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Best swimming heart rate monitor


Heart rate monitors for swimmers – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Having a fitness tracker which monitors your activity while swimming is one of the most popular ways of keeping track of your progress and calorie consumption, and your cardiac activity, offering you ways of customizing your training schedule. Finding one might be difficult, though, as there are many products available, each with different features and compatibilities. To help you, our team has analyzed the market and, taking into consideration various specifications, reviews and customer feedback has decided that the item you should consider is the Kybeco Fitness Tracker. This wristband has an electronic screen which displays essential data (including calls, sedentary reminder and notifications), and the heart rate monitor offers dynamic heart rate measurements while working out. It has both remote camera control and auto-sleep functions, and a unique feature is its pre-defined sporting activities which can be measured. If you do not manage to buy it, another option you might want to bear in mind is the HealthTree Activity Tracker.


Top features to consider


Finding a good swimming heart rate monitor is not always easy, given that there are so many different products available on the market, many of them having various features and fulfilling other purposes. Read our comprehensive buying guide to find out that some features that influence performance and satisfaction are.





Almost all heart rate monitors come in the form of wristbands which can be connected wirelessly to your smartphone and synchronized with its apps. There are few models which can be only connected to a PC via a USB port, but these are rare and usually much cheaper.

In both cases, however, you must make sure that the product you intend to buy is compatible with the operating system and other features on your PC or smartphone.

Most models available for sale these days can be connected and paired with any smartphone running on Android or iOS; they can, however, require an updated or recent version of these operating systems.

Make sure your Bluetooth is at least as old as the minimal requirements; usually, the problem shows up when you try to pair an outdated phone with a very new heart rate monitor, but connecting older models to more modern apps should not be problematic.



Build and overall quality


It goes without saying that absolutely all swimming heart rate monitors must be waterproof. This feature is usually specified in the product description, on its box or in the instruction manual.

Make sure to carefully read the maximum allowed depth, as some cannot withstand water pressure and are not suitable for diving at all. Some can only be used as a surfing watch and are not suited for long-term swimming.

Quality influences not just the results provided but also their lifespan. Finding a high-quality item is crucial when you want to offer them as a present since they are available swimming gifts.

In time, the saltwater or exposure to sunlight will damage a poorly built item, reducing its accuracy and usability.





Apart from being great at measuring your heart rate, the best swimming heart rate monitor should be used in many other ways. Most will display text and call notifications, with the more performant models showing app messages, too.

Sleep monitoring functions are usually included, as well as distance measuring, step counter, and calorie intake reminders. Other favorite apps are sedentary alerts and stopwatches.

However, make sure that you can see the screen while wearing familiar swimming goggles, as this makes it easier to use them when training or relaxing at the pool. Not being able to operate them with your goggles on is a drawback which will make the experience less pleasant and entertaining.

Also, check that the battery lasts long enough to be usable for as long as possible when you go swimming; not all pools have power plugs where you can recharge the heart rate monitor.



Top Rated Products



Picking an item for you is something we cannot do, but to help you, our team has analyzed some of the most popular models available on the market and wrote some swimming heart rate monitors reviews. These accurately describe the products, taking into consideration both customer feedback and manufacturer specifications.



Kybeco Fitness Tracker


An alternative that came up most often as having great value for the money and positive customer reviews is this wristband made by Kybeco. Compatible with most smartphones, the waterproof monitor has a wide variety of functions including heart rate measuring, is adjustable and can fit a wide range of wrist sizes.

The long-lasting battery is popular amongst those who practice for long periods of time.

Compatible with mobile phones fitted with Bluetooth versions 4.0 or above, the wristband can display notifications, SMS texts, and incoming calls. Furthermore, it can be used to record sleep, some steps, active minutes and to measure heart rate; other functions such as sedentary-remind are also included.

The waterproof design allows you to use it for water-related sports and activities safely; it can also be submerged, but to a depth of only 3 feet and for less than half an hour. The heart rate monitor will display accurate readings when swimming, a great way of keeping track of your activity.

A smart USB design allows you to charge it wherever you have a USB port, eliminating the need for long cables and individual chargers. This aspect reduces stress and makes it easier to use if the instructions in the manual are respected.

Buy from for ($24.88)




HealthTree Activity Tracker


Another accessible way of keeping track of your fitness activity is this heart rate monitor and fitness watch. Compatible with Android 4.4, IOS 8 and later, the wristband will display notifications as well as sports-related information you might find useful.

The waterproof design allows you to use the wristband safely for swimming, kayaking or other water sports; it can also be worn while showering or bathing. It has an adjustable strap guaranteed to fit most hand sizes and to offer a firm fit, while the elegant design looks modern and remains as simple as possible.

Equipped with a heart rate monitor, it accurately measures your heart rate in real time whenever the function is activated. Furthermore, a blood pressure meter is also included. The watch can measure systolic and diastolic pressure, enabling you to learn more about your health condition.

All notifications are displayed on the screen if this function is used. Remote camera control and alarms are also provided, as well as sleep monitoring. If the battery is fully charged, it will last long enough to offer you great insight regarding your sporting performance and health condition.

Available at an affordable price, it accurately measures essential parameters which define your sporting performance.

Buy from for ($53.95)




Fitbit Flex 2


This slim and straightforward fitness wristband is one of the pricier items on our list, but it has excellent value for the money, including many functions and features you might find useful for monitoring your activity.

The SmartTrack function automatically recognizes workouts and records them to the Fitbit app, while unique vibration patterns and colored LED lights to offer notifications about calls and texts.

With a simple and slim design, the wristband is ultra-light and comfortable, offering complete freedom of movement and causing no discomfort to the user. It is also waterproof, so it can be used to track your swimming performance.

The gadget can be used in the ocean or saltwater too, and it is guaranteed to last long even when regularly exposed to water or bright sunlight.

Other functions included are call and text notifications, displayed by the differently colored LEDs or through the different vibration patterns provided.

Sleep monitoring is also possible, the program describing how well and long you sleep; alarms are also provided, and the LEDs will show your progress towards reaching a predefined daily goal.

The new generation model is excellent for all-day monitoring, too – you do not have to practice sport to keep a detailed account of your daily calorie burn when walking to and from work or even inside your home.

Buy from for ($79.99)




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