided by these boots.

The textured surface of the sole also provides an improved grip so you can make sharp turns without slipping. The ankle area is reinforced for adequate support, while the cinch shock cord makes it easy to tighten the shoe and minimize water leaks. The hook-and-loop arch strap can help you adjust the boot and make sure it fits perfectly.

The durable YKK zippers not only provide long-lasting operation, but they also allow you to put on these boots or to take them off quite fast. The pull tabs are also quite helpful in this task.

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Promate Beach Dog


If you’re looking for some boots that aren’t too thick or too thin, then the Beach Dog from Promate should be just what you need. These come with 3mm neoprene that will keep your feet warm without being stiff to cause discomfort or hinder movement. With a solid design, these boots will last for several seasons and provide you with the protection you need.

The low-cut design ensures maximum comfort and maneuverability so you don’t need to skip on mobility for extra insulation and protection. The rubber sole features a textured and grooved design that will surely help your feet stay on the board even when it’s slippery or when the wax layers aren’t as thick as they should be.

With an improved traction, you could now try out the new moves you’ve been longing to perform for a long time but didn’t have to courage due to the fear of slipping. There are many sizes to choose from for both men and women, and there are even some youth sizes that you could get for your kids.

You should check the manufacturer’s chart and make sure that you get a pair that fits snugly without being too tight to affect a proper blood flow.

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Billabong Foil 2MM


The Billabong Foil 2MM are the perfect choice for surfers who want some degree of protection and insulation, but without losing on mobility. These benefit from a durable design and 2mm-thick neoprene that’s reinforced with strong seams for an extended service life and resistance to the typical wear and tear these boots are susceptible to.

The neoprene is soft and flexible and combined with a low-cut style, it ensures that you stay comfortable for the entire surfing session. The neoprene is also capable of preventing heat from dissipating to the exterior so you can keep your feet and especially toes warm while surfing.

Another great thing about this material is also that it is breathable so that it won’t just prevent water from seeping in, but also allow water vapors from sweat to get out and ensure you don’t get soaking wet from the inside. The 2-way Velcro strap can be easily adjusted so that the boots will fit snugly.

There’s also an ankle cinch cord for a secure lock so you don’t lose a shoe in the water. The rubber sole is flexible yet offers good protection from rugged surfaces and sharp objects. The split-toe boot is ideal for people who want full control over their board.

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NRS Freestyle Wetshoe


With the NRS Freestyle Wetshoe, you can enjoy all sorts of surfing activities even more. These are built according to the highest standards, and their name gives you an idea of what you can expect. With a strong construction and quality materials, these are a smart choice for both amateur and experienced surfers.

The top-grade Terraprene neoprene has a thickness of 3 mm which is more than enough to keep your feet warm even in colder waters. You also get a lining for lots of cushion and warmth that should enable you to stay in the water for extended periods of time without getting your toes freezing cold.

Thanks to the VaporLoft lining, you benefit from awesome thermal insulation while preventing excessive sweat from accumulating on the inside. This fleece-like material allows water to evaporate through its tiny pores so you don’t get your feet wet when surfing in warmer weather.

The toe area gets extra protection with the rubber reinforcement so that you won’t get your toes battered and bruised. These slip-on boots are easy to equip due to the high elasticity of the material as well as the convenient heel tabs. The sole is hard and textured for extra protection and grip.

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Billabong Foil 3MM


If you’re looking for a pair of surfing boots that offer the right protection and warmth without costing an arm and a leg, then the Billabong Foil 3MM are some boots you shouldn’t overlook. These come with a modern design and high-grade materials which confer strength and enhanced durability so you get to use them for many surfing seasons.

The 3mm neoprene ensures that water won’t take away vital heat from your feet so you won’t feel the need to get out of the water after just half an hour of surfing due to frozen toes. The Drymax Furnace lining is comfy and soft and it won’t just help keep your feet warm, but also allow water vapors from seat to travel to the exterior so that you stay warm.

Just as its name suggests, this material will also dry really fast so in the event that water does manage to get inside, you can put them on again for some more surfing fun after leaving them out to dry for a bit.

Thanks to their lightweight design and flexible materials, these give you freedom of movement that you might not find in similar models, especially when considering that these are high boots. The split toe won’t allow the foot to slip from side to side while also giving you more control over the board.

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Unavailable Products:


NeoSport Wetsuits Premium Neoprene


These NeoSport Wetsuits Premium booties are just what you need for surfing comfortably in somewhat colder waters. These water boots are designed using the latest neoprene technologies. The 3mm thickness ensures that you stay warm even when temperatures drop below comfort levels so you can still surf with ease in less favorable conditions

However, these are not too thick so as to bother you and spoil your surfing fun, which is quite a nifty feature. The seams are stitched and glued over, which make these feel great while also lasting for a longer period of time.

These boots can be used for surfing as well as other sports such as paddle boarding, diving, kayaking, etc. This model features a heavy-duty YKK zipper that makes it incredibly easy to put these on or take them off. Besides making these convenient to equip, the zippers also benefit from the “Water Entry Barrier” technology which ensures water won’t be able to get inside.

The soles are made of a tougher rubber and there’s also a puncture-resistant sole insert which protects your feet from harm. The textured surface also provides a proper traction so you can try all those new moves without slipping off your surfboard.




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