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Best Title boxing shoes reviews

Last Updated: 12.04.19


Title boxing shoes – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you don’t have much spare time to do a proper research, but you want to buy the best Title boxing shoes, we are here to lend you a helping hand. Based on several factors such as consumer reports, customer feedback, and sales figures, we’ve determined that the Title Predator is an excellent choice. These boxing shoes feature a 3D upper anatomically contour and a flexible gum rubber sole that make them comfortable to use during practice. Moreover, they are a genuine custom fit and provide support for the entire foot, ankle, and lower calf. Plus, they’re incredibly lightweight, and the 7-inch height is ideal for amateur and professional athletes. If by any chance, the Title Predator Boxing Shoes is out of stock, perhaps you might consider another alternative, the Title Bout Champ Exploit.



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Top features to consider


People that are new to boxing make the mistake of not shoes made for this sport. Because a good pair gives you comfort and support while increasing your mobility and speed, it’s no wonder why you must invest in professional boxing shoes. If you’re not certain what features matter most, we have a short buying guide that might help you make the best decision.





It’s a known fact that boxers are light on their feet, so they require proper footwear in order to assist them in training or competitions. Even though you might be tempted to use your old gym workout shoes, there’s a reason why there are so many models for sale that have all sorts of interesting qualities that can help in your practice.

Generally, boxing shoes should fit exactly like regular shoes. No matter how high or low they are, they should provide full support for your ankle as well as lower shin.

Boxing shoes must ensure a great level of comfort, so make sure the one you choose is not too tight or too loose.  A good option is the Title hi-top boxing shoes that protect your foot against injuries and prevent falling or misstepping.

There are shoes that feature material that can be restrictive and don’t let your feet push or bend while in contact with the ground. Others can pinch you in the front or back and cause blisters. Therefore, make sure to always check the previous reviews and look at the product description to see details regarding the material and the stitches.





The majority of the Title boxing shoes reviews recommend choosing a pair made of a lightweight material that allows your feet to stay cool no matter how much physical effort you endure. Besides, the fabric should absorb the sweat.

You shouldn’t overlook the mobility factor. Because boxing is a sport that requires a lot of movement and jump, the outer sole of the shoe must be made of a special rubber that gives you support even when you train for hours. A nice pair of Title leather boxing shoes allows you to have a better grip but also comfort and plenty of breathability for your feet.





Because some manufacturers develop their own sizing chart and measurements, you need to consult it prior to making a purchase. When choosing a pair of shoes for boxing activities, look at the chart and opt for the one that is closer to your regular shoe size.



Top rated products



We’ve come across some products that have the requirements that might catch your attention. So we’ve gathered them and made a list that you can find showcased below.



Title Predator


Because boxing is a sport that needs extreme coordination and ability to move fast in order to catch your opponent exposed and unable to defend, you need a great pair of boxing shoes that increase your mobility and keeps your feet in optimum comfort.

This is the reason why you’ll be impressed with this model that features a 3D upper anatomical contour and flexible gum rubber sole. You can rest assured that no matter how many hours you train your legs won’t feel tired because the custom fit aspect ensures your foot, ankle, and lower calf benefit from full support.

Made from a lightweight material, the shoes are specially designed to increase speed, traction, drive, and support. Moreover, the fabric lets your feet feel free to flex and expand without causing damages to the shoes.

Thanks to the flexible gum rubber sole you get a superior traction power which allows you to move in an out of range without having to compromise your precision and speed.

Furthermore, the padded mesh located along the entire length of the shoe enables excellent breathability and plenty of air ventilation. Therefore, your feet remain dry even after hours of boxing.

Since the shoes feature a 7-inch height, they are ideal for amateur as well as professional athletes.

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Title Bout Champ Exploit


These shoes not only look great, but they’re also built to endure strenuous effort and maximum performance for any boxer.

Featuring an engineered dura-mesh upper sole made of microfiber, this pair of boxing shoes ensure plenty of air ventilation and breathability. So your feet remain dry and fatigue-free even after several training sessions.

Due to the zig-zag soles made of full gum rubber, the shoes provide a fantastic grip and superior speed no matter what type of surface you are training on. Plus, you can twist your foot and move in any direction without suffering any loss in terms of precision and flexibility.

The 5.5-inch height is perfect for boxers that look for support in the forefoot, heel, and midsole areas. Plus, they are incredibly lightweight, so they don’t feel like an obstacle when moving and jumping.

One important aspect worth mentioning is that these shoes are a true fit because of the die-cut EVA midsole that enables the feet to keep a perfect stance and an excellent striking position.

In addition, the full-length padded mesh tongue as well as the sole upper increase the air release ventilation, making you feel cool and dry during boxing.

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Title Predator II


Boxing is a sports activity that requires a certain footwear in order to feel safe during bouts. If you don’t comply and use regular sports shoes, you won’t benefit from the support and comfort that boxing shoes have to offer. Therefore, a pair like this could make a change in your boxing style because they boast a 3D upper anatomical contour and a true custom feet that make them feel like a glove while wearing them.

Apart from this, the shoes are outfitted with a comfort-wrap ankle that is specially manufactured to provide a great deal of support and safety that increases your performance. Plus, it gives you a spongy-soft feeling in the ankle area while the flexible sole made of a gum rubber enables a superior traction force.

Also, the innovative material allows you to flex your feet in order to move in your desired direction without compromising your safety or causing issues related to the quality of the shoes.

No matter how much your train, your feet will remain cool and dry because the full length padded mesh tongue offers optimum breathability and air ventilation.

The 10 oz weight and the 6.5-inch height makes these boxing shoes ideal for both amateur and professional athletes.

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