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Best wrestling gear


Wrestling gear – Buying Guide, Ratings, & Comparison


Whether you’re a novice or already an advanced wrestler, using the best wrestling gear is an important step to take in order to elevate your game and make it safe. Finding good wrestling equipment, though, might not be that easy. There is a great variety of products out for sale and, to ease your shopping, we have examined the most appreciated models and wrestling equipment reviews for you. We’ve reached the conclusion that the Adidas Combat Speed shoes are the first ones you should bear in mind. Boasting a single layer mesh body that is very flexible and which feels and fits like a sock, the shoes are breathable and lightweight. They allow the right amount of grip thanks to the split-suede leather outsole overlays and the sock-like fit is further ensured by the supportive TPU 3-stripes. If you’re also looking for quality knee pads for extra safety, the Bodyprox Collision Avoidance is the first option you should keep in mind.

Top features to consider


You can hardly find another sport as Spartan as wrestling is in terms of gear. While other sports activities involve helmets, bats, sticks, shin guards, and other such accessories, wrestling requires only shoes, headgear, a mouthguard, and a singlet.

However, getting the best wrestling equipment isn’t necessarily simple with all the good wrestling gear options available on the market. You need to pay attention to certain features whether you’re on the lookout for shoes, headgear, or a new singlet. Here are some specs appreciated by the best wrestlers of all time. Consider them before making your decision.



Shoe materials


Since the shoes you use when wrestling are the most important in terms of athletic performance as they directly affect the outcome of a match, you need to pay attention to various features in order to get a pair that will keep up with the challenges of your game.

The materials used count a lot. Fortunately, most wrestling shoes feature a leather or a mesh body. Both of them have advantages. The leather contains moisture whereas the mesh shoes are more breathable and offer more air circulation. Go for the material that best caters to your foot type and needs as you can thus avoid developing a foot fungus.

Don’t forget about the sole material. If in the past they used to be made out of leather or a thin piece of wood, these days, most shoes, if not all of them, feature a rubber sole. This material is ideal because it creates the friction a wrestler needs to enjoy a better performance.



Unisole or split sole?


Shoes are further divided into two more categories based on the type of sole they feature. To know the sole type of your shoes, just look at their bottom. The unisole is a continuous heel-to-toe sole whereas the split sole includes two distinct sole pieces, one at the heel and one at the front.

Each of them comes with advantages. While the unisole ensures a greater grip, the split sole provides the wrestler with enhanced flexibility. It is best to try them on and test them out a little. This way, you will know which ones feel better.



How should the shoes fit?


It all depends on your foot shape and your personal preferences. However, most wrestlers prefer a snug fit. If your body is still growing, though, it might be better to go for a pair of shoes that leaves you a bit of extra room.

Top brands offer size recommendations that you should follow. For instance, Adidas and Asics recommend trying shoes that are one-half size larger than the shoes you normally wear. Just like with many other clothes or shoes for sports activities, the right shoes will make you forget about them once you’ve put them on so you can concentrate on developing your skills.



Headgear material


While the shoes you wear will affect your flexibility and freedom to move, the headgear will make sure you are protected when performing. Also known for including a pair of ear guards, the headgear is designed to prevent injuries to the ears and head. Therefore, getting quality headgear is a step that should be approached with the utmost seriousness as it regards your safety.

Ear guards come in various shapes and are made of different materials to serve different purposes. Soft-shell headgear is usually preferred by youth wrestlers since it is more comfortable to wear and does not injure the opponent. Such ear guards are made from polymer, a cloth-like material, or a soft rubber.

The market also offers hard-shell headgear. This type of ear guards is made from a durable, hard plastic. Such products are also lightweight, which adds to the user’s comfort and they typically come with openings to ensure better hearing. Unfortunately, many international competitions prohibit the use of hard shell headgear.



Headgear fit


Just like the shoes you wear when wrestling, the headgear should provide you with what you call a perfect fit. You will find two general sizes: youth and adult. Many models are available in “one size fits all”, though, and that should not be a problem as long as the product comes with straps that allow you to adjust it.

Go for a model that allows you to loosen or tighten the straps on the back and top of your head in order to enjoy a comfortable and safe fit. The right product won’t slide or move around and that’s what you need to be sure your fight is safe.

Different headgear models come with different numbers of straps. In this case, the more straps, the better. Four or five straps are preferred as they will enable you to personalize your fit. You can secure the straps for maximum safety, which is needed to prevent not only head and ear injuries but also cauliflower ear caused by a loose headgear that can rub against your ears.



Knee pads and mouthguard


Once you’ve taken care of these two pieces of equipment, you need to consider other items that will directly affect your performance. The knee pads you use can make a great difference. They are designed to absorb impact and protect your knees from getting injured.

Although many wrestlers are not very fond of them since, if not chosen correctly, they can affect the user’s comfort, knee pads were designed with your knee safety in mind. Now, if that’s part of your priorities, and it should be as such injuries can take you out of the ring for short to long periods of time, you need to get pads that protect you yet feel like a second skin.

Maximize your protection by adding a quality mouthguard to your gear. It is best to go for a custom fitted mouthguard if possible. Unlike standard mouthguards, these are molded from a special shock-absorbing material and usually made by a dental professional. They will fit your mouth anatomy perfectly and thus enhance your safety when fighting.



Top rated products



Because the variety of wrestling gear can be overwhelming, we have compiled a list of wrestling gear reviews based on the features mentioned above, customer feedback, and rating. They cover various wrestling products so you can feed many of your needs and get the necessary information to make the right decision.



Best wrestling shoes


Adidas Combat Speed


The shoes you wear when trying to outperform your opponent count a lot. Since enhanced flexibility, breathability, and a lightweight design are the features with the greatest weight, we think the first option you should consider is the Combat Speed shoes from Adidas.

The single layer mesh body not only ensures breathability and thus directly enhances the wrestler’s comfort but also fits like a sock. Flexibility is further boosted by the supportive TPU 3-stripes and integrated side panel that will make the shoes feel like a glove. A perfect fit and superior comfort will only help you improve your performance.

What’s more, the shoes promise to allow the right amount of grip due to the split-suede leather outsole overlays. The ultra-lightweight shoes are available in a variety of colors to match various preferences. The manufacturer recommends choosing your shoes one-half size larger than the ones you usually wear.

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Best wrestling knee pads


Bodyprox Collision Avoidance


If you want to add knee pads to your wrestling gear and you’re interested in comfortable, flexible, breathable pads, this pair from Bodyprox should have priority. The knee pads are made of high-density strengthened foam that will provide you with enhanced freedom of movement and great elasticity.

The material used is both comfortable and breathable promising to keep your skin dry when fighting or training. Primarily designed to prevent knee injuries, the pads are also great at preventing and reducing stiff muscles and joints whether you use them for wrestling, fitness, or outdoor sports.

The product is also impact-resistant and committed to improving blood circulation, which proves to be crucial when it comes to contact sports such as wrestling. The ergonomic design and ultra-lightweight material will make you feel like you’re not even wearing them. The product is available in sizes ranging from small to large.


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Best wrestling headgear


Cliff Keen E58 


If maximum protection is what you want when in the ring, then using quality ear guards and headgear is mandatory. This model from Cliff Keen was designed with your safety and comfort in mind. That’s why the product is lightweight, comfortable, and fully adjustable.

Based on the highly-appreciated design of the original foam E41 patented 50 years ago, the headgear sports 4 straps for a perfect fit. By giving you the possibility to personalize your fit, the product delivers increased protection and safety. Moreover, it will reduce friction, which further reduces the risk of getting ear and head injuries such as the cauliflower ear.

The straps allow the headgear to be adjusted to fit even youth sizes. Therefore, this is great even if you’re a young wrestler as you will still be able to use it later as you advance. The ear guard also comes with an SP94 chin strap pad.


Buy from for ($27.95)




Best wrestling book


Mark Mysnyk Wrestling Moves


If wrestling is still a land of many unknown moves to you and you’re in need of a book to help you learn more about the rules of wrestling, this volume should not go unchecked. Including more than 700 detailed photographs, Winning Wrestling Moves is ideal not only for high school and college wrestlers but also for coaches or professional wrestlers.

Considered one of the most technically elaborate wrestling books, this volume is written by Mark Mysnyk, Barry Davis, and Brooks Simpson, all of them former All-Americans from the University of Iowa. It includes various techniques that should be engaged to enjoy the proper stance, penetration, lifting, and movement.

The book also contains 200 takedowns and variations that are based on the reaction of the wrestler’s opponent, escapes, reversals, pins, and useful counter techniques. Winning Wrestling Moves could easily be regarded as a history of wrestling techniques that helped wrestlers become champions.


Buy from for ($21.28)




Best youth wrestling headgear


Cliff Keen Tornado


Using a durable yet comfortable headgear should not be an option when it comes to wrestling but rather mandatory if maximum safety is desired. When you’re a young wrestler exploring this realm, making it part of your wrestling gear gains even greater importance. To make sure your kid stays safe when fighting, you might want to consider the Tornado Youth Model from Cliff Keen.

Fitting heads of 18-21½” circumference at the eyebrows, the product comes with 4 straps for a comfortable fit. Keep in mind that, regardless of the model you buy, a good fit also depends on the shape of the wrestler’s head.

The unisex headgear weighs only 0.425 pounds which significantly boosts the user’s comfort when wearing it. Many of the customers who purchased the product appreciated it for its overall quality, the breathability it offers, and the fact that it allows better hearing.


Buy from for ($32.91)




Best wrestling video game


WWE 2K17


Take your passion for wrestling one step further and include it in your daily spare time with this video game. Featuring a significant number of new moves and animations, this game allows you to customize your WWE thanks to the advanced Creation Suite that includes important options to create a video or a victory.

Developed to provide you with an authentic WWE experience, the game comes with stunning graphics and a massive roster of WWE and NXT’s popular Superstars and Legends. This game will help you practice your skill virtually while also tickling your creative side as the additional content allows you to create custom arenas, superstars, and championships.

Furthermore, thanks to the new Promo Engine, you can enjoy the drama and personality of the WWE Superstars when in WWE Universe and MyCAREER modes. You can build alliances, start rivalries, or choose your words to shape your characters or to smack talk your opponent.


Buy from for ($11.03)




Best wrestling belt


WWE Replica Title Belt


When it comes to replica wrestling belts, this model for kids is an option you might want to consider if elaborate details and quality materials are the ones you have in mind. Created from a mold of the title belt you can see on TV, this belt fits up to a 34-inch waist.

It comes with 7.4“x 7.4“ side metal plates that are made of zinc alloy just like the front metal plate. They are not interchangeable, though. The real belt features metal alloy, therefore this replica looks very much like the original. Made from polyurethane, the simulated leather straps further add to this professional look.

The product includes a small packet of extra jewels in case you need to change them. The World Heavyweight Champion belt comes in a black cloth bag featuring the new WWE logo and weighs approximately 3.65 pounds.


Buy from for ($249.99)




Best youth wrestling shoes




Increased flexibility and traction are the things you get with this pair of wrestling shoes from Asics. The improved rubber split sole and the rear and forefoot traction pods will improve the young wrestlers’ performance by enhancing their flexibility and comfort.

The upper construction was redesigned with this model and now features a breathable single layer mesh body that will make the shoes feel like they’re not even on your feet. They won’t just provide a perfect fit that will directly and positively affect your performance but they also ensure breathability to keep your skin dry and further boost your comfort so you can focus on your moves and outperforming the opponent.

The less bulky version of the lace garage technology used for the tongue makes them appropriate for Tournament competitions. They have a pocket that allows the laces to be tucked in and thus left unexposed.


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Best youth wrestling dummy


Celebrita MMA Punching Bag


If you’re on the lookout for a punching bag to help you practice your skills and improve them, this model is an option you might want to take into account before hitting the order button. Designed to enable you to practice various moves and techniques, the bag can be filled with all sorts of materials and shredding.

It does not come filled as often advertised yet taking care of that is nothing complicated. You just need textile cuttings. The punching bag is built with solid vinyl that will ensure extended use and keep up with rounds and rounds of training.

The bag comes in various sizes including the 47-inch bag that can weigh up to 77 lbs, the 59-inch bag that can reach 99 lbs when filled, and the 70-inch bag that can be filled to weigh up to 121 lbs. It is also available in three different colors: black, blue, and red.


Buy from for ($143.9)




Best wrestling mask




Designed for light wrestling and costume wear, this silver mask from Mask Maniac will add to your wrestling outfit while keeping your face unexposed if that’s what you desire. Even if it is intended for light wrestling play, the mask uses materials that allow long periods of use.

Therefore, it is made out of a soft foamy material that provides the wrestler with comfort even when playing for extended periods of time. To further enhance the user’s comfort, the item is open in the back and can be laced up to provide a perfect fit.

Even if it is available in one size, it can be adjusted for maximum comfort. It can be used by kids and adults alike. The customers who’ve tried it have appreciated the well-made design and overall quality, some of them describing it as being excellent and saying the material is durable and resistant.


Buy from for ($21.75)




Best wrestling mat


Dollamur FLEXI-Roll


A wrestling competition or training session is not complete without a mat. If you need one to practice your skills or for the amateur competitions you organize, this model from Dollamur should be the first to consider. Designed to withstand long wrestling sessions and repeated compression, the Flexi Roll mat sports quality materials for both enhanced comfort and durability.

Featuring polyethylene foam that delivers maximum shock absorption, the mat also boasts a 24oz vinyl surface that prevents cracks and peeling. This will help you enjoy it for extended periods of time without reconditioning it.

Thanks to the technology used to mix these materials, the mat will not only absorb shock but will also enable the player to enjoy extra speed and resiliency in sports such as wrestling. What’s more, the vinyl prevents odor-causing microorganisms from getting hold of your mat thanks to the antimicrobials it was treated with.


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Best wrestling singlet


Adidas Side Stripes


In case a singlet is what you need to buy and you’re on the lookout for something classic, comfortable, and durable, you are very likely to meet your needs if you go for this Adidas singlet model. Featuring the now popular three side stripes, the singlet delivers the quality and comfort the manufacturer has become famous for.

The product is crafted from durable Lycra fabric that allows a perfect and comfortable fit and the 3 stripe design will help you stand out from the crowd. The item is available in both youth and adult sizes that range from XS to XXXL.

Thanks to the materials it sports, the singlet suits all body shapes and wrestlers of all ages and skill levels. The player’s color preferences were also considered when this line was created and, thus, the item comes in a great variety of colors from the classic black to bolder colors like gold.


Buy from for ($41.95)




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