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Best surfing goggles reviews


Surfing goggles – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Keeping your comfort at satisfying levels when surfing means gear updates are often needed and, more often than not, these upgrades require the best surfing goggles. If you’re a surf buff, you know that the gear you use counts a lot to your overall performance. Due to the many good surfing goggles available on the market, it might be difficult to find the right ones. In order to make that process easier, based on the surfing goggles reviews we’ve found, consumer feedback and product specs, we think that the first option you should consider is the Spex USA Polarized Lenses. They are designed to protect your eyes while resisting the major impacts of watersports such as surfing. This model uses lightweight and unbreakable materials as well as polarized lenses to protect your eyes. In case this item is no longer available, you might consider the i-Sports PRO Swimming for a similar quality at an affordable price.


Top features to consider


Because buying surfing goggles is different from buying a brand new surfing camera to capture all that fun you get to enjoy, getting a wetsuit for swimming or some excellent surfing sunglasses since they address your eye health directly, it might get a bit challenging to find the right product. Based on the reviews of surfing goggles found, we have, thus, written a buying guide to help you find that pair of goggles you need for your surfing time.



Choosing the right size


Since the goggles available for sale come in a great variety of sizes and shapes, which is great but overwhelming when deciding which ones are the best, it might be time-saving to consider the following. Your comfort depends on both the socket and lens size.

Therefore, pay attention to the socket size, which is the size of the goggle lens. A small socket size might be a bit harsh on the orbital bone yet a large one might feel a bit bulky. The best way is to check the dimensions of the goggles you decide to purchase.

Then there’s the lens size, that is the size of the lens through which you see. Large lenses will allow you to enjoy wide-angle views whereas small lenses will reduce your field of vision.

Choosing the right lenses also affects your safety when surfing. A pair of goggles too large for your face will allow water to reach your eyes, which in the end will affect your eye safety and comfort as well as your visibility.



Goggles profile


One thing to consider when searching for goggles is their profile or how far the goggle sticks out from your face. Goggles can, thus, be divided into low and high profile goggles. And if you think that’s an aesthetic matter, you should know the profile of your goggles is important because it influences their functionality. High profile goggles, for instance, might fall off upon entry into the water, and we all know what surfing can be like in terms of aggressive impacts.



Materials used


Just like surfing sunglasses, goggles should provide you with durability, comfort, and, above all, protection. Therefore, the best goggles for surfing are the ones that use impact-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials as well as lenses that will protect your eyes from the harmful sunrays, aggressive water impact, and even water impurities.



Top rated products



We don’t know if we can offer you the perfect match, given your particular needs and face features, yet we can provide you with a few reviews of highly-appreciated surfing goggles. The products showcased below have gathered positive feedback from the people who tried them.



Spex USA Polarized Lenses 


While searching for cheap surfing glasses, this product was the first one we came across. No wonder why. This product was designed with a surfer’s needs in mind. Combining the best features of sunglasses and goggles into a modular unit, this model focuses on your eye safety while surfing.

Designed to protect your eyes from sun, wind, and other elements that can get harmful during active water sports, the Polarized Goggles use lightweight, comfortable, and durable materials. A hundred percent protection from the UV sunrays is ensured by the polarized lenses which also allow the surfer to use the goggles in poor lighting conditions. Fogging is reduced thanks to the Suspended lens that allows air to circulate 360º degrees around the lens.

What’s also great about this particular product is the soft Floatron frame which is anatomically correct to conform to the shape of any face. The frame is available in multiple colors, so you can choose the one that matches your wetsuit. The goggles come with a replaceable neoprene strap and a vented carry bag. The customers have appreciated the quality of the materials used and their durability as well as the fact that the goggles are protective.

Buy from for ($59.95)




i-Sports PRO Swimming 


In case you’re looking for a product that suits your budget, you might want to consider the i-Sports PRO Goggles. You get to enjoy comfort, clear vision, reduced fog, and durable materials at an affordable price.

The goggles offer the latest anti-fog protection thanks to their anti-shatter lenses. Your clear vision is also ensured by the unique, cushioned design of the goggle gaskets that creates a perfect seal around your eyes and, thus, prevents water from getting in.

The goggles are perfectly held in place, which counts a lot considering all those up and down movements surfing is about. The fully adjustable straps allow a minimum circumference of 14.5 inches / 37.5cm and a maximum circumference of 25 inches / 62.5cm.

Your comfort is further increased by the soft silicone gaskets which are also great at not leaving red marks. The nose piece flexes to fit your face perfectly as well. Plus, thanks to the quick release clasp, you won’t have to worry about wet hair getting tangled.

The product has received positive feedback from the people who tried it. They appreciated the quality they received for the money they spent.

Buy from for ($19.87)




ZIONOR G1 Polarized 


Another good option to consider if your budget is not very generous is this model from Zionor. Although it falls into the cheap surfing goggles category, what you get exceeds the price range.

The polarized lenses will provide you with superior eyes-protection from harmful UV. The optimized lenses also reduce glare, thus offering a crystal-clear, wide-view vision even under water. The silicone used is of a high quality, non-allergic, latex-free, and odorless, which makes the goggles safe to wear.

Their ergonomic designed frame with curved socket makes them perfect for waterproof and comfortable wearing. Stability is ensured by the adjustable premium anti-slip silicone strap.  Besides this adjustable strap, the TPR nose piece and high-grade silicone gasket make the goggles perfect for unisex adults with different face, head size, and hair length.

The product is available in multiple colors including blue, green, red, black, yellow, and white. You can thus choose the ones that match your surfboard or wetsuit. Users have appreciated the product value for the money, the solid build, and the overall quality. The positive feedback we have found also mentions the fact that the goggles are easy to adjust and keep the surfer’s eyes clean.

Click to see the price on Amazon!





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