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Best surfing rash guards reviews

Last Updated: 12.04.19


Surfing rash guards – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


The level of comfort you get to enjoy while surfing depends significantly on the wetsuit you use, so if you need to renew it and you’re looking for a reliable product, you’ve just come to the right place as we’ve compiled a buying guide to help you find the best rash guard for surfing. As a result of our research and based on the reviews of surfing rash guards we have found, we think that out of the many products out there for sale, the first one to consider is the O’Neill Men’s Basic. Using quality materials that will keep you warm and flexible and offering U.P.F. 50+ and UV Protection, this product is ideal for adding comfort to long surfing sessions. If you can’t find this product, you might want to consider the Tesla Men’s MSZ03 to enjoy a similar quality.



Products worth your attention





Top features to consider


The quality of the rash guard you use while enjoying watersports counts a lot when it comes to the comfort and safety you enjoy. Finding the right piece will boost your overall surfing experience.

That’s why utmost attention should be paid to several features when looking for the best surfing rash guard. Just like you need excellent surfing sunglasses, gloves, goggles, and other such products, you need rash guards that do their job – keeping you comfortable and safe.





Rash guards serve different purposes, from keeping you warm in cold weather conditions to offering sun, jellyfish, and rash protection. As a surfer, you tend to lay flat and paddle more than you stand. This might lead to a lot of friction, which will eventually cause rashes. Here is where rash guards become a must.



Rash guard fit and style


You will find skin-tight and loose-tight rash guard fits. Each of them serves a different purpose. Watersports such as surfing require a skin-tight fit as the rash guard will move with your body, so you won’t feel any discomfort caused by excess fabrics.

Loose-tight rash guards are ideal for those moments when you simply want to relax on your favorite beach or on your boat and you’re in need of more sun protection. Then, long-sleeved rash guards with UPF50+ are ideal for surfers living or practicing their water sports in a hotter climate. If they are also tight-fit, you might feel the heat more, though.

If you need to protect the more delicate areas of your body without adding to your body heat, you might want to opt for short-sleeved rash guards.



Rash guard fabrics


There are many rash guards on the market but you should focus only on those that use UPF50+ fabrics. Protecting yourself comes first. Then, most rash guards are made of synthetic fibers to offer you flexibility and breathability. A combination of polyester or nylon with elastane is great as it will offer all we’ve mentioned above and it is also quick drying.

Choosing quick-dry fabrics will help you keep your body temperature at the right level as the ones that take more time to dry will directly and negatively affect it. Besides that, watersports such as surfing require a rash guard that features flat-locked seams as they will minimize any chafing.



Top rated products



Having more options at your disposal is recommended in order to find a rash guard to meet your purpose. Just like you need to compare surfing gloves, wetsuits, surfboards, and other surfing products, you need to know more items in the rash guard range in order to make an informed decision. Here are some surfing rash guards reviews to help you find what you need.



O’Neill Men’s Basic 


The first product we came across during our research is this rash guard from O’Neill. The fabrics used, the great variety of styles it comes in, and, of course, the price render the product suitable for all surfers in need of comfort and protection when on a budget.

Using elastane and polyester in a stylish design, this rash guard will provide you with the comfort and flexibility you need as well as with breathability. No need to worry about harmful sunrays reaching your skin as the product offers U.P.F. 50+ and UV Protection.

This is a long-sleeved model, which will protect more areas of your body, provide more coverage, and keep you warm when surfing in cold water. It is thus perfect for people who take no break from surfing even when the temperature gets low.

The skin-tight fit and the strategic seamless paddle zones will add to your performance and remove any discomfort caused by excess fabrics. You will enjoy a boost in comfort as this rash guard will feel like a second skin protecting you from rash caused by the constant movement and friction.

Buy from for ($33.95)




Tesla Men’s MSZ03 


If you can’t find the product mentioned above, this rash guard for men from Tesla is an option you might want to consider. This model will keep you warm and safe from harmful sunrays thanks to its long sleeves and high neck design. No need to worry that some areas of your body are thus exposed. The rash guard offers UPF 50+ and UV protection.

Breathability and elasticity are ensured by the polyester and polyurethane used and the 3D geometry optimizes free movement and comfort. These high-density fabrics are not only durable but also great at protecting the surfer from rashes and abrasions. They are also great at providing you with flexibility, which, considering the constant movement surfing implies, is of great importance.

The rash guard dries quickly, so your body temperature is not affected. Since this model comes in tight fits, you can opt for it to meet your various needs, whether they are surfing-related or just some beach/boat leisure activities. It is available in various colors, so you can choose the one that suits your preferences. Customers who tried the product appreciated it for its overall quality and the skin protection provided.

Buy from for ($19.98)




O’Neill Women’s Long Sleeve 


Another great option for your surfing needs is this rash guard from O’Neill. Elastane and polyester have been used to ensure breathability as well as flexibility. This model is long-sleeved and provides U.P.F. 50+ and UV Protection. This means a great area of your upper body is covered and kept safe as well as warm.

The tight-fit and long sleeves render the product perfect for cold weather surfing or watersports. The rash guard feels like a second skin, so your freedom to move and remain flexible won’t be affected. By contrary, it will boost it. This will also make sure you don’t get any abrasions or rashes from the constant movement and friction. Attention must be paid when choosing the size, though.

The fabrics used dry quickly and that will add to your warmth as your body temperature won’t be affected. The product is available in a great variety of colors to help you match it with your surfboard and the rest of your surfing gear. People who tried the product offered positive feedback due to its overall quality within this price range.

Buy from for ($31.32)





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