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Best women’s metal softball cleats


Women’s metal softball cleats – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Finding the best women’s metal softball cleats is no easy task, but with the right help, you will undoubtedly succeed. Luckily for you, we’ve browsed through countless women’s metal softball cleats reviews, and we came to the conclusion that the product you need to consider first is the Mizuno Women’s Advanced Sweep, due to its advanced features. First of all, its rubber sole will help the user gain a more stable grip against the horizontal surface. The parallel outsole Wave technology offers increased stability but at the same time provides the users with comfortable cushioning to make sure they don’t feel pain or fatigue. Last but not least, the built-in toe protector reduces the weight of the overall product and increases its durability at the same time. Should this alternative be unavailable, we suggest you check out the Mizuno Women’s Swift 5 Fastpitch, since it would make for a great second choice.



Products worth your attention





Top features to consider


In your search for good women’s metal softball cleats, you might stumble upon a wide variety of products available for sale, not knowing what you should choose to increase your skills and improve your game technique.

Luckily for you, we’re here to help by discussing the main features that you should consider when looking to buy a new pair.





The main feature of this particular type of footwear is that the outsole has a few metal cleats to help increase traction and enhance the speed of the user when running. They also provide better stability, but they have one setback: feeling the metal through the sole can be a real pain.

To prevent this issue, most manufacturers use various cushioning techniques to make sure the feet of their customers are well protected. Upon buying a new pair of metal cleats, try them on first if you can, to make sure they feel right.

Also, given that such measures are taken to improve the level of comfort of the wearer, it might be a good idea to check if the sizes still match those of regular sneakers, because so much cushioning might make room for the actual foot a bit smaller, resulting in a tight fit.



Field position


As it’s well known by now, the field position in which one plays is key for actually choosing the right type of footwear. In this case, metal cleats are designed to pick up less dirt and grass, and thus they are better suited for infielders and outfielders.

They have increased traction and stability, so they make it easy for the player to sprint on a slippery surface and reach for the ball in a shorter amount of time.

Other alternatives that exist include molded and turf cleats, which are suitable for training or beginner players. Most advanced players go for the metal version.



Texture and materials


Making sure your feet do not get overheated during a game is part of preserving your comfort. Most alternatives are manufactured using synthetic materials, which are not known for preserving cool temperatures. But a way to avoid that would be to choose a mesh exterior, which allows air to circulate through.

This way, the temperature inside will be regulated, and your feet will be kept dry, so the inside of the shoes won’t get slippery, putting unnecessary pressure on your muscles.



Top rated products



In our search for great alternatives, we stumbled across a few products that received many positive reviews due to their beneficial functions. We’ve decided to showcase them in the list below, to highlight their main features.



Mizuno Women’s Advanced Sweep


This item is 100% synthetic, and its 9-spike outsole is designed using advanced technology to help you get a better grip against the horizontal surface. It’s suitable for fastpitch, and it’s made out of rubber.

The parallel outsole and Wave technology features manage to increase the comfort of the user, the cushioning provided reducing fatigue and creating a comfortable environment for your feet. Also, by improving the stability of the footwear, the pressure you put on your muscles is lowered.

Using an innovative toe protector, this item manages to reduce its weight while also providing enhanced durability, since this is the area that wears out the quickest. It also increases its resistance, making this a pair of footwear you can wear for extended periods without having to worry about damaging them.

The full-length midsole only manages to contribute to the overall comfort of the wearer, and this pair only weighs 10.1 oz. They come in a wide range of color alternatives, so they’re easy to match with any outfit, be it softball equipment, gym or casual.

Light and comfortable, this model offers another useful function: it allows the skin to breathe through its construction, preventing overheating.

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Mizuno Women’s Swift 5 Fastpitch


The synthetic sole of these shoes is designed to provide the user with the optimal fit but at the same time to give them the right benefits required for a good fastpitch softball game.

Most Mizuno products use Wave technology to make sure the cushioning on the sole is enough to protect the user’s feet from coming into direct contact with the metal cleats, creating a comfortable and painless environment.

Aside from that, it also significantly increases the stability of the players, so their movements won’t be hindered during the game, and the risk of accidents will be lowered.

The 9-spike outsole configuration not only provides superior comfort but it also offers aggressive traction, so this shoe is a better fit for a slippery horizontal surface. It also comes with a padded tongue and a reinforced toe, which will make sure that the area doesn’t wear out, prolonging the life of this piece of footwear.

This model has five metal cleats, designed to preserve the comfort of the customer, which elite-level fastpitch players will find helpful in their game technique. They come in many sizes and colors so it shouldn’t be a problem to choose a model.

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Under Armour Women’s Glyde


What defined this product is its breathable mesh, the 100% synthetic exterior which provides a comfortable environment for your feet by preventing the air inside from overheating. It is a low-top model designed to maximize comfort.

Being made of coated mesh, the shoes are also lightweight, the only thing weighing them down being the metal cleats added to increase the stability and provide better traction against any surface.

The internal bootie construction provides a comfortable fit that resembles a casual sneaker, so you won’t feel like you’re wearing complex sports gear that hinders your movements in any way.

They also come with an abrasion-resistant, rubberized toe cap to help prevent that area from wearing out in a short time, thus increasing the resistance of this item. Their die-cut EVA sockliner is added in order to reduce cleat pressure and make sure the user doesn’t feel the metal underneath while wearing this piece of gear.

By using a charged cushioning midsole, they prove to have advanced technology since this method absorbs impact and converts the force into responsive comfort, all to make sure the user has the right environment to perform without any disturbing factors. They have a wide range of color alternatives.

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