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Best women’s softball pants


Women’s softball pants – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Are you looking for the best women’s softball pants but you don’t have a lot of time on your hands to find out more about this topic on your own? Then it’s a good thing you are here since in the following lines you’ll find all of the answers you need. Our team has conducted extensive research that included expert reviews and data gathered from the market and reached the conclusion that the softball pants you should take into consideration as the first option are Mizuno’s Select. This model features a 2-layer knee panel construction for added protection while sliding, as well as a double-knit fabric built to last, for extra durability. Moreover, the DryLite Technology included in this model keeps the player cool and dry during the game, by driving excess moisture away from the body. In case you cannot get your hands on this fine pair of pants, the second option you should keep in mind is Easton’s Mako model.



Products worth your attention





Top features to consider


When it comes to choosing a pair of softball pants, things might seem rather easy but that is not always the case, especially if you are new to this and you need to find your way among all of the options available out there.

Since there is a number of factors that you should be aware of before making your choice, we’ve decided to give you a hand by putting together this concise guide. In the following lines, we will talk about what characteristics you should look for and some tips regarding how to choose the pair of pants the fit you best.





Since most manufacturers offer sizes ranging from S to XL for both young and adult players, you should not have any issues finding the pair that fits you. The trick here is to find the one you are comfortable in. In order to achieve this, you can always look for more information from other customers or contact the manufacturer directly.

In terms of length, there’s a general rule that says most models run a little long. For this reason, what you need to do before your game or practice session is to make sure that your pants are not caught on your cleats. If you do see this happening, simply roll them up a bit or get them hemmed.





Since this beautiful sport can get quite intense, there’s no doubt that your pants need to be able to sustain some beating over the course of a season. For this reason, choosing a model made with high-quality fabrics is very important, but don’t forget about reinforcements as well.

Most of the models have been outfitted with a reinforced construction at the knees and rear, which helps absorb some of the impact when diving or sliding. This also prevents any wear and tear to the materials, which means that you’ll be able to enjoy your pair of pants for a longer time.



Moisture management


As you can very well imagine, being comfortable is a crucial element during any softball game, as this way you can concentrate on the task at hand and keep your head in the game. That is why choosing softball pants that are made with a fabric that includes moisture management capabilities is the best way to go.

This way, your body will be kept dry and cool throughout the game, as any excess moisture is driven away.



Top rated products



If you have already gone through multiple women’s softball pants reviews but you are still not sure which pair to choose, we’ve decided to give you a hand by putting together the list below. This selection includes our favorite picks of softball pants chosen out of the highest-rated models available for sale in this category.



Mizuno Select


Mizuno’s products are well-known among professional players for their quality. Therefore, when it comes to finding some good women’s softball pants, the Select Belted Piped model has naturally made its way into our selection. This model offers multiple features that make it an excellent choice.

Made out of 100% polyester, these pants showcase a 2-layer knee panel construction that ensures added protection while sliding, while the durable double-knit fabric is built to last. The great thing about this fabric is the fact that you can easily wash it and it maintains its breathable properties, for full comfort during the game.

Since we are talking about comfort, the Performance Plus padding added to the model ensures a great wear and feel, while also offering added protection, durability while sliding, diving and playing your hardest. We know that many games tend to get rather intense, so this addition definitely comes in handy.

Moreover, for a player to be fully comfortable on the field, there’s one more thing that the manufacturer kept in mind, namely excess moisture. For this reason, the DryLite Technology was included in this model, as it keeps the player cool and dry by driving moisture away.

Buy from for ($39.95)




Easton Mako


When you are looking for some great women’s softball sliding pants, going for a brand well-known for the quality of its products is a pretty obvious choice, and Easton is one of those brands. The Mako model is made of 100% polyester and it’s built to be the perfect blend of durability and comfort, for the player to be able to fully focus on the game.

With a design developed by following the natural movement and physique of elite female athletes, each pair of these pants is specially made to keep up with the wide range of moves a player needs to perform on the field during an intense game. And since we’re talking about playing your hardest, it’s a good moment to mention this model’s durability.

The double reinforced knees feature a custom engineered cuff, while the double metal snap closure comes with a metal zipper for added comfort and security during the game. Also in terms of durability, the Scotchgard Stain Release technology ensures an easier maintenance and improved performance.

Also in terms of comfort, the double back pockets feature the manufacturer’s five belt loop system, which means that the player will have nothing to worry about during the game.

Buy from for ($44.99)




DeMarini Uprising


A bit different from women’s slow pitch softball pants, this model was specially made for fastpitch players, and it’s one that you might want to keep in mind if you are looking for a reliable pair of pants that will allow you to be fully focused on the game at hand.

Made of 100% high-quality polyester, this model looks anything but part of a uniform with its cool design. If you want to stand out on the field, then these pants are surely the option to go for. They also come with belt loops and a zipper for the player’s enhanced comfort and for a great fit.

As you can imagine, comfort does play a major role for a successful game and DeMarini knows this very well. For this reason, the manufacturer used a soft, double-knit fabric for these pants, that also includes a moisture management technology. This means that all the excess moisture is driven away from the body for an enhanced experience.

If you know that you need a pair of women’s plus size softball pants, then check out all of the options offered by the manufacturer for this model to get the one that feels most comfortable out on the field.

Buy from for ($34.93)




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