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Best youth softball bats


Youth softball bats – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If what you need to find is the best youth softball bat, then you are in the right place. We know that this topic can be time-consuming when it comes to finding all the related information, so we are here to help. After carefully examining some of the most critically-acclaimed models offered on the market, research that included data gathered from customers and from expert reviews, we’ve reached the conclusion that the bat you should consider as the top choice is Rawlings’ FP7S13. Made of high-quality alloy, this model offers an excellent balance between effectiveness and weight that, according to some reviews, can help players improve their batting. This is particularly important since it also contributes to building a young player’s confidence as he or she steps out on the field. In case this bat is unavailable for sale, the next alternative you might want to keep in mind is the Louisville Slugger K100 bat.



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If your kid is just getting started with his or her softball practice and you are not sure where and how to find the right bat, it’s a good thing you are reading this article. Many say that softball is actually more difficult than baseball, given certain of the game’s particularities and, for this reason, we’ve decided to go through the main aspects you should keep in mind.

In the following short guide, you will find some characteristics, as well as some youth softball batting tips that can help you make the right choice, so do check them out to ensure that the model you choose fits the player’s needs.





Since finding the right bat size is the first step and one of the most important ones, let’s take a look at what are the best ways of doing this. One measurement technique is to place the bat knob at the center of the player’s chest and extend the barrel out toward the fingertips. If the player can touch the end of the bat with his or her fingertips, the size is right.

Another solution to measuring the length is by placing the bat’s bottom knob at the center of the player’s chest, this time facing outward. If he or she is able to reach out and grab the bat’s barrel, then the length is the appropriate one.





Bat weight is different among models and here it’s more a matter of personal preference and physical strength. If the player is stronger, then he or she is most probably going to be able to handle a heavier bat and swing it without any troubles. However, do keep in mind that a bat that is too heavy can hinder a player’s performance.

If you want to make sure the bat’s weight is the right one, you can easily test this out. Hold the bat with one hand, for 30 seconds, with the arm extended away from the side. If the player can do that without dropping it, then the weight is most probably the right one and he or she will be able to swing it.





When we are talking about the drop, we are talking about the difference between length and weight. A lesser drop means that a bat is heavier and it might be too much to handle at the plate.

In the end, here’s a matter of testing different models out and, should you have any additional questions, remember that you can always contact the seller or the manufacturer. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be able to choose a bat that will be by your side for many successful games.



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Going through youth softball bat reviews can be quite overwhelming, especially if you are new to this, as there are so many options that you can choose from. Since we know this very well, in the following lines you’ll find our favorite picks from the highest-rated bats available for sale, so don’t hesitate to take a closer look.



Rawlings FP7S13


Finding one of those excellent youth fastpitch softball bats can seem like a rather difficult task, but we might have found the right solution. Rawlings’ FP7S13 model is made of the highest quality materials, which is an important aspect to take into consideration as you are choosing the next bat for yourself or for your kid.

Made of alloy, you can rely on the fact that this model offers an excellent balance between weight and effectiveness which helps the player achieve the best results during the game. According to some reviews, this bat has actually helped players improve their batting, and if we’re talking about a beginner, getting excellent results is also a strong motivator.

Don’t be surprised if once your kid starts using the FP7S13 he or she will also experience a confidence boost and enjoy a smooth learning process. This model is a 32-inch one and it weighs 19oz.

Don’t forget to check out a youth softball bats size chart to make sure that the model you choose fits the player’s needs. If you’re not sure where to get started on this matter, you can check it with the manufacturer or the seller and get all the information you need.

Buy from for ($89.99)




Louisville Slugger K100


Not one of the regular youth composite softball bats available on the market, this Louisville Slugger model features a lightweight design and a natural wood finish. What’s good to know about the bats offered by this well-known brand is that they are specially designed for coaches to hit ground balls and fly balls for both infield and outfield practices with ease.

What makes this bat stand out among other models in its category is the unique shape, as well as the end-weight design that makes it lightweight, meaning it’s easy for the player to swing without wearing out his or her arm, or dealing with additional fatigue. This feature also ensures extra distance delivered in the process, all with easy swings.

When it comes to the materials used for making this model, the northern white ash is both strong and flexible, delivering a powerful swing even for less experienced players, which makes it a very good addition to any practice gear for someone who wants to enjoy a smoother learning curve.

In terms of size, the barrel is of 2 ¼ inches, while the overall length is of 36 inches, which makes it suitable for most young players as they are getting started.

Buy from for ($28.75)




Louisville Slugger PRIME Y271


The Prime Y271 model offered by Louisville Slugger is one of the lightest and most balanced bats offered by the manufacturer and it comes with many features that make it a very good choice for a young player. For this reason, we’ve decided that it just had to be added to our selection.

Made of maple, the most popular species of wood used by the manufacturer to make bats, this material offers both high density and hardness on contact. This means the player will be able to enjoy an enhanced gameplay, even if he or she is less experienced. Plus, the cool natural finish coupled with a neon-yellow grip make this bat an elegant looking one.

Since all of the PRIME models feature Louisville Slugger’s EXOARMOR, which is a state-of-the-art finish that ensures an added hardness to the bat, this means that the player can feel and hear the difference with every swing.

Since it’s important to choose a model that fits the player in terms of size, it’s a good time to mention the balanced swing weight construction, as well as the target drop that is of -8 (+/- 2oz.). The model’s entire construction makes it an alternative that can be easily handled by a young player.

Buy from for ($69.95)




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