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Best yoga gear


Yoga gear – Buying Guide, Ratings, & Comparison


Yoga is a relaxing yet challenging form of workout that will help you build a healthier lifestyle. You can practice it in order to get rid of stress and anxiety, improve your body posture and figure, relieve back or shoulder pains or lose weight. But, no matter the reason, one thing is for sure – you will be more successful if you choose the right gear. And, if you don’t have time to find the perfect yoga accessories on your own, we can help. After going through numerous product reviews we have reached the conclusion that a reliable yoga accessory is the BalanceFrom GoYoga Exercise Mat. Its large dimensions will ensure maximum comfort for people of all heights and weights. It is made of a high-density foam material with non-slip surfaces on both sides and is moisture resistant. If this product is not available for purchase, a good alternative would be the Yogiii Mat Bag.


Top features to consider


If you want to learn how to start doing yoga, you will probably need a lot more than Youtube tutorials and motivational CDs. The best way to practice is to enroll in special classes taught by accredited teachers and, of course, invest in some good yoga gear.

And, if you don’t know exactly what to choose or how to find great yoga equipment for sale, here are some features and pieces of advice you should take into account.



Start with the basics


Although there are countless yoga products available on the market, you don’t have to spend a fortune at the beginning. In fact, you can save a lot of time, money, and effort by sticking to the essentials – a comfortable yoga mat and training clothes. Shoes and socks are optional but we do suggest wearing them if you don’t practice this physical activity at home.





Whether we talk about yoga bras, shoes or mats, these items should be able to offer you full support and increased comfort whenever you are using or wearing them. Keep in mind that yoga is a very demanding activity that can cause severe injuries if it’s not practiced under the supervision of a professional and with the right accessories.

If we’re talking about yoga mats, these items should be firm, thick, and comfortable at the same time. They should be made of high-density foam materials that are both soft and rigid.

Look for products that are stiff enough to support your correct body posture but also soft enough so you won’t injure yourself if you fall or lose balance.

When it comes to bras, make sure they provide maximum support when bending or jumping, without being too tight or uncomfortable. Sports bras and bralettes are the most efficient items when practicing all sorts of physical activities as they provide the required support and lift without thorny underwires.



The right size and fit


Another extremely important feature to consider when searching for the best yoga gear is the right size. Whether we talk about mattresses, shoes, shirts, bras and bralettes or yoga pants, all these should perfectly match your body shape and dimensions.

When it comes to yoga mats, make sure you have enough room to stretch, bend or sit on it. The ideal size should cover your entire body with extra room on the sides. Never opt for mattresses that are the same length or width as your body because there won’t be enough room for you to practice the yoga moves.

The same principle applies to yoga pants, shirts, bras or bralettes. Keep in mind that this type of physical activity mainly focuses on stretching your arms and legs, so all the clothes you wear should be extremely flexible but not too loose either.

Choose a pair of stretchy yet comfortable yoga pants with reinforced sides on the maximum pressure points, including the area between your legs. You can opt for shorts, medium-sized leggings or full leggings, depending on your preferences and level of comfort. However, if you choose full-length leggings, we suggest a skinny cut instead of a flare leg.

T-shirts and yoga shirts are also welcome as long as they follow the same fitting rules – reinforced underarms and a close body cut without being too tight. However, if you want maximum freedom of movement for your arms, we recommend opting for a special sports bra or bralette.



Moisture control


Yoga is a very demanding physical activity so expect to sweat a lot. It will take up to your last body muscle to bend or stretch in certain ways, meaning you’ll be consuming a lot of energy. Thus, you won’t only need comfortable and breathable clothes and yoga mats but also items that are able to absorb extra moisture.

Organic cotton is a great choice for yoga clothes because it will let your skin breathe properly while also absorbing the extra sweat. However, in order to prevent sweat from getting in contact with your skin, you should opt for special poly-blend fibers specifically designed for sports activities.

Don’t forget that you should also choose a yoga mattress that will allow your skin to breathe properly. In addition, since most of the classes are held in rooms with laminate floors, consider a mattress with anti-slip sides.

If you still have doubts about the right clothes or accessories to choose, you could search for some online yoga gear reviews and see the opinion of other customers.

As we previously mentioned, socks and shoes are optional and wearing them only depends on your personal choices. Socks and shoes can improve your stability and offer a better grip so you won’t slip off your mat and injure yourself. Always opt for socks and shoes with anti-slip soles or rubber reinforcements.

If you prefer a pair of shoes, make sure the ones you are wearing are appropriate for yoga. These are similar to regular running shoes so they should closely follow the anatomical shape of your feet and provide maximum support and comfort.



Other accessories


If you’re looking for cheap yoga equipment for beginners, the previously mentioned accessories are the only ones you’ll require. However, more experienced yogis choose additional items like straps and swings.

Specific towels are very popular amongst yoga practitioners and usually come in two different sizes – full mat or hand towels. The full mat towels are specifically designed to cover the entire area of your yoga mat to absorb shocks, extra sweat, and offer a better grip.



Top rated products



Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, finding the right yoga gear is difficult, especially since there are thousands of products worth mentioning. After carefully reading customers’ opinions and closely following the features previously mentioned in our buying guide, we came up with a list of some popular products that are worthy of your attention. All these items, along with their main characteristics, are showcased below.



Best yoga mat


BalanceFrom GoYoga Exercise Mat


The item is available in seven different colors so pick the one that best matches your personality and the rest of your outfit.

The mat is made of a high-density foam material and is about 0.5 inches thick, providing the best support for your spine, elbows, and knees. Thanks to its non-slip surfaces on both sides, you can place it on any type of floor, including laminate or tiles, and reduce the risk of injuries and accidents.

Moreover, it is designed with a moisture-resistant technology that absorbs extra sweat to keep your skin dry even during intensive workouts. The product can be easily washed with warm water and soap and will look like new anytime you use it.

It is also extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear thanks to the attached strap that allows you to carry it on your shoulders.

Buy from for ($12.99)




Best yoga bag


Yogiii Mat Bag


This bag is available in eight different colors to match the rest of your yoga outfit and accessories. It is about 30 inches long and 13 inches wide and fits most mats.

This tote bag is specifically designed for hustle-free yoga classes as it allows you to keep all your gear in the same place. It is extremely efficient since it doesn’t feature any buckles or fasteners, meaning you just need to put all your items in the bag and you’re ready to go.

The unisex design is suitable for both men and women. The bag can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including as a grocery bag, a shopping bag or a beach bag. It is big enough to carry your yoga mat and other essentials.

It also features two additional pockets – a large side pocket to keep your water bottle, towel or sandals, and a small interior pocket with zipper to safely store your phone, wallet, and keys.

Buy from for ($49.99)




Best yoga mat cleaner


Asutra Natural & Organic Cleaner


Your yoga mat deserves constant cleaning, especially if you use it on a daily basis. A clean mat will not only allow your skin to properly breathe but also help prevent skin rashes, allergies, and other health issues caused by bacteria, germs, and mold.

This solution is delivered with a free cleaning towel and is available in a therapeutic lavender scent. Its soothing and subtle aroma won’t distract you from your practice but will help you keep your balance and relax more.

The product is made of 100% organic ingredients and doesn’t contain any chemicals or harsh cleaning substances that might harm your skin. It will disinfect your mat instantly by removing all dust, dirt, germs, bacteria, and sweat. The antifungal and antibacterial properties of this cleaning solution will protect your body and hands for a prolonged period of time so you can enjoy safe yoga classes anywhere you are.

Buy from for ($10.95)




Best yoga wheel


UpCircleSeven Dharma Prop Wheel


This item is available in five different colors and it is considered a great back opener and stretcher on the market.

The wheel is specifically designed to help you stretch and bend better, improving your posture and flexibility. Each product is delivered with a free PDF e-guide to help you understand how it works and how to use it to improve your yoga sessions.

It is made of strong, durable, and reliable PVC that won’t flex or bend like other similar products. Thus, your body will remain in the same position and you’ll be able to improve your poses easy and safely.

The thick padding will cushion your feet, arms, and back for more comfort. The same padding is designed to last against sweat and excessive moisture, keeping your body dry and safe at the same time. Thus, you can use this wheel no matter the intensity of your yoga routine.

Buy from for ($60)




Best yoga bolster


YogaAccessories Supportive Round Bolster


This item is available in a wide variety of colors to match your personality, yoga outfit or to add a touch of fun to your yoga classes. It is made of 100% cotton with a cotton filling for superior comfort and safety.

The long and firm cylinder shape will support your back, knees or any other part of your body as you stretch, bend or practice new yoga poses. It is perfect for beginners who want to improve their mobility and avoid injuries.

The product weighs about 6 pounds and is large enough to provide full support for your back and body. There are two handles available on each side to help you comfortably carry the item and use it during your yoga or pilates classes.

The zippered case can be easily detached and cleaned in the dishwasher after each use.

Buy from for ($26)




Best yoga socks


Qing Outdoor Women Socks


This set of three pairs of socks is a great addition to your daily yoga gear. The products are made of premium-quality combed cotton and terry cloth to absorb excess sweat and keep your feet dry. They will also minimize exposure to foot bacteria and fungi.

The ballet-style design with an additional strap will prevent the socks from slipping off even when you move more intensely. The socks are soft, comfortable, and breathable, offering maximum support to your feet while practicing indoor sports.

They can be worn on laminated floors, tiles or other types of slippery surfaces without worrying about injuries. The skid grips on the bottom are evenly distributed on the entire surface of the sock to prevent slipping.

These socks are available in US 6-10 women sizes and are true to size according to most of the customers.

Buy from for ($11.69)




Best yoga bras


Glamorise Full Figure No-Bounce 1066


Although yoga implies minimum bouncing, some poses may require a trustworthy sports bra to provide full support and keep your breasts in place. This sports bra is specifically designed to offer maximum comfort, support, freedom of movement, and lift while exercising.

The product is made of a combination of polyester, nylon, and elastane to perfectly mold on your body. It is available in five different color options and plenty of sizes, from 34C to 50J. Thus, women with large breasts will be finally able to enjoy sports activities without pain or discomfort.

This bra also features a moisture-wicking fabric with a mesh panel in the front to keep the chest area dry even when exercising intensely.

The classic hook-and-eye closure at the back and the adjustable shoulder straps make this product easy and comfortable to wear by women of all sizes and body shapes.

Buy from for ($29.25)




Best yoga strap


Reehut Strap with Ebook


This is a great yoga accessory suitable for both beginners and professionals. It is available in numerous colors and three different sizes – from 6 feet to 10 feet. It is designed to offer the necessary balance and support to your yoga moves in order to improve your pose and body flexibility.

The item is made of soft and sturdy cotton that is resistant to wearing and rubbing in order to protect your arms from injuries. It won’t break or lose its shape in time, so you can count on it for many workout sessions from now on.

The featured metal D-ring buckles are adjustable according to your needs and will secure all your alignments and poses. This strap is perfect for physical therapies, yoga, pilates or daily workout routines as it will improve your flexibility and strengthen your muscles.

Thanks to its lightweight design you can carry it with you anywhere and store it in your gym bag.

Buy from for ($6.48)




Best yoga swing


UpCircleSeven Aerial Sling


This product is perfect for professional yoga practitioners to improve their poses and try new exercises to challenge their body flexibility.

The swing is superbly crafted from a top-quality parachute material fabric to provide maximum support, comfort, and safety. It can be used for spinal decompression or upper body strength building and aims to maximize your body effort during exercises.

The product features thick padded foam handles that are comfortable and large enough for your hands, as well as a large and safe swing seat that will help you perform any type of aerial yoga exercise. The swing is strong enough to hold up to 550 pounds or the equivalent weight of three adult men.

It also comes equipped with two climber daisy chains, and each of the attached hanging straps can support up to 200 pounds. Thus, the product is extremely reliable, comfortable, and safe to use.

Buy from for ($85)




Best yoga non-slip towel


Heathyoga Non-Slip


The product can be delivered in five different vibrant colors so make sure to pick the one that matches your personality. The towel is made of an innovative microfiber material and silicone coating to soak up the extra sweat and moisture. It is perfect for people who tend to sweat a lot during yoga classes.

The item was specifically designed to meet the needs of intense workout routines, including pilates, hot yoga or power yoga. Thanks to the added grip-grid texture, the towel offers stability and helps you hold your yoga poses for longer.

It also features an exclusive corner pocket design that easily hooks onto your mat’s corners to keep the towel in place and help you focus more on your routines.

The size of the item fits a standard yoga mat. When purchasing it you’ll also receive a free matching color carry bag with an attached cotton rope closure. The bag is large enough to hold your towel, phone, keys, and wallet.

Buy from for ($29.99)





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