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Best surfing gloves reviews

Last Updated: 12.04.19


Surfing gloves – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you’ve found good surfing sunglasses for the money you spent, those new surfing fins you needed, and you’re now looking for the best gloves for surfing, you might want to consider this guide as a reference point. Your comfort during surfing will affect your overall experience. Thus, frequent surfing gear updates are needed in order to make sure you keep your comfort at a satisfying level. As a result of our research, we’ve come to the conclusion that the H2Odyssey Webbed Paddle are the first option to consider out of all the gloves available on the market. The materials used as well as their webbed design will add to your comfort when surfing without breaking your wallet. In case this item is not available, another option you might want to consider is the NeoSport Wetsuits Premium, a product that provides a similar quality as the one mentioned above.



Comparison table





Top features to consider


Choosing good surfing gloves is, first of all, a matter of health. Wetsuits and gloves should help your body keep the right temperature when underwater or in frequent contact with it. That’s why you need to pair your wetsuit with gloves. They will cover the areas where water can reach your body and flow into your suit. Thus, choosing the best surfing gloves means making sure you stay warm and not letting new water enter your wetsuit.



Neoprene gloves


Neoprene is used to make surfing gloves. You might want to go for stretchy neoprene as it will fit your hands better and prevent water from flowing in. Another aspect regarding the type of neoprene you should choose is related to its thickness. Depending on your needs, you can go for 2mm, 3mm, and 5mm gloves.

The 2mm gloves are perfect for tropical weather or surfers who want to add just a bit of warmth to their surfing sessions. The 3mm gloves are the most common as they will help you keep your body heat without affecting your comfort.

If winter doesn’t stop you from surfing, then the 5mm gloves are the ones you need. They are ideal for extremely cold weather conditions. The only drawback of such gloves is that they will affect the feeling in your hands.



Types of gloves


You will find open and close fingered gloves for sale. If you like to grip your board with your bare fingers, the open-fingered gloves are the ones you should go for. However, they do come with a downside as your fingers will obviously get cold.

Then, you will find webbed gloves and non-webbed gloves. If you want a bit of help with your paddling, the webbed gloves are the ones to get. Keep in mind, though, that such gloves limit the surfer’s mobility. Plus, look for gloves featuring blind-stitched and liquid-taped seams as these are the best at preventing water from flowing in.



Glove size


Last but not least, choose the right size. One important thing to remember is that you need to get tight-fitting gloves because they will expand in the water. If your gloves are too big, your hand will float inside them and that will leave you with less feeling in your hands. Plus, paddling will become more difficult because of the water that flowed into them.



Top rated products



Based on the surfing gloves reviews we’ve found as well as consumer feedback and specs, we have concluded that the first options to consider when looking for the best gloves for surfing are the ones showcased below. Here are our reviews of gloves for surfing to help you choose the right ones.



H2Odyssey Webbed Paddle 


This model from H2Odyssey is the first we came across during our research. Its features justify its top position. The Lycra back and Sharkskin Palm will add to your comfort when hitting the waves by keeping your warm yet flexible at the same time.

Their 2mm thickness makes them perfect for surfers who want to add a bit of heat but not too much. This means that they are ideal for tropical weather conditions and that they will not affect your mobility and comfort. On the contrary, their thickness will boost them. If you surf in cold weather conditions, you might want to go for thicker gloves, though, to keep a good temperature.

The webbed design will help you improve your paddling. They have closed fingers, which will stop water from flowing into them and thus add to your comfort.  

The customers who tried them have appreciated the product for its overall quality and wear resistance, the fact that they are easy to put on and take off, and they allow the fingers to remain flexible. Remember that flexibility is of great importance for your overall surfing experience.



Comfort is ensured by the lycra back of this glove and the sharkskin palm, both guaranteeing that your hand stays warm and flexible when going through the waves.

They aren’t too thick, measuring 2mm, and they let the palm breath while providing some warmth.

The design will make your work easier when paddling, the webbed style, in particular, doing a great job towards that.

Water should not get into them, as they have closed fingers, adding to the comfort you feel.

The people that wear them appreciate how easy they are to put on and take off.



Users complain that the palm isn’t really a sharkskin model as advertised, but it’s a surface that feels tacky and has an unpleasant design on it.

The people that dislike the palm are also afraid that because of this, the glove can lose its integrity rather quickly.

Buy from for ($12.94)




NeoSport Wetsuits Premium 


If you’re interested in 5mm gloves to suit your cold weather surfing needs, you might want to consider this model from NeoSport. Their thickness will help you keep your temperature high even in extremely cold weather conditions and the quality of the soft neoprene used makes sure your dexterity is not affected.

Water integrity is ensured by the glued and sewn seams on the gloves and the Gator elastic closure which offer a secure seal. This is an important feature as using inappropriate gloves or some model that lets the water come in when surfing in cold weather conditions will not only affect your surfing experience but, more importantly, will affect your health by dropping your body temperature.

The textured palm will give you a great grip, which makes them suitable for handling your surfboard even when underwater. Slippery gloves should be avoided as they will make it easier for your hands to slip off the surfboard. Customers who tried the product appreciated it for providing them with good finger flexibility, keeping them warm,  and for its overall quality. They found the gloves ideal for cold weather surfing.



The fact that they are 5mm thick will be felt; your hands will be kept warm in cold waters.

Due to the quality neoprene used, you will not lose your dexterity when wearing these gloves.

The Gator elastic seal makes the glove tight on the hand and stops the water from going in.

Textured palms provide a great grip for the wearer, even in colder conditions or underwater.

Many people have said that the gloves offer great flexibility, particularly to the fingers, taking into account how thick the gloves are.



The threading on the gloves has the bad tendency of unraveling too fast, and because the glove is sewed with a continuous thread, this leads to big parts of it becoming apart. This ruins the glove and makes it unusable unless the owner decides to fix it with some strong glue.

Buy from for ($25.99)




Hyperflex Mesh Skin 


Another good option if you’re a cold weather surfer is this model from Hyperflex. The 5mm gloves will help you stay warm even when surfing in extremely cold conditions. The product will protect your hands from low temperatures without affecting your dexterity.

Comfort and warmth are ensured by the nylon interior and the mesh skin rubber exterior that acts as a water repellent. Plus, the material used for its exterior will help you handle your board even when underwater since it has a non-slippery texture. It will thus be easier for you to avoid your hands slipping off the board. These materials will allow you to keep your hands both warm and operable in frigid conditions.

The Super Stretch rubber and the sealed, waterproof glued and blind-stitched seams will stop the water from flowing in. Their pre-curved design will prevent hand fatigue as well. Most people who tried these gloves came back with a positive review thanks to the overall quality of the product that, in many cases, exceeded the customer’s expectations. The gloves have been appreciated for providing warmth without affecting the surfer’s flexibility.



The extra thick glove will help you stay protected and keep your hands warm no matter how cold the waves are.

They are very protective but at the same time, they offer enough flexibility for you to keep your fingers moving. The materials used are very flexible and help with that.

The mesh skin rubber exterior and the nylon interior keep your hands dry, being types of fabric that don’t absorb water.

You won’t have to worry about gripping, because the exterior is made to have a non-slippery texture. Even when you find yourself underwater, you will still be able to grip your board.

In terms of flexibility, the rubber offers plenty of it and the seams are blind-stitched, making the gloves highly waterproof.



The rubber material covering the gloves wears rather fast. That is why they can be considered not suitable for surfing but rather for sports where gripping is less required.

Buy from for ($36.54)





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