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Best TKO punching bag reviews


Punching bags from TKO – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Known for its durable construction, a TKO punching bag is the perfect choice when you are training for a sparring match or simply working on your strength and endurance. In this buying guide we have included helpful tips that will make it easier for you to choose the best TKO punching bag.

TKO Punching Bag-Aux niche FIRE


Top features to consider:





There are several types of punching bags, and the right one for you will depend on the intended use. Heavy 50 pound bags are ideal for adults who are strength training, while lighter 25 lbs models are generally recommended for use with kids. Smaller bags are designed to improve speed and stamina and are popular with beginners and professionals.





The best punching bags are constructed from durable leather, vinyl or even a sturdy canvas material and feature reinforced seams that are resistant to rips and tears. Steel chains ensure that the bag is securely suspended, and you also want the accompanying tie downs to be sturdy enough to support the bag’s weight.





Punching bags can be filled with a variety of materials. Speed bags with leather bladders can withstand continuous fast, hard punches without bursting, and heavy bags that are filled with blender fibers help to absorb impact shock and prevent painful injuries.



Top rated products



Even though we can’t choose the right equipment for you, we can show you the following brief reviews so you can easily make an informed decision and choose the best TKO punching bag that meets all of your workout needs.



TKO Pro Style


1.TKO Pro Style Punching BagIf you need to improve your punching stance or simply want to include strength training in your workouts, this might be the perfect heavy duty punching bag for you. The 50 pound bag is designed for durability and can withstand your hardest hits.

Constructed from vinyl and coated in PVC you can easily give the bag your hardest hits without bursting the reinforced seams. The sturdy tie downs feature a “double end” design, and you will appreciate the heavy gauge “D” rings which are welded for added strength. The bag also comes with a steel chain and attached hook so you can easily hang it from the ceiling.

The bag is filled with blended fibers that can help absorb the impact from hard jabs and punches. Since it filled hydraulically, the weight is always evenly distributed throughout the bag. Perfect for use at home or in the gym, this heavy punching bag might be just what you need.

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TKO Heavy Bag 75


This heavy bag is undoubtedly an excellent choice for small-sized boxers or people looking to hone their skills in martial arts as it is lighter than alternatives intended for individuals who are larger or who have already acquired the expertise to hit an even heavier bag.

The outer shell that this unit has been outfitted with weighs 22 ounces and has been constructed using vinyl that has been coated with PVC. What this means for the end-user is that he or she will be able to enjoy a durable punching bag that enables them to use it for more than a decent amount of time.

The neat thing about this TKO model is that it comes with heavy gauge welded D and O rings and a steel chain packed with a swivel. What’s more, since it comes prefilled, it’s good to know that you will be able to hit a surface that has been balanced so that the weight is distributed evenly. In fact, the manufacturing brand has utilized a unique process in doing just this as the unit has been hydraulically filled.

Based on the info that we have found about it, it appears that this punching bag is one of the most durable ones out there, therefore offering plenty of value for the money.

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TKO Leather Speed


3.TKO Leather Speed Punching BagWhether you are working on your speed and strength training or simply want to burn some energy and calories, this professional style punching bag might be just want you are looking for. It measures 5″ x 8″ and features a durable construction that can easily withstand repeated hits.

This speed bag features a leather construction that is durable and resistant to cracks and tears. It is also bound with leather for added durability, and the seams are welted to prevent the bag from bursting due to sharp jabs or hard hits. You also have the advantage of the sturdy top rings so you can easily hang it from the ceiling.

The leather bladder is designed to help absorb impact shock from repeated hits, which also reduces your risk of painful injuries. Affordably priced and perfect for professionals and amateurs, this might be the perfect piece of equipment to add to your home gym.




TKO 25 lb. Kids


2.TKO 25 lb. Kids Punching BagHelp active kids and teens burn off excess energy, while also getting plenty of healthy exercise. Designed to resemble the professional style bags commonly found in gyms, this smaller model makes the prefect birthday or holiday gift.

The 25 pound bag is constructed from durable canvas that is resistant to wear and tear. It can withstand the hardest hits from energetic kids, and the reinforced seams are resistant to bursting. The canvas material is also easy to wipe clean, which is always an advantage around teens and children.

The bag is evenly filled to prevent painful injuries and to help absorb imact shock. The tie downs are securely stitched to the top of the bag, and the included 8 foot rope is easy to attach. The rope can be adjusted to match your child’s changing height, and it comes with all of the mounting hardware you need to hang it securely from your ceiling. As an added bonus this 25 lbs punching bag also comes with a sturdy pair of boxing gloves so kids can immediately start working off their nervous energy.




TKO Speed Pro Line


If you’ve been trying to get your hands on a high-quality speed bag, perhaps this one might be the model that you ought to give some thought to. It’s conveniently priced and a winner in terms of durability, thus combining two of the requirements that most prospective buyers have when starting to prospect the market.

The speed bag measures ten by seven inches, and these dimensions seem to be more than enough for most of the people who have purchased it. Since it has been constructed using high-quality grain leather and features triple reinforced seams and loops, it goes without saying that it’s made to last as long as possible.

Another detail that is worth noting about this product is that the latex bladder is included in the package, which means that you will be able to get as much value as possible with your purchase. Besides, the manufacturing brand is offering a warranty that lasts for a whole year. Since TKO is one of the best-known names in the industry, it stands to reason that you’ll have no trouble getting in touch with customer support just in case something bad happens.




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