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Best surfing hat


Surfing hats – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you’re looking for the best surfing hat around, then you should know that the wave took you to the right destination. If you want a product which will satisfy you and that will stay attached to your wetsuit, we’ve gathered some of the most popular options right now so you can make a wise choice. We’ve read pertinent reviews, we’ve analyzed the market, and out of all the products available, we’ve curated the ones that are worth your every penny. When it comes to quality surfing hats, the NeoSport Premium Vented stood out as an excellent potential buy since it comes with all the features both expert and beginner surfers or divers need. It is made of quality and elastic neoprene, it is suited for intensive tasks, and it will allow you to stay warm as the weather gets a bit colder. Plus, it has a cool design, that is for sure an eye-catcher. An equally valid option could be the Promate Adjustable Beanie if you need an alternative.


Top features to consider


When it comes to choosing a good surfing hat, there are a few things you need to double check before clicking the “to buy” button. Craft quality is the first thing that pops into the mind of a buyer. However, besides that, an ideal model needs to fit your head well and to have some degree of adjustability.

Choosing the material is very easy since most models are made of neoprene. Also, see if your desired item is suited for warm or cold water, depending on what you need and when you plan to surf.



Why do you need the perfect gear?


Regardless of whether you want to surf in warm, temperate or cold waters, you’ll probably want to wear the best hat for surfing when you’re riding the waves. The market has many caps available. Some of them are suited for activities such as surf fishing, where your head is above the water level, and some are better for surfing, and they are called surfing hoods.

We are going to focus on the latter since they offer more versatility and are ideal to be worn with a wetsuit because most of them can be attached to it. These hoods are useful due to the fact they preserve your body heat, especially when it comes to divers, where heat can escape through the top.

By insulating your head correctly, your body will stay warmer and less traumatized as it won’t have to overwork to replace all the wasted heat if you cover it with an insulated cap. The same principle can be applied when buying helpful and inexpensive surfing booties.

Most of the hoods created for sale and for this purpose are crafted out of neoprene, a traditional rubbery material. It is such a popular choice because is it made of countless air bubbles that trap the heat, thus offering insulation while being waterproof.



For warm or for cold water?


Most professional and versatile surfboard owners ask themselves this question. If you do plan to surf or dive all over the world, not only locally, a thick neoprene hood, which covers your head, ears, and neck, will for sure be the most practical, according to experts. The thicker the neoprene is, the warmer you head will stay.

For example, the usual 3mm layer, even if it has the features of the best diving hood, won’t keep you as warm for an extended period as a 7mm hood would, which is a no-brainer. Cold water hoods, all made of neoprene, typically have a sizable bib, that can be tucked with ease into the wetsuit at the wider neck opening. The bib reduces the unwanted transfer of water and keeps the surfer much warmer and comfortable.

Cold-water products cover half or the entire forehead, the jaw, and the chin area, as well as a large part of a diver’s cheeks. This way, only a tiny portion of the face is exposed to water in this type of mask, thus decreasing the chances of any skin damage.

Warm-water items, on the other hand, are much thinner and frequently do not offer the bib, which is included with the other products. They too are made of neoprene or nylon, but these are much thinner.

The nylon models don’t insulate as well but are much softer and more elastic. And to make everything even smoother, you can also buy a new and improved surfing watch. If you want all your surfing sessions to be free of any danger, then you will have to invest in these accessories.



If the shoe doesn’t fit…


All surfing products, no matter if we’re talking about a premium and well-fitting wetsuit or the best surfing hood, should offer a snug fit. In case you feel the need to opt for something that’s larger, you should know that if the hood is too loose, water will freely flow in and out of the item. This means it will fail to fulfill its purpose.

Moreover, the water will be trapped between the neoprene layer and your face, where it will irritate you and hurt your skin. The next time you go at the beach, take a look at the surfers around you. If they have red marks around their necks, it means the hoods they are wearing are too tight or too loose.

Some popular manufacturers include zippers, Velcro straps, and even special patches of material along the back of the hood, so the item you buy will have some degree of adjustability. These options are very appealing to many types of divers and are especially sought-after among surfers with long hair. You can learn more by reading comprehensive and straightforward surfing books.



Top rated products



Down below we chose la creme de la creme of surfing hats, according to expert surfing hats reviews. Only high-quality models made it into our list since they can offer something to all types of surfers, without having to compromise in any way.



NeoSport Premium Vented


When it comes to materials to create surfing hats, neoprene is your safest bet. And this model is constructed from this same efficient fabric, which says a lot about its quality. It has a considerable thickness, and it is vented so your sweating will be controlled, thus preventing bad smells from accumulating under it.

If you have a larger head type or a more particular shape, the item has you covered. The face seal can be trimmed with precision to match your anatomy, which is ideal in this context because it won’t let any water infiltrate while you’re surfing or diving.

It is comfortable due to its anatomic fit and because the neoprene it is made of has a soft surface, which will be kind to your skin. The air vents, seamlessly integrated into the product, will allow all air bubbles to escape through the top part of the hood, which will promote water exchange.

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Promate Adjustable Beanie


This product is a beautiful piece of equipment. Its design is ideal for those who want a functional product that also looks good. The manufacturer knows surfers love doing their favorite activity in style, and so it delivers something that could be worn all day, without loosening up or breaking along the seams.

The colorful beanie is adjustable, and it is made of neoprene, a popular material among wetsuit creators, which is renowned for its excellent insulation.

The fabric the product is created from is a type of rubber, but one that won’t irritate your skin as rubber tends to do. It is easy to put on and take off.

Most reviewers appreciate the item for the fact that it is comfortable even when worn for many hours in a row, and because it features a simple-to-use Velcro chin strap.

The taped seams of the model keep water out, as a good product is supposed to do.

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ScubaMax UV50 Lycra


Competitions just got a lot easier with this nifty item. It is made of lycra, and it works best in warm water. The advantages of this material are the fact that it is much lighter, it can be worn by those who have sensitive skin, and you will barely feel the weight of this product while you are surfing.

If you already own a neoprene hood, you can use the item underneath it, as it would make taking it off much easier, especially after spending a whole day in the sun. If you live in a rather tropical environment, or if you are planning your next exotic vacation, this model should not miss from your tightly packed bags.

It is designed for many kinds of water activities, and the quality of its manufacture will ensure it will be by your side for many years to come. Additionally, it provides protection against UV sun rays, which is a helpful bonus.

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A Point diving Sport Cap


Its one-millimeter neoprene layer is for those who don’t want to overdo it and who usually dive or surf in warmer waters. The fabric is premium, and it doesn’t wear out in time as other fabrics do, even if you spend quality time doing the things you love.

The fit is tight and anatomical, and it provides a lot of protection and even good-looks if that’s something that matters to you.

When it comes to seams, the manufacturer opted for the strong flatlock style, which adds to the already long life of the product.

The adjustments can be fined-tuned since it features a nifty chin strap, locked in place by Velcro bands.

It has a rather sleek design, and it is breathable despite the fact that it is waterproof. When you combine all the features you get, you know you have a good product on your hands.

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O’Neill Hyperfreak Coldwater


Coldwater won’t be a challenge anymore if you opt for this model. Like all traditional hoods, it is made of neoprene, which is a choice that became the go-to because it seals everything tight and offers efficient insulation in a cold climate. And the fact that this item features a 3mm thick layer, only adds to that efficient insulation.

The stitches are resistant to tear and stretch and don’t allow water to penetrate along the junctions since the manufacturer chose the flintlock style.

Moreover, the hood itself offers UV protection, a good thing since people don’t realize that even if you swim in a cold climate, you are still exposed to the damaging rays that are associated with a higher risk of developing skin cancer.

Additionally, the product offers comfort, and it is user-friendly, meaning you won’t have to waste time putting it on with difficulty and taking it off in the same way, and you can invest the saved time into enjoying surfing and diving more.

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SLINX Neoprene Hood


The unit provides total coverage and isolation for the water-sports lover. Even if you are underwater, diving or exploring the depths in other ways, the flat seams will make sure everything stays dry and that there is no leakage that could potentially damage your experience.

Most buyers appreciate the product since it is easy to put on and comfortable, even under the high-pressure of water. Your skin will stay intact and irritation-free, which is to be desired because the model is supposed to protect your vulnerable face area from the corrosive action of salty water.

It is made of a unique combination of two waterproof materials, nylon and neoprene. The two choices, doubled up by the 3mm thickness of the model, will keep you warm even in temperate waters. Since the craft is premium, you can offer this as a Christmas or birthday gift to any surfer, and you wouldn’t go wrong.

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NeoSport 3/2mm Neoprene


The quality of this product is surely not lacking, no matter from which point of view you’re looking at it. As it is the case with most items in this category, it is crafted out of neoprene, and the face seal can be trimmed to your liking, to match the unique contour of your face.

If you are concerned about the “ballooning” effect you get when you immerse in water, do not worry, because the special design of the product comes with air vents, which allow the air that creates the bubbles, to escape through the top part of the hood.

It provides a lot of coverage, more than the average product, so not a lot of skin will be exposed directly to UV rays or water. The multi-thickness hood is the ideal accessory to have whether you surf occasionally or on a daily basis, and you need or want to stay protected.

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Henderson Thermoprene Sport Cap


A helpful product with a unique design is hard to come by, so do not miss the occasion to check this model out. It comes from the factory of a trusted manufacturer, and this way you know that if you’re paying for quality, that’s what it will deliver to your doorsteps.

Meaningless to say, it is made of the ubiquitous neoprene, a high-quality fabric, that will stay firmly attached and will provide insulation and warmth. The traditional fabric is reinforced with another low pill one, which makes this item more stretchable if that’s what you need.

This black colored cap comes equipped with a helpful and adjustable Velcro chin strap, with an additional D-ring. It is available in multiple sizes so that you can find your perfect match. Moreover, it will allow you to be fully equipped for any situation that might arise in the near future.

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ScubaPro Everflex Hood


Enjoy the fun of temperate waters more with the help of this beautiful item. It is created from high-stretch materials, which make it nice to wear even under the scorching sun, and the 3mm thickness will preserve your body temperature, which is what you want when you dive or surf.

When you desire a little extra thermal protection, this hood will be your go-to. It has a bib, and it respects all the standards of the industry, things which only enhance its quality and lifespan. It won’t acquire any lousy smell if worn in the long term since the material it is made of is breathable.

Additionally, the model has a balanced price, especially when you add up all the features it offers you. It rocks glued stitched seams, which create a barrier against water infiltration. This also makes the hood strong and durable, even if soaked in water. The item dries quickly, and you can wash it with just a clean cloth.

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O’Neill Sport 2mm


If you hate the sun that gets in your eyes while you surf, this model might be of great help. It is well-made, with double stitches with glue on top, and it will help you regulate your body temperature, for a smooth experience on or under water.

It also provides an ergonomic shape, which will allow you to move swiftly and with ease underwater. The design perks don’t stop here, as the cap also has a shader, which will prevent the rays from getting into your eyes and making you lose control of the board.

The manufacturer opted to create the item from neoprene, and it also added a loop and hock chin strap. The edges are taped and sewn, and the whole product is water and windproof. It comes in black and multiple sizes, so each person can buy the one that fits his or her own particular anatomy.

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XS Scuba Beanie


If adjustability is critical to your needs, this product should satisfy you. The cap comes in a 2mm thickness, which although it is not suited for cold water, it will be more than perfect for tropical destinations. It is made of neoprene and has a long life.

Wearing it won’t restrict you in any way, and it won’t feel too tight or too loose, as the chin strap can be modified to fit your unique chin shape. Moreover, it preserves your body heat, and it will become an accessory that you will want to have near every time you hit the water.

When it comes to construction, it is stitched in a flat-lock style, which adds extra durability to the product. This means it will be in your collection for many years before you have to replace it. The beanie will also provide you with some degree of protection against UV rays.

Buy from for ($19.97)




Mares Flexa with Bib


An item like this, which has a thickness greater than 5mm, is hard to find in this particular market. It is made of neoprene rubber, with super-stretch capabilities. The triple seams are glued down to act as a barrier against water, meaning you will be dry at all times.

On the outside, it is blind stitched for added sturdiness, and so the product could be worn intensively and for heavy-duty tasks. People give high praises to this model because it doesn’t leave any scars after you remove the hood, and because its soft texture is easy on the skin, which is ideal because surfing and diving are damaging activities for your skin’s surface.

When it comes to size, the manufacturer offers six of them, so you’ll for sure find one that fits you tightly. The good craftsmanship of this item will impress you from the second you put it on for the first time, and it will make you want to wear it even when not necessary.

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Blueseventy Unisex Skull


This model is unisex, so you and your partner can wear it interchangeably, meaning you can save money by not buying a second product. It is suited for temperate waters, and it is made of the unique 3mm Yamamoto neoprene, which has the Japanese stamp of quality.

It provides the ones wearing it with warmth, and it features a non-sticky surface to reduce drag. The design is simple and subtle, with the Blue Seventy logo on the black fabric. Leisurely swimming laps or more demanding competitions will be a breeze with the help of this protective cap.

Moreover, it is comfortable, and it insulates well, both features which make this an excellent alternative for a surfer. The chin strap itself is pretty tight, so even if a big wave hits you, the item will stay attached. While it does take some quick getting used to, you will be glad it has a snug fit because it will protect you no matter the situation.

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