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Best youth mouth guard reviews


Youth mouth guards – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Your teeth are extremely exposed during hits. If you don’t wear the best youth mouth guard, you risk having them chipped or broken. Since time can be a major problem, we’ve decided to join you along in your journey of finding a great mouth guard. Based on different customer reports and sales figures, we believe that a great choice of product would be the Battle Oxygen Predator Football. The reason why we were so impressed with this mouth guard is that it doesn’t require boiling because it was specially developed by dental and medical experts. Moreover, it is able to deliver more oxygen to your muscles, making the recovery process a lot faster. If the Battle Oxygen Predator Football 8260 is not available, you should give a chance to the Shock Doctor Double Braces.


Top features to consider


Each piece of sports equipment has its own purpose, and you need to acknowledge this and incorporate them into your workout practice. The reason why you need a good mouth guard is that your teeth are incredibly vulnerable to impacts and they can easily suffer damages. If you’re not sure what product suits your needs best, we’ve got a useful buying guide that you can read below.



Protection level


Especially for young players, it’s crucial to purchase the best mouth guard for youth since their teeth are less resistant and they haven’t gained much experience in the field game.

There are a lot of options for sale to choose from, but not all of them provide the same level of protection.

In order to get the utmost protection, the mouthguard must have at least a minimum of 0.15 inches of material in the areas usually exposed to hits. Even though the sensible sports can differ from sport to sport, the area located in the front of the teeth and the one under the molars need optimum protection.

If an athlete doesn’t have its teeth under a shield, their risk getting injured. Sometimes, bad accidents might occur and the results can be quite serious, in a bad way.

Besides, if there’s too much material in places where the mouth guard should be less bulky, it might get too uncomfortable to wear, which is distracting when being on the field, ice or court.

Contact sports, such as football or ice hockey, use face masks or shields for frontal impact. Therefore, mouth guards used by these players might have the frontal profile a little thinner. Nevertheless, they provide extra support under the molars. This way, the athletes can control the breathing better.





The majority of the mouthguard reviews recommend choosing a product based on the way they fit in your mouth.

Because each mouth is different, it’s crucial to get a product that has been designed by taking into account the structure of a youth’s mouth.

Basically, the guards must be tight enough so they can fit the upper teeth without being held solely by the lower jaw. Furthermore, no biting or clenching is allowed. If the mouthguard is a snug fit, then it will stay in place no matter the impact. A player should be able to get the mouth guard out only by using their own fingers.





Nowadays, mouthguards are top-notch quality and more efficient like the older models. Some of them are outfitted with a special technology that keeps the lower jaw in a forward position. This helps the player feel more relaxed and have better flexibility and balance.

Several items on the market are colored or have all sorts of cool logos which makes them stand out when the player wants to customize the entire sports outfit.



Top rated products



Here you have a list of products that have the features mentioned in the buying guide. Check it out and see if one of them catches your attention.



Battle Oxygen Predator Football 


Mouthguards designed for youth players must look great besides the protection they provide. Since contact sports are all about hits and accidental punches, you need to wear one that feels comfortable and fits your mouth perfectly.

This model is specially manufactured for youth people starting at the age of 10. Plus, there’s no need to boil the mouthguard after each use because the product has been developed by dental and medical experts in the field in order to deliver maximum performance.

The best part is that this mouthguard is able to provide more oxygen to your muscles, this way enhancing their recovery speed. Also, it boosts the player’s thinking and focus, while enabling a faster reaction during the game.

This product is available with a connected and convertible strap so it can be used for Scuba diving activities.

One aspect worth mentioning is that the item is made using an advanced composite that ensures plenty of breathability and comfort. You can say goodbye to mouthguards that don’t stay in place or feel bulkier in the front teeth area.

As far as the sizing goes, this mouthguard is a snug fit for any mouth shape, and the breathing hole is quite large and allows you to breathe normally.

Buy from for ($16.99)




Shock Doctor Double Braces 


If you want complete protection for your teeth during contact sports, you’ll definitely be impressed with the quality provided by this mouthguard.

Suitable especially for athletes that need protection for the upper and the lower teeth, this product is specially manufactured using ortho channels that are able to mold to the upper and lower brace brackets. This way, you can be certain that you’ll feel incredibly comfortable wearing this mouth guard, without having to worry about lacerations.

The product is made of pure medical-grade silicone which means that the guard can easily adapt to any possible changes in your mouth structure.

Due to the Insta-Fit design, the unit ensures a snug fit even if you wear braces. Also, the mouth guard can be worn without having to boil it before each usage which comes in handy if you have daily practices that last several hours.

Since the product was specially developed for use with the help provided by orthodontics, you can wear the mouthguard and still benefit from the same protection both upper and bottom areas.  

Because the ventilation channels are located in the center of the mouthguard, you benefit from an improved airflow and breathability.

You can purchase the item in strapless or strapped versions.

Buy from for ($14.28)




Shock Doctor Max AirFlow Lipguard


Because our teeth are extremely sensitive to any type of injury and even clenches, you need to wear a mouthguard if you’re into contact sports, such as hockey or football. These can help you a lot by providing the safety you need and keeping your teeth healthy and intact.

Featuring breathing channels that ensure an optimum oxygen intake, the product comes with low profile integral bide pads that add plenty of comfort and stability.

There’s no need to worry about not being able to wear the guard with braces because it was specially built to adapt to any mouth conditions. Besides, it is made of a super flexible pure medical silicone that fits your mouth instantly, without molding. Even after many sessions, the mouth guard stays intact and in place.

This mouth guard is able to offer complete protection for both upper and lower lips while the full arch upper and the lower bite surface keep the teeth safe and sound.

Because of the translucent manufacturing material, you can easily clean the guard using boiling water or the dishwasher. Also, it won’t lose its texture and won’t suffer any deteriorations.

Buy from for ($15.17)



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