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Best youth lacrosse stick

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Youth lacrosse sticks – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you’re interested in finding the best lacrosse stick for youth players but don’t really have the time to go through all the research material available online, then the following paragraph should provide you with an expedient answer. After looking at what responses each of the currently available products received from customers and specialists alike we’ve concluded that the STX Fiddle Two-Pack will probably serve best for casual backyard play. The Fiddle is basically a high-value set, aimed at children or casual players, that contains the minimum you need only to go outside and start playing as soon as it arrives. For a very affordable price, you’ll get two mini sticks strong enough to hold to the rigors of a casual match and an orange lacrosse ball. An equally good option would be the A&R Sports Major League mini set, if the STX product is unavailable in your area.


Top features to consider


Although it might seem a trivial task when compared to choosing something like the best youth lacrosse stick for junior league competition, getting the right model for backyard play or practice does pose a unique set of challenges all on its own.



How to choose a good lacrosse stick for kids?


We won’t be looking at things like the density of the carbon composite the shaft is made from, for example, because overall performance is not really important here, but buying something that will provide hours of fun and maybe even get your kid into practicing a sport at an advanced level should serve as guidelines for making a decision.

Keep in mind that a youth-oriented lacrosse stick can also serve as a great practice tool, even for high school players, as it will spare the expensive equipment the player uses for competition a lot of wear and tear, while also allowing him to improve his game with a more forgiving tool.



It’s all about enjoying the game


It is often said that the lacrosse stick is an extension of the player, and its qualities will impact the way he or she experiences the game. To ensure the best fit possible, we need to know how the various parts of the stick will impact the way it handles.





When it comes to the sidewalks — which refers to the framing surrounding the mesh –, there is a choice between stiff and flexible ones. A head that flexes easier will make it more comfortable for an attacker or a midfielder to receive passes and run with the ball, while defenders and goalies tend to favor stiffness.





The front portion of the head is called “the scoop,” and the wider this is, the easier it will be to pick up the ball. A scoop that is relatively flat, with a shallow drop, will facilitate playing the ball straight of the ground, while a deeper scoop will make it easier to get the ball in the pocket.





This is the lower part of the mesh that holds the ball. Deeper pockets give you better accuracy, while shallower ones are favored by attackers because they allow for swifter launches and passes. Wider pockets will be useful to a defender, as they make blocking easier at the expense of accuracy.





Good youth lacrosse sticks usually employ undersized shafts, that are both shorter than the minimum 30” used for adults and thinner, to better accommodate the small hands of children.



Top rated products



There is quite a deal to choose from when looking for a competent youth lacrosse stick for sale. After consulting dozens of youth lacrosse stick reviews and examining the buyer feedback for each product, we’ve settled upon three well-appreciated models that might suit needs the best.



STX Fiddle Two Pack


STX is already well renowned for providing some of the best youth-oriented sports products out there, and they couldn’t be exempt out of a list of lacrosse sticks intended for casual play. As you would expect from the company, this Fiddle pack checks all the boxes for what you might need in this regard.

First off, you get quite a lot for what you’re paying, meaning two sticks with a ball thrown in, so you won’t need to make other purchases before your kids can go out and play. Considering the category they are placed in, the quality of the items is considered pretty remarkable, made of tough plastic, so they don’t break down after just a couple of months.

The head on these items is shaped to facilitate both offensive and defensive play, so the young athlete won’t be forced to specialize straight off the bat. The pocket is narrow for better accuracy, as we all know how frustrating missing a shot due to faulty equipment can be.

At the same time, the framing only gently narrows towards the shaft, allowing for a wide area to be formed towards the upper midsection that would serve well for blocking the ball.    

Buy from for ($20.95)




A&R Sports Major League


This set of two lacrosse sticks and a ball will make a good choice for parents of smaller children, as they are very compact and easy to use by the smaller-framed.  

The holding surface has been substantially slimmed down, to accommodate smaller hands, while the head is shaped to maximize the surface for the least possible size. Basically a triangle, it will provide for sufficient width for intercepts, and it won’t give any problem in picking up the ball, but it probably isn’t the most accurate frame out there.

Just as well, children of 6-10 aren’t sufficiently coordinated to deliver precise throws, regardless of equipment, so emphasizing characteristics that will make it easier to pick up the ball and keep it in the mesh will be the batter approach.

This A&R model does just that, with a deep scoop that will lead a grounded ball straight in the basket and on towards the goal!

You shouldn’t really worry that the sticks will break during play since their low cost makes them easily replaceable, but even so, the construction is reported to be rugged enough to handle anything a child might put it through.

Buy from for ($21.88)




StringKing Complete Jr.


A little bit pricier than the other items on display, the StringKing Complete Jr. can be considered a premium option for this category. You won’t get a ball for your money but what you will get is a pair of well-engineered sticks, that were carefully balanced and strung out by before leaving the factory (to be fair, all good manufacturers sell their mini models pre-strung).

Good balance means that you won’t have to cut the shaft to make the head seem heavier, and mesh that’s already adjusted to give a proper pocket shape will spare you a lot of headache and potential mistakes.

The thing that makes this item stand out the most is the extra-deep pocket, which effectively cancels the trade-off between accuracy and blocking effectiveness. The ball is held firmly in place by the tight mesh itself, that drops significantly lower than the frame, which is kept wide to allow for better intercept.

The scoop is also wider than usual, but it retains a relatively shallow edge so that it makes it easier for the ball to be pushed straight off the ground in the desired direction.

Click to see the price on Amazon!



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