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Best wood softball bat

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Wood softball bats – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you are looking for the best wood softball bat but you have little time on your hands to find the relevant information on this topic yourself, this article is here to give you a hand. In the following lines, you will find all the answers you need, as our team has conducted extensive research on the highest-rated softball bats and concluded that the one you should consider as a first option is Phoenix Bats’ SB5 model. With an end-weighted barrel that ensures more powerful swings and a tapered handle that offers a firm and comfortable grasp, this bat is designed for players of all categories. Moreover, given that it meets the ASA standard, you don’t need to worry about being able to use it in many types of games and leagues. If this model is not available in your area, the next alternative you might want to keep in mind is Axe Bat’s Adult Pro bat.



Products worth your attention





Top features to consider


When it comes to choosing the right softball bat, things might be a bit more complicated than they seem at first. In this category, as well, there are multiple alternatives you can find for sale, and sometimes you might feel a bit lost, not being sure which one is actually the most suitable option for your needs.  

However, this is not something you should be concerned about, as this short guide is here to help you determine what main characteristics you should keep in mind as you browse through the options. The good news is that wooden bats should not be exclusively used by professional players. No matter your skill level, you can go for a wooden bat and enjoy the game.





Compared to metal bats that have become popular because mishits are not such a big issue when you use such a model, wooden softball bats require a bit more skill from the player because the sweet spot needs to be hit, or else things will most probably not go as planned.

However, this can also act as a motivator for the player to constantly improve and using a bat that requires him or her to get better seems like a good idea. The thing here, though, is to choose a model made of high-quality materials, but this doesn’t necessarily mean an expensive one, as there are plenty of cheap wood softball bats that fit the bill.



Types of wood


As one of the most popular types of wood used to make bats because it’s very strong, maple is the star material, as it offers a stiffer alternative. This material offers multiple benefits, some of these being that it has the best “pop” and that it offers a very good inside pitch protection.

Birch is another alternative that, more flexible than maple, allows the player more in terms of mishits, which makes it a good choice for those who are new to wooden bats. Ash as well is used for making bats, being the softest of them all and also offering the largest sweet spot, which makes it ideal for beginners.





Finding a bat that is the right size for your body and strength is essential for learning how to play this beautiful sport. There is plenty of available information on this topic both online and offered by well-known bat manufacturers, so don’t hesitate to look up some sizing charts and see if the model that you chose fits you well.



Top rated products



If you’ve already gone through some wood softball bat reviews but you are still not convinced which model would suit you, take a look at the selection we’ve made below. This includes some of the most sought-after wood bats available for sale, so you most probably will find the right one.



Phoenix Bats SB5


For those players who need to find a good wood softball bat, Phoenix Bats’ model might be the right answer. Specially designed for pure power hitters on the field, the SB5 features a maple construction that will help the player perform at his or her best during games or practice sessions.

Since this model is all about getting powerful hits, it features a long barrel that is end weighted. Moreover, the tapered handle ensures both comfort and a firm grasp, while the flared knob helps those players who are used to this type of design. What all of these features mean is that the bat swings like a dream, helping the player achieve many successful games.

In terms of measurements, this design includes a 2-¼-inch barrel and a 15/16-inch handle. If you want to make sure that it fits you right, you can check some online charts or ask the manufacturer for more information on this topic.

Another aspect that is good to know is that all Phoenix Bats wood models meet the ASA standards and they are marked accordingly, so there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to using this one in certain leagues and games.

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Axe Bat Adult Pro


Axe Bat’s Adult Pro model is one of those slow pitch wood softball bats that you can truly rely on during an intense game. In turn, this means that the player will be able to focus and give his or her best out on the field for a great overall experience.

One of the aspects that make this bat an excellent one is that it’s made from a single billet of pro-grade maple hardwood. The high-quality material ensures its durability and strength, while the slow pitch construction is specially designed to ensure both speed and power.

Since we’ve mentioned its construction, it’s a good moment to take a look at the proprietary premium finish this model includes. What this brings is an improved hardness and durability, so you’ll be able to rely on it for many games if you decide to give it a try.

Moreover, the patented Axe handle is specially made for slow pitches enabling the player’s best swing. It also maximizes the bat’s speed and improves the barrel control for more consistent and harder contact. With a 2-¼-inch barrel, this model meets the ASA standard, the stamp featured on the bat making this clear.

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Brett Bros. SST500 Black


Maybe you’ve never thought about bamboo wood softball bats as being something you should take a closer look at but, given all of the features this Bret Bros. model offers, you might want to take it into consideration. The brand is known for offering quality composite wood bats that are also cost-effective, and for aiming to ensure that coaches at all levels have access to them.

Moreover, since the founders have a lot of experience on the field, they understand the importance of having reliable wood within a bat’s construction. For this reason, they’ve implemented a 3-piece laminating system in their designs, as well as a patented BOA fiberglass reinforced handle for added strength.

The SST500 model consists of a bamboo core and a maple barrel, and it features an elegant black finish that will make you stand out when you are on the field. Plus, given its versatile construction, this is an excellent bat for both cold and warm weather.

If you are wondering whether this bat is the right size for you, you can take a look at some of the charts available online that match your body with the right bat size. This model’s length-to-weight ratio is approximately -6.

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