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Best wrestling shoes reviews


Wrestling shoes – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you want to cut straight to the chase and find what the best wrestling shoes are, this short paragraph should give you the information you need to find the best model. Based on consumer ratings, specialized reviews and an overall quality analysis, we have concluded that the Adidas Combat Speed 4-M is the one that you should consider. It comes in all the sizes you might need, making it certain that you will find one that will fit you perfectly. To add comfort to your wear, the extremely breathable single layer mesh body will give the freedom and protection your feet need to improve your performance. Holding a tight grip on the floor is also extremely easy thanks to the split-suede leather outsole overlay. If you are unable to find the Adidas Combat Speed 4-M at your favorite store, then you can safely consider the Adidas Speed Shoe AQ3325 as your second-best option.


Top features to consider


Finding a pair of shoes can be a time-consuming task, and that is especially true when it comes to choosing some good wrestling shoes. This is mostly because the market has matured a lot and you can now find countless options available for sale for every item that you seek. To help you in that respect, we have compiled the comprehensive buying guide below.



Comfort is crucial


When wearing any shoes, the one thing that you want more than anything is to have one that is so comfortable that it almost feels like wearing a second layer of skin. This is exactly what you should seek when prospecting the market for something to wear while practicing sports.

When practicing wrestling or any other sport, you want each and every part of your body to be able to function at 100% efficiency. An uncomfortable pair of shoes can reduce your performance quite noticeably, rendering you less effective and even leading to potential injuries.

To avoid this nuisance, you have to make sure that the pair that you settle for is a perfect fit. Don’t underestimate the importance of this step, if you get a pair that does not fit well, you should immediately return it and get a different size, either lower or higher depending on your needs.



Good grip


When practicing sports that rely heavily on you having a stable contact with the floor, you need to pay particular attention to the grip that your option has. A good grip will keep you fixed to the floor, giving you additional balance that will allow you to ace difficult poses.

A good grip is also effective at keeping you on your feet when you opponent charges at you. You want to be able to hold your ground, but with shoes that are slippery, you’ll only manage to make yourself fall to the ground.



Durable materials


Consider that you are going to have your shoes subjected to a lot of force and unless you have the best quality products, you will find yourself having to replace them quite frequently. This is why it is recommended that you don’t shy away from getting the best options even if they might be a bit more expensive.

Having to buy new pairs constantly can in the long run cost just as much if perhaps even more than buying a quality pair of wrestling shoes. Quality materials are also more likely to be easy on your feet, allowing them to breathe and prevent fungus infections.



Top rated products



To further ease your decision-making process, we have come out with a list of some of the best shoes for wrestling for you to choose from. You can safely choose between these products as they were chosen by looking at the wrestling shoes reviews with the highest ratings and customer satisfaction. Take a look below if you have the time.



Adidas Combat Speed 4-M


Improve your performance and get a quality and comfortable product with the help of the Adidas Combat Speed 4-M. It comes with a great variety of sizes for you to choose from, which means that you will have no trouble in finding that perfect pair that will fit you like a sock.

In fact, the extremely breathable single layer mesh body is carefully designed to allow your skin to breath as if you were merely wearing a sock, not a pair of shoes. This way you will feel more comfortable when wearing them, allowing for more freedom when practicing your favorite sport.

Get ready to master those poses and moves that you had trouble with before as the split-suede leather outsole overlays add the right amount of grip. It will be like practicing with your bare feet only that you will have the advantage of a better grip, allowing you to anchor yourself to the floor.

The idea of your feet slipping out of the shoe is out of the question with the Adidas Combat Speed 4-M. It comes with an integral support strap that will keep your feet secured in place, in a comfortable way that will not hinder your mobility.

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Adidas Speed Shoe AQ3325


You will easily fall in love with the comfort that the Adidas Speed Shoe AQ3325 can give to your feet, a reason why this model is popular even among people that don’t practice sports. The lightweight design that uses synthetic suede and synthetic leather will allow your skin to breath. It will also make wearing this product feel like you’re walking barefoot.

For added grip so that planting your feet on the mat feels secure, the Adidas Speed Shoe AQ3325 is equipped with a full-length rubber sole. Due to the use of high-quality rubber, your feet will feel more secure than ever, allowing for a better maneuverability as well as improving some of your stances.

The single layer mesh material will keep your feet protected and comfortable as the mesh will allow your feet to breath, removing any chances of developing fungus infections. Don’t believe that because of the lightweight design this model is not durable because it is built with some of the highest quality materials available.

The seamless design is purposely built to give you a durable product that will be able to last many uses without showing signs of tear.

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Adidas Combat Speed


A stylish and yet extremely practical option, the Adidas Combat Speed is one alternative that can really make you have the best of both worlds. It can act as both a product that will make your wrestling matches more comfortable and improve your performance, while also being almost a fashion statement. It comes in 3 beautiful color combinations for you to choose from, allowing you to easily accessorize this model to the rest of your attire.

Furthermore, the mesh design will keep your feet breathing properly even during the most intensive and tiring exercises. No need to worry about sweaty feet or fungus infection, this model will keep your feet healthy and clean.

Because stability is key when practicing any sport and even more so during wrestling, the Adidas Combat Speed features a rubber sole that can easily grip any surface. It is perfect for when you want to try new moves without having to fear that you will slip.

To keep your feet securely in the product, the support strap is one feature of this model that you will fall in love with. Not only will it keep your feet from slipping out of the shoe, but it will also increase your comfort when wearing this product.

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