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Best swimming cap for long hair


Swimming caps for long hair – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Swimming caps are mandatory when you use the pool, and having long hair makes the entire buying process more time-consuming. So, if you want to skip the fuss and easily find a good product for your needs, we are here to help. After carefully examining the market and reading plenty of customers reviews, we have reached the conclusion that a reliable swimming cap is the Aegend Waterproof Silicone 3D. It is made of high-quality silicone to provide a non-slip and watertight design that will fully cover your head when you’re swimming. The item is extremely elastic and resists against deformation. In addition, the cap offers full protection for your ears to prevent overpressure and exposure to water bacteria. If this product is not available, we may suggest the Lahtak Long Hair Swim as a viable alternative in terms of quality and design.


Top features to consider


Finding the best swimming cap for long hair is quite difficult, especially since there aren’t too many products to meet your specific requirements available for sale. However, if you want to make sure you choose the right item, here are some features you need to take into account.



Why wear a swim cap?


Swimming caps are mandatory if you choose public pools or attend swimming competitions. They are mainly designed to protect your hair from chlorine. These items are also great for maintaining an optimum head temperature when swimming in cold waters.

Along with a new pair of swimming goggles and a comfortable pair of swimming shorts, caps are the main swimming gear pieces you should purchase when practicing in public pools.





A good swimming cap for long hair depends on the material used to manufacture it, with latex, lycra, silicone, and rubber representing the most common choices.

Latex may be an inexpensive option but it won’t glide on like other materials and won’t provide maximum coverage for your hair. Moreover, latex can also cause allergic reactions so not all people are safe wearing it.

Silicone and rubber are definitely amongst the top choices because they are smooth and thick, so they’re less likely to tear or change their shape in time.

If you’re not sure which item would best suit your needs, we suggest you check some online reviews of swimming caps for long hair and see what other customers consider fit and worthy for this type of activity.



Size and fit


If you plan on purchasing some professional swimming gifts for women, make sure the cap you laid eyes on is the right size. You should consider the size of the person’s head first. You can easily find this by using any regular hat or beanie from your wardrobe or by correctly measuring the head before.

Most silicone caps are designed to fit many shapes and sizes of heads, but you should still try on the product before purchasing it. Keep in mind that if the cap is too large, it will fill with water and create drag. On the other hand, if it’s too small, it won’t be comfortable to wear and might even cause you headaches.

As a general rule, caps for long hair should come with extra room on the top of the head so you can easily squeeze in your hair. Thus, the material used should be stretchy enough to cover your entire head and your ears while also being durable and resistant.



Top rated products



While listing all the items on the market would have been impossible, we do have some recommendations for some reliable swimming caps. All our top product choices, along with their in-depth reviews, are showcased below.



Aegend Waterproof Silicone 3D


This product is available in two colors – black and pink and is specifically designed for adults. It is made of top-quality silicone that is non-slip, watertight, and extremely lightweight, so you won’t even notice wearing it. The product closely follows the anatomical shape of the human head to provide maximum protection and comfort when swimming.

It features a large area on the top of the head so you’ll have plenty of room to cover your hair and protect it from harmful chlorine. No matter your hairstyle – be it short, long, curly, afro or with dreads, this swimming cap will provide a safe and comfortable fit.

The thicker curved edge is perfect for covering your ears in order to avoid overpressure. In addition, the silicone used for manufacturing this item is extremely elastic so you can easily stretch the cap without deforming it.

Most of the customers who purchased this product were pleased with its quality, claiming it’s extremely comfortable to wear. It provides maximum protection for your head, hair, and ears, while also allowing your skin to breathe properly. If you want to enjoy endless hours of fun at the pool with your hair dry, give this particular cap a try.

Buy from for ($10.99)




Lahtak Long Hair Swim


This product is available in two sizes – L and XL, as well as in numerous colors. The extra space on the top is perfect for squeezing in your hair. The mushroom shape features a smaller space around the opening that provides maximum protection for your ears, while the rest of the cap offers enough room for long hairs and voluminous hairstyles.

Thus, the cap is perfect for keeping your hair and ears dry without squeezing in too hard and causing headaches. On the other side, this swimming cap is not designed to be worn loosely, so make sure your hair is long and thick enough to fill it. Remember that if the product is too loose, it will get filled with water and might even fall off your head when swimming.

The item is made of durable silicone and will withstand tougher conditions than other similar silicone caps. It is extremely lightweight and flexible but also strong enough to come back to its original size and shape after you stretch it.

The manufacturer recommends applying a bit of cornstarch or baby powder before putting the item on. This will allow the cap to slip on faster and easier.

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The Friendly Swede Silicone


This pack of two silicone caps is delivered in two color choices – blue and black or hot pink and purple. Both items in the set are made of 100% premium-quality silicone to offer maximum durability and stretch for a comfortable wear. The caps are specifically designed to meet the needs of all swimmers, including women, children, and people with long hair.

They are easy to take off or put on so you won’t spend much time trying to fit them. Thus, you’ll be in the pool in a matter of seconds and enjoy long hours of swimming and playing without worrying about the cap falling off your head.

The product is also equipped with comfortable and ergonomic ear pockets to prevent overpressure and keep your ears dry.

Most of the customers who purchased the caps were satisfied with their quality, claiming they will fit most people, regardless of their age and body shape. These products are even suitable for small children and will prevent water from wetting their hair. In addition, the thick silicone used to manufacture these products allows them to be worn over earphones as well.

Buy from for ($17.99)





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