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Best swimming gifts


Swimming gifts – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Finding suitable presents for your loved ones is not always easy, especially if they are active swimmers who spend a lot of time in the water. The best gifts for swimmers can be hard to get especially when you have little time on your hands. To help you, our team has analyzed the market. Taking professional reviews and customer feedback into account, we have concluded that the product you might want to consider is the OlimpiaFit Set of Towels. The three multipurpose microfiber towels included can be used for many purposes, being versatile and efficient. Made from microfiber, they are fast drying, absorbent and less exposed to bacteria. Lightweight, their soft material is also comfortable. Furthermore, they are hypoallergenic and have a customer-friendly return policy. However, the set might be quickly sold out – in this situation, another option you might want to bear in mind is the Eversport Swim Goggles.


Top features to consider


Offering someone the best swimming gifts is not always easy, given the variety of products designed for water-related sports available for sale. There are many useful items that can be offered as presents, so, to find out how to get the right ones, read our complete buying guide.



Time spent swimming


Before you start searching for a suitable swimming gift, think about how much time that person spends practicing water-related sports. This aspect might not seem necessary, but it is the first thing you should think of because it affects the quality of the desired item.

A recreational swimmer is someone who does not dedicate too much time to the sport, keeping it as a hobby or free time activity. These people do not usually get involved in competitions, neither do they spend so much time training.

This aspect is why it is not so important to buy them a top design, which might be expensive and meant for professional swimmers. The price influences lifespan and overall quality, but if they are not going to use it so often, it is not necessary to obtain a high-end gift.

Professional swimmers, however, spend a lot of time training or competing, so it is advisable that you offer them a long-lasting and better model. Since it is possible that they will use it for long periods of time, you shouldn’t provide a cheap or poor-quality gift which might break down in short time due to intense use.



Type of gift


There are many alternatives that can work as potential swimming gifts, and some are items that improve the performance or protective gear or suits. Knowing what the person lacks is vital to making the purchase.

A helpful thing you can do for those who want to improve their performance is getting them a pair of swimming paddles which are designed to teach a better technique. Many models are available, each with its properties and price tag. Well-liked amidst beginners and trainers alike, they make good swimming gifts.

When it comes to other gifts, protective clothing such as comfortable and efficient wetsuits or professional equipment like a pair of swimming goggles or fins are also excellent.

The wetsuit should be able to put up with any exposure to chlorine and even saltwater for long periods of time without losing its elastic properties, while the goggles are best with polarized lenses and broad fields of view, offering a pleasant and enjoyable experience.





Like in most other situations, each person will have a preferred brand. It goes without saying that, if you can afford to do it, you should opt for a gift manufactured by a personal favorite of your loved one. There are some famous companies such as Speedo or Nike, and other less known but equally reliable manufacturers you can go for.

Regarding budget, depending on their type, swimming gifts vary greatly. Find a good one that can be useful and you will have an excellent present for someone you like.



Top Rated Products



Offering a gift which will be appreciated can prove to be quite tricky. Our team looked at some favorite items available and, taking into consideration both the specifications and the customer feedback, wrote some swimming gifts reviews to describe some alternatives available on the market.



OlimpiaFit Set of Towels


A great gift for a swimmer is a set of useful, lightweight and high-quality towels. This is why the OlimpiaFit set is an excellent purchase, appreciated by many people who have tried it. The three multipurpose towels can be used in many different ways, and apart from the attractive price, there are many other cool features included.

Included in this set are three towels: a large one, useful for pilates, yoga or pool, a middle one for swimming or shower and a small one which can fit into a backpack, and can be used for gym or swimming. It goes without saying that each can be utilized in many other ways, making it a versatile gift.

Made from microfiber, all of the towels are absorbent and fast drying – they can absorb as much as four times their weight, drying up ten times faster than regular cotton or terry cloth products.

Their antibacterial properties increase the interval between machine washing, so they are available for more extended periods of time.

Other features are softness and hypoallergenic materials. Without causing irritations or health problems when used by people allergic to specific textile materials, they are as soft as a regular towel, and they feel gentle on your skin; a return policy is also offered.

Buy from for ($24.99)




Eversport Swim Goggles


Most professional swimmers and beginners alike use goggles, especially when swimming in natural bodies of water. A pair of goggles is a perfect gift for someone who enjoys practicing the sport, and this item is suitable for all ages and levels of training.

Adjustable and comfortable to wear, it is also shatterproof, and their particular edge makes them watertight, too.

Featuring an anti-fogging system, the goggles offer an excellent swimming experience when going underwater, the clear view field making it easier to observe things which are submerged. UV protection is also included, protecting your eyes from excessively bright light and ultraviolet radiation.

A clasp makes it easy to wear them, and they can be put on or taken off with a single press. The flexible frame increases comfort, and the cushions completely seal the eyes, ensuring that no water can get in them.

The straps are adjustable, so any swimmer, regardless of age, can wear them – this makes the product versatile and reliable.

Apart from these features, the specially designed lenses provide increased clarity, and the field of view is considerably more extensive thanks to their shape and the anti-fog system. A 12 months warranty is issued, while the customer-oriented service will replace any broken goggles in no time.

Buy from for ($24.99)




blue sky BASICS Pouch


A significant problem for swimmers is keeping their electronics safe while they are engaged in the sport, and protecting them from water, moisture, and humidity. This is why a waterproof pouch can be an excellent gift for a swimmer.

This primary item is designed to keep your precious belongings dry and away from sunlight, while also providing an easy way of carrying them around.

Featuring a time-tested Triple Seal Protection, the pouches are meant to remain waterproof even at 10 meters underwater so you will never have to worry about getting your electronics or wallet wet. Apart from being waterproof, the pouches are also large enough to accommodate a smartphone, a digital camera or other valuable personal belongings.

Adjustable carrying straps are also provided – these can be tuned to fit sizes ranging from 33.5 inches to almost 48 inches, worn either as a crossbody or as a shoulder bag. Sturdy and secure, the straps will not break if used as shown in the instructions.

Two different packs are included in the package – one of them is translucent so you can use your touch-screen devices without problems with wet hands or while sitting on the poolside. The other one is opaque, protecting items from sunlight and concealing them.

Buy from for ($17.97)




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