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Best surfing wetsuit


Surfing wetsuits – Buying Guide, Ratings, & Comparison


The surfing season is approaching fast. If you want to be ready to have the time of your life and to be wholly protected while on the water, you need to invest in the best surfing wetsuit and gear the market has to offer. A quality surfing wetsuit will protect you against cold weather and will allow you to stay focused and to enjoy watersports more. As we researched the market and the available products, we’ve noticed that the O’Neill Men’s Reactor was referred to as being the top option this year, especially for someone who enjoys premium products. The model is well made from durable materials, it insulates efficiently, and it has an eye-catching design that will make a star of the waves out of you. However, if you need an alternative, the O’Neill Men’s Epic can be an equally esthetically pleasing option for you to buy right before the swimming season begins.


Top features to consider


To make sure the best wetsuit for surfing you buy meets the highest quality standards and double acts as surfing sunscreen, it is essential to check for a few things. In the following guide, which we’ve carefully put together so you can spare yourself the effort, we concentrated all the expert opinions and honest reviews on the topic here.

This is so that you’ll be able to invest your money wisely. When buying a wetsuit, double check for its design, materials, seams and, of course, check if the size fits your unique body type.



Style & Design


When it comes to styles for sale, wetsuits are just as diverse as any other garment like surfing booties for example. Before you buy one, you have to get familiar with the available options. A short John wetsuit has short arms, and it is thicker around the torso area for added warmth.

It is great if you live in a state with significant temperature fluctuations, as it will keep you warm in cold air, and cool in the hot sun as a good surfing wetsuit should. You can also add a surfing hat to the mix.

The spring suit is a type of product that has arm and leg coverage. However, the legs are only partially covered, as only the arm portions are long sleeved. This style is ideal for summertime adventures, especially if you need an extra layer of protection against UV light. Additionally, they are typically super lightweight, which makes them fit for children.

The next style is a no-brainer. The full suit has long sleeves and completely covers the entire body. This model is mostly geared towards professional surfers. Reviewers say it comes in a wide range of fabric thickness, so it can be used even in arctic waters if you find the right model.

Needless to say, it perfectly conserves warmth while still providing the owner with a lot of freedom. Sometimes it can also come with an attached hood or gloves, which are ideal for diving purposes. There are many other wetsuit styles available on the market which are a bit more obscure, but these are the popular ones that the general consumer should know about.


Materials & zippers


When it comes to the materials the best surf wetsuit is made of, things are quite simple. There aren’t that many options, and what usually differs from one manufacturer to another is the thickness of the primary fabric. It is essential to read about both before deciding on a product because if you choose the wrong combo, you risk freezing in colder waters.

The most popular material by far is neoprene. This element has a rubbery texture but is much softer than real rubber, and its elastic properties are enhanced so you can move swiftly underwater. Most items on the market are made of this fabric, as you will notice if you read our surf wetsuit reviews.

The thickness of this great material varies, reviews of surfing wetsuits tell us, not only from one brand to another but also from one body part to another. You need your hands and legs to move freely that’s why a full suit will always have a thinner neoprene layer around those parts. The torso and the groin area are more protected, as expected.

Traditionally, the thicker a product is, the better it insulates. So if you want to dive into cold waters, make sure you go for a model that is generous with its millimeters. But if you’re looking for a daily protective suit to help you enjoy your premium surfboard, a standard 2 or 3 mm should be enough, as it will be lighter and easier to carry around.



Durability & Seams


Let’s face it, when you’re looking forward to buying a product from this category, you want something that will last you a lifetime, especially if you are an occasional surfer who only has time to catch waves during the holidays.

That’s why it is important to double check the construction of a model so that you won’t have any regrets later. The same principle applies, as it should when you buy a new helpful surfing hat.

A good indicator of an excellent product is the presence of premium stitchings. The most popular one is the traditional flatlock stitching. This process involves overlapping two panels, then sewing through the neoprene or spandex, depending on what the manufacturer chooses as a base for the product.

The result is a strong type of seam, ideal even for demanding competitions. However, there’s also a bit of a drawback, as this technique is prone to creating tiny holes within the material, so it is more suited for models designed for summertime surfing, rather than for diving purposes.

In a good quality wetsuit, all the binding elements such as zippers and seams are kept away from tension points so that they won’t be ripped apart every time you have to make a sudden move. Moreover, they are strategically placed so they won’t damage or take away from the flexibility of the design.



Top rated products



Down below, we have listed the top models available with a single click. We chose only wetsuits that are created for surfers who know what they need, and that meet all of their specific requirements. These will have a long life, so you won’t need to buy a new one soon.



O’Neill Men’s Reactor


This model is attractive and sleek looking. Not only it will protect your body, but it will make you look awesome and sexy while on top of the highest weave. If you feel like you’ve spent too much time looking for the ideal wetsuit, you will be glad to hear this item meets all the needs a surfer or professional swimmer might have.

It comes with a single super seal neck, which won’t let water get under it, so it can preserve your body temperature for as long as possible, which is the purpose of such a product. It features a flatlock construction and knee pads, meaning you will feel comfortable and at ease even if you are on the board for a long time.

The strategic paddle zones will prevent wear, tear, and injuries, and the adjustable neck closure makes sure you won’t get irritated, as you will be able to get out of it quickly after you finished your job. It has long sleeves, and it is made of a very thick material specially created for water lovers.

Buy from for ($114.95)




O’Neill Men’s Epic


If you want a model from a trusted manufacturer, give this one a chance. It is perfect for diving, swimming, lake activities and surfing. It is comfortable to be worn even in the scorching heat, as its materials will allow your skin to breathe naturally.

The incorporated back zip system makes the item easy to put on and take off, and it will seal it tight on your body so that water won’t infiltrate under it. Furthermore, the material it is created from is soft and lightweight, even if the thickness is considerable.

People appreciate that this wetsuit stretches with your movements, making it ideal for competitive water sports. The model offers superior flexibility, a smooth texture and more importantly, it helps you take your performances to a whole new level. Additionally, the neoprene or the synthetic rubber it is made of ensures the product has a long life.

Buy from for ($169.95)




Hyperflex Access


Since it is constructed from 3mm premium neoprene, the top choice material trustworthy manufacturers use, this model promises to become your go-to item every time you want to take a dive or ride your favorite surfboard. The thickness of the rubber will keep your body at a constant temperature, even in chilly waters.

Moreover, it has style and durability. This wetsuit is ideal for all types of water, salty or fresh, and it will allow you to move swiftly and without the rubber hurting your joints. It is easy to put on and impermeable to liquid, meaning you can almost wear it as your second skin.

The most demanding conditions will be met with success by this product, even if you wear it daily. It has sturdy stitches, and the material is durable and ideal for extended use and heavy-duty tasks. It is somewhat rare to find such a quality item that doesn’t sacrifice style to achieve that.

Buy from for ($90.77)




Seavenger Neoprene


Catch the waves with confidence with this comfortable wetsuit from Seavenger. It is created with natural movement in mind, and it’s built to last a lifetime. The model is ideal for daily use and heavy-duty tasks since the neoprene it is made of adds style and function, all so you can have the perfect suit for warm or temperate conditions.

Anti-abrasion shoulder and knee pads reinforce the premium quality since they add a lot of strength to these vulnerable parts. Super-stretch panels are attached to the knee, and the armpit areas are designed to allow easy mobility even when the suit gets all wet.

All the zippers seal tightly, but they will still let you put the wetsuit on quickly so you can invest the saved time into surfing. The style is beautiful, and the model fits nicely on the curvatures of your body. It conserves heat, and it won’t scratch your skin so that you can enjoy the ocean for hours on end.

Buy from for ($69.95)




BIKMAN One-Piece Snorkeling


Comfort should not be sacrificed, even when it comes to protective gear. This model is loved by buyers because it is soft and because it has anti-sunburn properties. It is made of spandex and polyamide, meaning the model is elastic, and it will allow you to bend and jump without restraining you in any way.

The design is definitely a bonus. It has slim lines, and it has the sex-appeal factor that seems to be essential to some buyers. If you need bra paddings, this item has detachable ones, which is great since some women don’t like those.

Its colors are modern and vibrant, and the short sleeved style will let you catch a tan without spending hours on the beach. It is lighter than other products, and it will fit most body shapes and sizes due to the material’s elasticity.

Buy from for ($45)




REALON Kids Wetsuit


Kids have sensitive skin, which can be easily damaged by salt water and UV rays. However, this won’t be any of your concerns, as this model is excellent when it comes to protection against damaging factors. It is made of neoprene, a traditional material, ideal for insulation and keeping the body at a constant temperature.

Moreover, the model is waterproof and offers flexibility to the one that wears it. And on top of that, it is comfortable too. It can be worn for diving or swimming, but also as the primary protective gear for surfing lessons.

The flatlock seams are sturdy, great if you have active kids who like to move around a lot, and the stretchy fabric will keep up with all of their adventures and challenges. Additionally, it rocks an adjustable velcro collar, so the product can fit the child as she or he grows.

Buy from for ($38.99)




Realon Surfing Suit


Men’s wetsuits are known for being somber. But not this model. It has a cool vibe and a modern pattern, which will attract the eye of every passer-by. The two contrasting colors are the main selling point of this quality product, especially for those surfers who value a good design.

The material is thick, and it will insulate your body well, without letting water infiltrate between the fabric and your skin, meaning salt won’t damage it. Just like most premium models on the market, this one also features flatlock sticking which only adds to its extended life.

It is lightweight and ergonomic with heavy-duty zippers. It has an efficient windshield function, and it will fit your body seamlessly. With its help, you can now enjoy your water adventures even in late autumn, since it will help you stay warm and comfortable as any good wetsuit should do.

Buy from for ($65)




Seavenger Full Body


Kids will adore this product. It is suited for all ages, but you have to pay attention to the size you choose. The long sleeves will make sure his or her entire body is protected against sunburns and cold water, and the strategically placed pads will make a huge difference in case of a misadventure.

It is made of neoprene rubber, which is a type of fabric that conserves body heat even in a windy environment. Additionally, this particular choice of material adds flexibility and a touch of sturdiness to the design.

The snug fit is a standout because it allows the product to mold on the body perfectly. It also has anti-abrasion knee pads made of thick rubber to provide extra safety to the complete product. A way that the manufacturer made sure its product will survive any task was opting for flat-lock stitching, so you can extend your limbs without worrying the product will tear.

Buy from for ($55.95)




Seavenger Shorty for Kids


Seavenger is a trusted wetsuit maker, known for having models that last in time, just like this one. The anti-UV material is an excellent alternative to sunscreen, or it can be used in tandem with that. It is called neoprene, and it is appreciated for the fact that it hugs the body while leaving room for natural movement.

Its front zip redefines comfort, as it will allow the kid to change in and out of it with ease. It is ideal for many water sports, including swimming, snorkeling, paddling, and boating. Kids will also appreciate the variety of colors it comes in, which is definitely something that reviewers have pointed out.

The kid-friendly product is also a good solution if you want something that will grow at the same time with your kid, as the elastic properties of the material will make sure the product will stretch to a certain extent to fit the fluctuating height and weight of your child.

Click to see the price on Amazon!




Cokar Neoprene for Kids


This is a choice that fits all the needs of a worried parent. The model is made of neoprene, which has integrated UPF 50+ sun protection, so your kid can spend as much time getting a lot of exercise in the water, as he or she pleases. It will keep the boy or girl warm and comfortable, and it will also offer a layer of protection against sand and salty water.

The design was created for a young mind, meaning it is uncomplicated to put on and take off, due to its heavy-duty easy-pull zipper. Moreover, it is light, and it can be carried in a backpack without a problem. You will also appreciate the fact that it dries quickly, especially in those moments when you are on the run.

If you’re looking for something that is breathable, this is it. It will prevent sweat from accumulating under its surface. Thus, it won’t smell bad after you take it off.

Buy from for ($28.99)





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