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Best swimming goggles for triathlon


Triathlon swimming goggles – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


When you have little time on your hands, it might prove to be quite tricky finding the best swimming goggles for triathlon; there are many alternatives available, and there are many differences between brands and models. To make it easier for you to pick those most suitable for your needs, our team has analyzed the market and, after taking product specifications and reviews into account, we have decided that the alternative you should check out is the Aqua Sphere Kayenne. These Italian-made swim goggles have clear lenses, providing excellent visibility both indoors and outdoors in low-light circumstances. Furthermore, the oversized glass offers a full 180-degree field of view, while the hydrodynamic frame is made from hypoallergenic Softeril. Last but not least, they are adjustable and can be worn by various users. Since this option is available at an excellent price, it might quickly be sold out – in this situation, another item you might want to consider is the Zionor G1 Polarized.


Top features to consider


Given the wide variety of models available for sale these days, it is hard to find good swimming goggles for triathlon. Before prospecting the market, you have to take into account certain features which influence the quality of the product; read our complete buying guide to find out which are these factors.





The lenses used for good swimming goggles for triathlon use can be regular or polarized. The first do not influence your perception of the surrounding environment, neither do they improve your eyesight.

Since they are made from select plastics but have no treatment, these tend to be cheaper and also more widespread in affordable or everyday goggles, not meant for professional swimmers.

If you use them in moderate lighting, they are more than enough; otherwise, they might not offer enough protection against sunlight and they might cause discomfort.

Polarized lenses are more expensive but improve your eyesight, by increasing contrasts and enhancing depth perception. In sunny environments, you will obtain more precise and better images, while your eyes are protected against direct sunlight, therefore increasing comfort.

These are recommended for professional swimmers who spend a lot of time training and competing.





There are more techniques that producers rely on to achieve a more comfortable product. Fitting their goggles with adjustable straps is one way of ensuring that they will suit more people, making them versatile.

Easy-on straps are becoming more and more popular – these allow you to adjust them even while wearing the goggles, providing fast take off and setup.

UV protection is used to shelter your eyes against sunlight. 100% levels are typically found in the best triathlon swimming goggles, and even though these are more expensive, they have great value for the money. Together with polarized lenses, these models provides better images and can reduce the blinding effects of sunlight on sunny days.



Other features


Offering a full field of view can be achieved by using special lenses or shapes which allow you to see as if you are not wearing the goggles. 180-degree fields can be obtained this way, making your experience more pleasant and entertaining.

Another feature you have to think about is the type of seal used. Make sure it fits your eye socket, and it prevents water from leaking inside even when you are completely submerged. Double seals are used by some manufacturers to make sure this does not happen.

Goggles are some of the most sought-after swimming gifts and can be purchased together as a bundle with a comfortable and useful swimming wetsuit or a pair of new swimming paddles, obtaining great offers for low prices. Budget is not a problem, as there is something out there for any pocket, and even inexpensive designs can be qualitative.



Top Rated Products



We cannot tell you what to buy, but to offer you some examples of top rated items available, our team analyzed some of the most popular choices and wrote triathlon goggles reviews accurately describing the models. These take into consideration customer feedback and specifications, to be as objective as possible.



Aqua Sphere Kayenne


While we were doing our research, this is the option that came up most often as having great value for the money. Apart from offering clear and vast fields of view, it is made using high-quality materials which will last longer and protect your eyes even when diving underwater.

Many other great features are included, to make your experience more pleasant and satisfying.

With a frame made from hypoallergenic Softeril, the goggles can be worn by anyone without causing irritations or negative skin response.

The adjustable quick-fit buckle system is easy to operate, making tightening or loosening fast and secure even when wearing the item. These features make it very versatile and compatible with a wide variety of swimmers.

A medium eye fit eliminates fatigue and discomfort, providing a watertight fit since it rests on the middle orbital of the eye socket. The oversized lens offers a wide angle of view, while an anti-fog system eliminates potential blur providing unobstructed views.

The lenses are also polarized, meaning that the color and depth perception is improved by eliminating glare and increasing contrasts. Even though they are best used in bright light, their design allows you to use them inside a swimming hall with reduced lighting.

Buy from for ($21.31)




Zionor G1 Polarized


Another great alternative is the Zionor G1 polarized pair of triathlon goggles. Protecting your eyes, they also offer a full field of view, clear images and sharp contrasts allowing you to perceive colors and depths in very bright light better.

Available at an attractive price, there are many other features which make this option accessible and appreciated by swimmers.

Versatility is one of the prominent characteristics of this item. The adjustable straps and specially designed TPR nose piece were manufactured to make the goggles unisex and comfortable to wear for any adult, regardless their face shape or head size.

Apart from providing a watertight fit, the product has an anti-fog system which keeps moisture out, providing clear images regardless of the swimming environment.

The lenses are especially polarized to offer a better image and color perception, while the 100% UV protection provided allows you to wear them even in the brightest light, for many other water-related sports besides swimming.

The high-quality materials and solid construction are other features which contribute to the overall value of this pair. Protecting your eyes against injuries caused by floating or submerged objects, they are guaranteed to last long enough without breaking down or sustaining damage from scratches.

Click to see the price on Amazon!




Zerhunt Professional


A very affordable and yet quality option is represented by the professional swim goggles made by Zerhunt. They offer increased wearing comfort, extra protection against UV radiation and their solid build makes them strong enough to withstand the test of time and any scratches.

Known for its great value for the money, the product is also watertight and provides reasonable fields of view.

The watertight fit is provided by a unique double-seal design which completely covers your eye socket, preventing water from leaking inside them. The silicone gasket and nose piece provide increased comfort, while the seals also help reduce fatigue and pressure applied to your skin.

They will never leave marks on your skin, nor will they get tangled in your hair when you try removing them.

UV protection is guaranteed, the outer surfaces being mirrored to protect your eyes from the very bright light appearing during summer at the beach. Furthermore, they can be used in swimming pools or poorly lit environments, as their lenses offer a clear and high-quality image.

The wide-view feature is also essential, as it dramatically increases the field of view even when submerged. The peripheral vision is undistorted, making for a safer and more pleasant swimming experience. Exchange and refund policies are also offered by the manufacturer.

Buy from for ($8.99)




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