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Best surfing sunscreen


Surfing sunscreens – Buying Guide, Ratings, & Comparison


Are you looking for the best surfing sunscreen, but you’re too pressed for time to examine all the research we compiled for you? Just read this paragraph, and you will be well informed for making an excellent choice. According to customer feedback, sales numbers, and social media comments, the Sawyer Products Stay-Put is the sunscreen you should consider first if you are a passionate surfer and you want to keep your skin protected all the time. The non-greasy formula will not make you feel uncomfortable, and you will not even feel it, which is everything surfers need. You only have to apply it once on your skin, and it will remain there, protecting you, for an entire day. The formula is fragrance-free, ideal for people who dislike any smell. Should the Sawyer Products Stay-Put be out of stock, we can suggest the Andre Lorent Ultra Sport, as the next in line recommendation.


Top features to consider


The best sunscreen for surfing is within your grasp, and the only thing you need is a list of must-have features so you can pick the right one off the bat. We are here to help you select the right product for you so you can continue to spend time in the sun without worrying about premature wrinkles and other issues related to prolonged sun exposure.



What kind of SPF should your sunscreen have?


When you want to buy a surfing sunscreen, you cannot go just for any kind, because, as a surfer, you will spend many more hours on the water compared to people who only come to the beach to get a little tan.

That is why it is essential that you take a good look at the fine print on any bottle of sunscreen. SPF is the first thing you may notice in the description; this stands for Sun Protection Factor, and basically, it tells you how efficient the respective product is at blocking the harmful UV from sunlight.

Experts recommend using a sunscreen with an SPF factor between 30 and 50. Other factors can come into play here. For instance, if you have people in your family who have suffered from skin cancer, it is a good idea to go for a sunscreen with a higher factor.

The higher the factor, the more of the harmful UVs will be blocked to avoid reaching inside your skin and damaging it. You will notice that some products are advertised as being effective against both UVAs and UVBs. The first ones are responsible for causing saggy skin and wrinkles, while the latter ones are the more dangerous, as they are the main culprit in the occurrence of skin cancer.

A sunscreen with an SPF of 30 will filter 97% of all UVs, while one with SPF 50 will filter 98%. The differences may not seem like much, but if you have sensitive skin, choosing the sunscreen with the higher SPF is highly advised.



Pick a sunscreen that is water resistant


Your surfboard is your ally when you attack wave after wave, while a good sunscreen is the best way for you to enjoy your adventures out on the water. After you pick an excellent product with high SPF factor, it is time to look at other aspects, just as whether the sunscreen is water resistant.

Why is this aspect important? The whole idea of putting on sunscreen is to get protection. If you just lie on the beach with your belly up, the layer of lotion applied will stay on your skin without a problem. But if you get wet or you sweat, that may not happen, unless you pick a water-resistant sunscreen.

As long as the thin layer of sunscreen remains on your skin, it will be able to provide you with the much-needed protection. If it wears off fast, or once you get wet, it disappears, you just got yourself a bad deal. And remember; even if you wear a surfing hat to protect from the sun, or if you wear a full-body wetsuit, there will still be patches of skin that will remain exposed.

See what the manufacturer has to say about the water-resistant capabilities of their product. You will find lotions that can resist in water for up to 80 minutes. Depending on how much time you intend to spend on the water, you should pick a suitable sunscreen. After the time indicated on the bottle expires, remember to apply a new layer of sunscreen, to get all the benefits.


Do you prefer a scented product or one that is fragrance-free?


This is all a matter of preference and skin sensitivity. If you know that your skin does not like the chemically obtained fragrances that can usually be found in cosmetic products, it is a good idea to go for a fragrance-free option. Bear in mind that even sunscreens that do not have an offensive smell can be bad for your skin if you are known to develop allergic reactions.

If you want the safest option, you should go for a fragrance-free sunscreen. This is better for your skin, and, if you order your product online, you don’t have to worry about liking or disliking the way the product smells.

Lip balms can be used to protect your lips, and these are usually scented. Go for a subtle fragrance that will not bother you. The same rule applies for face lotions. As long as the smells are not overpowering, you will not have a problem with them.



Non-greasy, but thick enough


The two aspects may sound like they are at odds with each other, but this is not the truth. First of all, let’s talk a bit about how thick your sunscreen should be. You will find that people are complaining that the sunscreen they are using is too liquid and runny. This is the type of thing you don’t want.

What happens if sunscreen has a runny consistency? The first problem that shows up is that you cannot spread it on an even layer all over the skin that requires protection against sun rays. It can turn into quite a frustrating experience. It can be similar to trying to wear surfing booties that are too small.

You do not want to spend a lot of time trying to cover your skin with the much-needed protective layer. Applying a liquid sunscreen will take precious minutes that you could devote surfing, so it is easy to imagine why such an option is not desirable.

At the same time, you don’t want a sunscreen that is too greasy. Spreading the sunscreen in an even layer will provide you with excellent protection, but this does not mean that you should endure having an oily substance all over your skin.

Pick a formula that is advertised as being non-greasy. That will help you with feeling comfortable while you do what you love best, which is surfing. You will find that thick, non-greasy sunscreens are easy to apply and convenient.



Top rated products



A simple look at the market will tell you that there are plenty of sunscreen products for sale. While an abundance of products is a great thing, at the same time, it can make people find it challenging to choose only one. Here are some excellent products that will not disappoint you.



Best surfer sunscreen


Sawyer Products Stay-Put


If you are in the market for a good surfing sunscreen, you should take a look at the Sawyer Products Stay-Put. This SPF 30 formula will offer you the necessary protection on sunny days without a glitch. Because it is non-greasy, it will not make you feel uncomfortable in any way, and you will not even know that you’re wearing it.

The formula does an excellent job penetrating the deep layers of your skin, to provide superior protection against UVAs and UVBs. The sunscreen is also water resistant, and it will not dissolve when you go into the water. Even if you sweat, which may happen while engaged in tough, physical activities like surfing, it will not wear off.

The formula contains aloe vera and a plethora of vitamins meant to keep your skin supple and well protected. In case you want even more protection, as you have sensitive skin, or you just want more peace of mind, you should know that this sunscreen is also available in an SPF 50 option.

The sunscreen comes with a tottle that you can attach to a backpack or a belt. You can always have it at hand if need be. The total weight of the bottle is 8 ounces.

Buy from for ($15.63)




Andre Lorent Ultra Sport


The Andre Lorent Ultra Sport is praised by all the surfing sunscreen reviews for the outstanding protection it offers to anyone who chooses to use it. No matter how much you exert yourself and sweat as a result, the sunscreen will not surprise you the wrong way by wearing off and leaving you without protection.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients in this formula. This product comes with a high content of zinc oxide, a component responsible for creating a protective layer on your skin so that the UV rays cannot reach into the deep layers, damaging the cells there.

Besides zinc oxide, the formula also contains Sundrisol7, a unique ingredient responsible for reversing the effects of aging on your skin. Since prolonged sun exposure can cause wrinkles to appear, that is an extra benefit you will get to enjoy if you pick this sunscreen from the many available.

One thing you might be worried about when you pick a sunscreen is whether the formula might have chemical compounds that can trigger allergic reactions. You will be happy to learn that this product has no parabens and no comedogenic compounds. Even more, if you accidentally touch your eyes with a hand covered in sunscreen, you will not experience the usual sting.

Click to see the price on Amazon!




Zinka SPF 30


The Zinka SPF 30 has everything you would expect in an excellent product for protection against the sun. Since it has an SPF of 30, that means that it can block 97% of all the harmful UVs produced by the sun. Even more, it is effective against both UVAs and UVBs, so you will not have to worry about skin cancer and sagging skin, at the same time.

The sunscreen is water resistant, so you can count on its protection once you get into the water. Because it is a non-greasy formula, you will not feel icky after applying it. This way, you can focus on surfing and the pleasures that come with this demanding physical activity without anything getting in the way.

The formula is also available as a face stick with SPF 50. Since the face is a more sensitive area, it is no wonder that the manufacturer thought about bumping the sun protection factor more than from the lotion you can use for the body.

Both products offer the same advantage. They don’t wear off in contact with water, and they will filter most of the UV rays so that you can count on it for all day protection.

Buy from for ($9.49)




Headhunter Surf & Sport


When you pick a sunscreen meant for surfers and their desire to spend long hours in the sun, you need to see what sort of water resistance capabilities are offered. The Headhunter Surf & Sport offers 80 minutes of continuous protection, even when you are soaked in water. When that time expires, it is recommended to apply sunscreen again.

There are many benefits to enjoy if you use this product. The 8-ounce bottle will last for many applications so that you will get a good deal for your money. The formula is lightweight, which means that will not leave unsightly greasy traces on your surfing gear.

In case you sweat a lot, and some of the sunscreen gets in your eyes by accident, you will have nothing to worry about. The formula does not sting. But, of course, the most crucial aspect to bear in mind is the excellent protection the formula offers.

With SPF 30, this one keeps at bay both UVAs and UVBs and can filter 97% of all harmful rays without a glitch. Free of parabens, it is a hypo-allergenic formula that you will love using. The formula will apply evenly on your skin, to give you excellent protection all day long.

Buy from for ($12.98)




Peak Sunblock


People with sensitive skin will want to use a sunscreen that is free of all the harmful compounds that can usually be found in cosmetic products. The Peak Sunblock is made by a company dedicated to the creation of products that are truly free of all the ingredients that can harm the user’s skin. Made with natural ingredients, this formula is recommended for those with sensitive skin.

And this is not the only positive aspect about this sunscreen. It is water resistant, and it will not wear off quickly; it will last for 80 minutes even in contact with water, and, after that, you only need to apply a new layer of sunscreen, and you will be protected again.

This formula is a good pick for all skin types. It is non-allergenic, and it comes with a sun protection factor of 30. It does an excellent job blocking harmful UVs, both of UVA and UVB nature.

Now you can enjoy your time in the sun without loading your skin with products that are rich in harmful chemicals. You don’t have to sacrifice one thing for the sake of another, and your skin will get the protection and care it needs.

Buy from for ($21.99)




Best sunscreen stick for surfers


Vertra SPF 38


A sunscreen stick is an excellent choice if you need to cover your face adequately with a product that offers superior protection. The skin on your face is more sensitive, and that is why it needs extra care. The Vertra SPF 38 is an option to consider, given its efficiency in blocking harmful UVs, while giving you some nice coverage, too.

The sunscreen stick can be used with makeup, which is a nice thing. Some users even say that it does such a great job at offering ample coverage that it can be used as a foundation when you plan to spend an entire day at the beach.

It is water resistant, and that is why it is such an excellent choice for surfers. The beautiful gold tint is already a hit with many female surfers. It will give your tan a subtle sheen that you will love.

The gold tone works exceptionally well for people with olive skin. The good news is that the same product is also available in a natural beige tone that may work better for other skin tones. The stick will help you keep your skin protected, and it will also serve as an excellent base for makeup.

Buy from for ($23)




No-Ad Sport Body


You will get plenty of protection for your face if you decide to use it every day, as the 1.5-ounce capacity is more generous than what you usually see in other similar products. One thing that must be said about this sunscreen stick is that it offers excellent water resistance, for up to 80 minutes, after which you will just need to apply it again.

You will not have to worry that the sunscreen stick will leave unpleasant sticky and greasy traces. The consistency of the formula is very lightweight, and it provides no-mess application, so you don’t have to feel any discomfort.

Users will take advantage of excellent protection against sun rays and their harmful action. When you are out on the water, your skin is usually protected by the wetsuit you are wearing, but your face does not benefit from the same coverage. That is why it is essential to use a product like this one.

Apply it on your face each time you take your surfing board for a ride. Take breaks to apply it a new layer, according to the specifications offered by the manufacturer. Your skin will not develop wrinkles prematurely, and you will get all the protection you need.

Buy from for ($7.27)




MrPoolParty Organic Mineral


If you are looking for excellent protection for your face when you go surfing, do not hesitate to try the MrPoolParty Organic Mineral. With an SPF of 50, it offers superior protection, by blocking 98% of the harmful UVs emitted by the sun. The 2.75-ounce capacity is also preferred to other sunscreen sticks, and if the quantity is something you need, this one surely delivers.

This is an eco-friendly product, obtained through a cruelty-free process, and free of gluten and GMOs. People who want to use a natural product will definitely like this mineral-enhanced formula. Free of parabens and without any chemicals that might hurt the coral reefs, it is a must-have product for environmentally conscious surfers.

It is scent-free and hypoallergenic, so you don’t have to worry about triggering allergic reactions by accident. The non-greasy consistency of the stick makes it easy to apply, and the sunscreen also offers ample coverage.

Made with natural ingredients such as coconut oil, beeswax, jojoba seed oil, and others, the stick will also offer an excellent treatment for keeping your skin in excellent condition. The added vitamin E helps to maintain your skin supple and youthful looking.

Buy from for ($16.99)






When you apply sunscreen, you will want protection for both UVAs and UVBs. Always check for products that offer such good coverage. The SUN BUM SPF 30 is one of them, and its action will prevent harmful UVs from reaching inside the deep layers of your skin and damaging them.

One thing that will make you happy is that this product is not tested on animals, so it is an eco-friendly and cruelty-free option to other similar sunscreen sticks on the market. The SPF 30 feature will ensure that most of the UVs are blocked, and you will get superior protection.

You will also appreciate how easy it is to apply. Some people are not crazy about sunscreens that come in lotion form because they are greasy and sticky. There is nothing of the kind to worry about if you decide to purchase this particular model.

You can use it for quick touch-ups when you spend a lot of time on the water. Because it is water resistant, and it will not wear off for up to 80 minutes, regardless of whether you are sweating or you are immersed in water, it is an excellent choice for days spent surfing.

Buy from




ArtNaturals Broad-Spectrum


This convenient solution will help you go through sunny days without worry that your skin might become sagged and wrinkled, or even worse. The formula is effective against a broad spectrum of UV rays, so it can offer protection against both those that cause premature skin aging and those that can lead to skin cancer.

With an SPF of 50, this stick is highly efficient in blocking 98% of all the harmful UV action, and you will also discover that it is easy to apply. There will be no more excuses that you don’t like applying sunscreen because it is either too runny or too greasy. This formula is so lightweight and easy to use that you will have fun applying the protective layer on your skin.

Made with natural oils, from sources such as jojoba, avocado, and rice bran, it is good for your skin in other ways, too. The formula will act as a conditioner for your skin and will hydrate it to maintain it smooth and supple.

The cruelty-free manufacturing process used by the company making it may also convince you that this is the right formula for you. The stick is easy to carry around in a backpack or a purse.

Buy from for ($9.97)




Best sunscreen spray for surfers


Coppertone SPORT


Sunscreens come in various forms, and one that is very popular is the spray. You only need a little puff, and you can get the right coverage and that without having to rub lotion into your skin. The Coppertone SPORT is made for people who love surfing and other physical activities taking place on the beach.

No matter if you sweat a lot or you get wet, you will find that this sunscreen formula does not wear off with ease. It is designed to stay on for up to 80 minutes, even if you spend all this time surfing and exposed to water.

You will notice that this formula does not leave greasy trails on your skin, and it also allows the skin to breathe. You will be able to focus on your activities and enjoy them to the maximum, while the Coppertone SPORT does its job to protect you against UVs.

Due to its high SPF, this formula is efficient against both UVAs and UVBs. 98% of all the harmful UVs are blocked, and you get all the protection you need. The formula is rich in vitamin E, and it also contains moisturizers that will keep your skin supple and healthy.

Buy from for ($14.95)




Australian Gold X-treme


Sunscreen sprays have the advantage of being easy and quick to apply. The Australian Gold X-treme is an excellent choice if you prefer this sort of easy application. But this is not the only benefit that you will get to enjoy when you are using this product.

Its protection against harmful UV is superior, and it can block both UVA and UVB rays, due to its high SPF. You will not have to worry that your skin will start feeling sticky after you apply the spray because this product is made with Fine Finish technology that ensures that the substance will dry on your skin, protecting without getting tacky and unpleasant.

The spray will provide excellent coverage as its 360-degree action will spread the active substance evenly. This product is scented, and many people like it; the company uses their Australian Gold scent, which is already appreciated by their customers.

One thing you should know about this particular product is that it contains no propellant. You pay for what you get, and that is 100% formula, without any additional unwanted ingredients. The product resists in water for up to 80 minutes, providing you with excellent protection.

Buy from for ($9.49)




Banana Boat Ultra Mist


The Banana Boat Ultra Mist should be on your list if you prefer spray formulas to lotions and sticks. One of the greatest things about it is that it is water resistant, which makes it such a fine choice for surfers. You can spend up to 80 minutes on the water, without the need to re-apply sunscreen, so you have plenty of time to enjoy your favorite activity.

The formula is lightweight and will not leave greasy spots on your skin. This is quite a matter of concern for surfers who do not need their skin to become slippery. It must be mentioned that your skin will absorb the spray quite quickly so that you get all the protection, minus the tacky feeling some products may leave behind.

You will get good protection against both UVA and UVB rays. This way, your skin will remain protected all the time. It must be said that this product is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Featuring high staying power and loaded with ingredients that are good for your skin, this spray is an excellent pick for surfers and not only. The spray can used provides a comfortable grip, and the twist and lock feature makes it convenient to use.

Buy from for ($11.94)




Aveeno Hydrosport


You will get 5 ounces of an excellent product if you decide to purchase the Aveeno Hydrosport, a formula created with surfers in mind, as well as other users who prefer spending a lot of hours in the sun. Covering a broad spectrum of UV rays for which it offers protection, the formula is made by a company recommended by dermatologists.

The non-greasy formula is ideal for people who are not crazy about dealing with the tacky feeling left by sunscreens that tend to overload the skin. Sprays are often preferred for their smooth action, and this one is no exception to the rule.

The active ingredients used for this spray make sure to repel water, which is why it is such an excellent choice for those who go to the beach. For 80 minutes, the protective layer will not wear off from your skin, but, after that, you will have to reapply it, the manufacturer recommends.

Your skin will still be able to breathe through the layer of sunscreen so that you can feel comfortable all the time. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends this sunscreen for its ability to counter-attack the harmful effect of UV rays.

Buy from for ($7.5)




Neutrogena Wet Skin


Neutrogena is a company with a long-standing tradition of making skin products that are designed to offer superior performance and results to the users. The sunscreen formula comes in a 5-ounce can, and it can be easily applied before sun exposure.

It must be said that this formula has SPF 50, which means that up to 98% of all UV rays will be efficiently blocked. This way, they will not be able to reach the deep layers of your skin, where they can cause skin cancer by destroying the cells produced there.

You can apply this spray directly on your wet skin, and that is one of its excellent selling points. Typically, if you try to use sunscreen lotion on your damp skin, this will not be absorbed by the dermis, and you will get none of the benefits. The Neutrogena Wet Skin is designed to be applied in this manner.

Free of oils, the spray will cut through moisture and water and will stick to your skin. The Helioplex technology used ensures that no UVAs or UVBs will be able to penetrate your skin and damage it. When at the pool or surfing, this spray can be your biggest ally.

Buy from for ($24.33)




Best sunscreen lip balm for surfers


Coola Suncare Liplux


Your lips need the same protection as the rest of your skin. The skin here is more sensitive and requires extra care. The Coola Suncare Liplux is an excellent pick because it will keep your lips adequately moisturized. The SPF 30 makes sure that UV rays will be blocked before they can cause any damage.

The formula contains vitamins and antioxidants that contribute to maintaining a youthful appearance for your skin. By penetrating the skin and reaching the deepest layers, it will nourish and help you keep your lips healthy and smooth, regardless of how much time you spend in the sun.

Made with food grade ingredients from natural sources, this formula is 70% certified organic. Regardless of your skin type, you will get the protection you need. It is important to avoid overlooking your lips when you apply sunscreen.

Since regular lotions may not be such a great choice and you don’t want to taste them by accident, you will find the Coola Suncare Liplux an excellent alternative to that. Your lips will be kept hydrated and protected from sun rays. Fruit butter containing avocado and raspberry is used for this formula.

Buy from for ($12)




Coppertone SPORT


Your lips can become chapped and more exposed to the harmful action of UVAs and UVBs when you go surfing or just spend a lot of time in the sun. The Coppertone SPORT offers ideal protection and keeps your lips healthy and smooth. With an SPF of 50, this lip balm qualifies for the most efficient sunscreens to apply on your lips that you can currently find.

Made with aloe vera and vitamin E, this formula will help your lips remain appropriately moisturized all the time. Because it is water resistant, you can apply it for protection when you surf. The water resistance action lasts for up to 80 minutes, after which you will need to use a new coating on your lips.

Convenient to use, it is an excellent choice for people who love beach and water activities. The company making it knows how important it is to stay protected all the time. With a bias towards people who get involved in physical activities, they make products that can be used all the time safely.

Even if you sweat or your lips are exposed to water, this lip balm will still work. Offering fantastic protection against UVA and UVB rays, it is one of the excellent products you can purchase right now.

Click to see the price on Amazon!




Zinka Clear Lip


Do you want a good deal of the lip balm you are going to use the next time you go surfing? Then the Zinka Clear Lip is the ideal choice as it is sold in packs of three, for your maximum convenience. There is no point to complain that the lip balm you are using is never enough. If you opt for this alternative, you will not run out of this indispensable product anytime soon.

The lip balm is clear, so it will not paint your lips in a shade you might not like. Made with aloe vera, it is designed to offer you superior protection. At the same time, the active ingredients soothe your chapped lips and moisturize them for excellent hydration.

You will need a lip balm with sunscreen properties if you spend time in the sun. This one has a sun protection factor of 30, which means that up to 97% of all the harmful rays emitted by the sun will be blocked.

The formula is dependable and keeps your lips moisturized. While you may care more about its sunscreen properties, it doesn’t hurt to know that you will get a nice lip balm for hydrating your lips, in the same product.

Buy from for ($9.95)




Banana Boat Sport


Are you looking for a lip balm that can protect you against both UVA and UVB rays? The Banana Boat Sport may be precisely what you want. Its broad spectrum protection makes it competitive in a market where there are plenty of similar products. You will not have to worry anymore that your lips will become chapped, allowing the harmful action of UVs to penetrate the deep layers of the skin.

You will enjoy this lip balm tremendously because it is water resistant. For up to 80 minutes, you will not have to worry that the lip balm will wear off. It will stay on, and it will keep your lips protected regardless of circumstances.

The recommendation from the Skin Cancer Foundation qualifies this product for any list of must-haves. Even if you prefer having a lot of fun in the sun, without worrying about a thing, this type of product will keep you protected and eliminate worries in the long run.

Your dry lips will be adequately protected, and they will also get the hydration they need so you can enjoy your surfing vacation to the max. With long action and excellent protection recommend this lip balm.

Buy from for ($6.29)




Hawaiian Tropic Tropical


Your lips don’t have to be dry and chapped after a day spent at the beach. The Hawaiian Tropic Tropical can take good care of your lips, so you can focus on having fun and indulging in your favorite water-based activities, such as surfing. Any sunburns and blisters will be prevented by the use of this lips balm with sunscreen properties.

In water, this lip balm lasts for 80 minutes, and it does not wear off as quickly as other products. You will appreciate the non-greasy feel it leaves behind, as well as its lightweight consistency. Made with a mix of powerful moisturizers such as aloe vera and cocoa butter, it will keep your lips well hydrated.

The formula is enriched with vitamin A, C, and E, and it also has a nice tropical flavor. Let’s not forget about the outstanding protection it offers against harmful UV. Due to its moisturizing effects, you can use it every day, and not only when you hit the beach. You will be glad to learn that the formula has already been tested in the sun, and it is patented for UVA and UVB protection.

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Frequently asked questions about surfers’ sunscreen


What makes sunscreen water-resistant?

To understand how sunscreen is resistant to water, you will have to learn a few things about the ingredients used. For a sunscreen to be water-resistant, it needs to have a formula based on types of wax, oils, or polymers like dimethicone.

As these substances adhere to the skin, but they are not soluble in water, they grant the sunscreen that uses them in its formula the water resistance capabilities. Of course, this is not all. The manufacturer must know how to mix the ingredients they use so that the ones responsible for blocking UVs remain stuck to the skin.

Why choose water-resistant sunscreen?

There are sunscreens on the market that do not have water resistance properties. If you do not plan to enjoy a bath in the pool, the sea or the ocean, they will work just fine. However, if you prefer to go surfing, swimming, or just get involved in activities that will have your skin come in contact with water, you will need a formula that doesn’t wear off quickly.

The sunscreen will be able to offer you the required protection just as long as it remains on your skin. That is why, for superior protection, you need to opt for such formulas.


How much should these products cost?

There is no such thing as a straight answer to this question. Some products cost as little as a few dollars, as other brands demand a premium price that can go as high as 30 dollars.

Many factors can influence the final price, such as quantity, SPF, water resistance capabilities, and overall manufacturer reputation. Good brands are expected to cost a bit more because more research is usually invested in creating new products. Expect high-quality sunscreens to be more expensive, but do not overspend on something you don’t need.




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