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Best swimming paddles


Swimming paddles – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you find yourself in need of the best swimming paddles but have little time to search for the suitable model correctly or you do not precisely know what to look for, our team is offering you a helping hand. After taking into consideration the customer feedback, professional reviews and prices of some favorite products available, our team has concluded that the product you should look at is the FINIS Agility Hand. Featuring a strapless design which fits the natural shape of your hand, it also teaches you the right underwater pull and position, as they will fall off if held incorrectly. Instant feedback is provided by this model if the swimmer is using a proper technique, and the advanced design offers increased stroke efficiency. Furthermore, it can be used for all four swim strokes without requiring any adaptations. The item is wished for by many prospective buyers, so in case it is sold out, another model you might want to bear in mind is the Start Smart Contoured.


Top features to consider


Before you start prospecting the market in search for the best paddles for swimming, either for personal use or to offer them as entertaining and useful swimming gifts, keep in mind that there are some features you should consider to obtain a satisfying product.

Find out what these factors are by reading our comprehensive buying guide as it analyzes them.





Perhaps the most critical aspect that you should think of when ordering a swimming paddle is its shape. Finding the model most suitable for your needs usually depends on having the one with a design that suits you; since paddles are such essential items, there are only a few other factors that you should take into consideration.

The shape influences their performance and can also improve or, in some cases, damage your swimming technique. A hydrodynamic design will usually yield better results when worn for training or competitive purposes, so it is quite essential to make sure that their shape was well designed.

Apart from having an impact on overall achievements, sometimes the form can be used to improve your swimming technique by forcing your hand into retaining an adequate position.



How do you want to wear a paddle?


There are two ways of keeping a swimming paddle attached to your hand. One of them is by using elastic straps, which reduce the effort you have to put into using the paddles.

Usually, to make models as versatile as possible, they are adjustable with up to 4 or 5 different sizes on the same alternative. This is the easiest way – it is usually preferred by beginners or by casual, recreational swimmers.

Another more difficult way of wearing them is by holding the paddle in your hand, by maintaining a correct position while swimming. Even though it may be the hard way, it is more rewarding and, in time, it will improve the technique and make it easier for you to swim without them.

In this situation, make sure that a thumbhole exists on the paddle and that their shape is suitable for this type of grip – this is usually specified in the product description



Other features to consider


Most good swimming paddles available for sale are necessary, simple models that are significantly influenced in performance by their shape and wearing method. Usually, this is all that matters; however, the material also plays an important role.

Choose a lightweight, yet durable build, using only top-quality materials to improve performance and to have a pleasant experience.

Regarding the price, such paddles are usually inexpensive, but if they feature a hydrodynamic design, with individual holes in their structure, they might cost a little bit more.

Bundles can also be found, the items being delivered with other useful things, such as a reliable and good-looking triathlon wetsuit, or a very useful cold water wetsuit to offer you an attractive and complete package for the pool days.



Top Rated Products



It is impossible for us to decide what the swimming paddle most suitable for your needs is. However, to help you, we listed some of the most popular products on the market.

We wrote several swimming paddles reviews which accurately describe these items, taking into consideration the customer feedback and the manufacturer’s specifications, to make it easier for you to decide.



FINIS Agility Hand


A popular choice both for beginners and more advanced swimmers, these swimming paddles are appreciated for their quality and good value. Featuring a unique design, these are meant to be worn by all people regardless their swimming style, teaching proper technique and increasing efficiency.

The paddles have a shape which helps teach the right skills, as they will fall off if they are not used correctly. Apart from developing your training, their ergonomic shape also increases stroke efficiency by providing an early vertical forearm position, building body strength and improving your resistance to fatigue over time.

Without straps, the paddles will fall off if not worn as they are supposed to be used, and coaches can find this helpful as it eliminates the stress of having broken straps during practice.

In time, this teaches adequate techniques and makes it easier for you to swim in a healthier and better way. The convex shape also requires a proper palm position. Otherwise, they cannot be adequately held in hand.

Apart from promoting early catch and offering increased traction in the water, they have a comfortable thumbhole creating a proper placement. Working for all four strokes (butterfly, breaststroke, backstroke, and freestyle), they are available at an affordable price that grants them great value for the money.

Buy from for ($18.04)




Start Smart Contoured


Improving your swimming technique and increasing performance can be achieved by using these appreciated swimming paddles. Featuring a comfortable shape, their hydrodynamic design rises performance and also teaches students the correct swimming positions.

Other features are also included, all to make the experience more enjoyable and even healthier.

Ease of use is perhaps the most prominent characteristic of this product. The specially designed shape and adjustable silicone straps make them pleasant and comfortable to wear, and there is no risk of them falling off during swimming.

The paddle has holes which reduce shoulder strain and fatigue, increasing your resistance and making it possible for you to swim more extended periods of time.

The hydrodynamic shape promotes an early catch and is suitable for all four strokes. The contoured blade is useful for building strength, developing your muscles with efficiency and in a healthy way. By adding resistance to the stroke, the swimmer can learn how to have an early catch or keep a rigid torso.

Also featured are exclusive grooves which let the hand have a natural and comfortable position for swimming, keeping fingers spread apart naturally. The silicone strap will not restrict your movement, neither will it cause discomfort or pain.

Buy from for ($15.95)




Speedo Power Plus


A different option which fulfills the same purpose is the Speedo Power Plus swimming paddle. Made from a specially textured foam, it has multiple size options and can be adjusted to suit your needs better.

Available at an affordable price and in a variety of colors, the item has excellent value for the money and is one of the more popular products available.

Unlike other paddles, the textured EVA foam is a bit lighter, and some users will find it also more comfortable and pleasant. Furthermore, they are made to be adjustable, and four different size options are available.

This feature makes them more versatile, as they can be used without problems by all swimmers regardless their hand size or resistance.

Like most similar gadgets, these can be used for all four strokes without problems. Their straps and shape make them suitable for beginners and more advanced learners too, as they can meet the needs of differently experienced athletes.

Scalloped edges and multiple holes are featured, creating a smooth pulling trajectory and allowing water to pass through.

Available in 4 different colors, these paddles are manufactured with attention to detail by one of the leading swimming equipment brands. The easy-to-wear design is popular with teachers too, who find it less stressful to teach with these items.

Click to see the price on Amazon!




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