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Best youth softball gloves


Youth softball gloves – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you want to acquire the best youth softball gloves for the money, but you do not have a lot of time on your hands in order to do the needed research on the subject, we can help. After assessing the market, and after reading numerous reviews left by the experts, we have concluded that the Mizuno Prospect Finch is the product that you should consider purchasing. This model has a 12-inch pattern, and it includes a soft palm liner that enhances the durability of the option and that makes it even more comfortable. Even more so, this item has a full grain leather palm design that features a back made of pigskin that is said to add to its overall sturdiness. According to the seller, because of its construction, this glove can make it much easier for the player to catch the ball. If this option happens to be out of stock, be sure to check out the Rawlings Storm as it has also received positive reviews so far.



Products worth your attention





Top features to consider


As you probably already know, similarly to when trying to buy a quality softball bag, the process of finding good youth softball gloves comes with its difficulties. To help you make an informed decision, we have decided to lend you a hand by putting together a list of features that are regarded as a must-have in a product of this kind.



The web and the pocket


As most youth softball glove reviews point out, it is crucial that one selects a product that has a sturdy web construction. The web or the basket of the glove is the place where the ball falls when one catches it. Therefore, by selecting an item that has a strong web, one can be certain that the glove will last for years to come.

Equally important, seasoned players recommend that one opts for a model that includes a comfortable pocket. The pocket of the glove is placed just under the web. As a rule of thumb, softball gloves have a deeper pocket than baseball mitts, as they have to accommodate a bigger ball. From this point of view, it is recommended that you select a product that can fit the type of ball that you have to catch.





Just like when buying brand new softball helmets, you should also spend some time assessing the material that was used to create the glove that you like. There are two types of materials that are generally used in mitt construction.

First, there are those gloves made of leather. When made of high-quality leather, softball mitts tend to be highly durable and very comfortable. However, these models tend to be quite pricey, as can be seen by searching for a few modern ones available for sale.

Secondly, there are those softball gloves that are made of mesh. Mesh is preferred because it is said to reduce the weight of a model and to increase its flexibility. As the experts argue, mesh gloves breathe better, and they require a reduced break-in time. However, these cheap youth softball gloves are not as durable as those made of genuine leather.





If you want to end up with the best youth softball batting gloves for the money, it is crucial that you also pay attention to the sizing of a specific model. A mitt’s size is determined by measuring the distance between the heel of the glove and the tip of the index finger slot.

If you are new to this topic and want to learn more about selecting the right equipment, this article on how to purchase high-quality softball backpacks can be of help.



Top rated products



If you find it challenging to browse through all the choices that are currently available, we recommend that you take a good look at this list of products that we have composed for you.



Mizuno Prospect Finch


This item features a 12-inch pattern, and it includes a palm liner that adds comfort to the model. As a plus, this kind of liner is said to absorb the resulted sweat so that your hand remains dry at all times.

What makes this option stand out is that it was developed in collaboration with Jennie Finch, the gold medalist. Therefore, it was optimized to supply the user with the necessary protection and support.

To make sure that it will pass the test of time, the manufacturer has constructed it from pigskin leather, a material that is known for its sturdiness and durability. Plus, the choice features a particular type of design that enables the user to catch much easier. Because it has two laces less than most models available, this glove is regarded as more versatile and more flexible than its counterparts.

Even more so, the adjustable wrist strap incorporated into the item’s design makes it easy to put on and to take off after practice. Most of those that tried the glove so far were happy with its performance, and they warmly recommended it to beginner players. So, try it out for yourself and see if it suits you!

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Rawlings Storm


Another model that might interest you is the Rawlings Storm. This softball glove was made of high-quality materials, and it is said to be very comfortable and protective of one’s hand. Differently from other similar products, this choice is not too stiff, and it is easy to break it in after the first couple of uses. To speed the process, owners can also use leather conditioning.

Although it is not as durable as others, the option is perfect when used by casual players and beginners that are just getting used to the sport. However, if you need a glove that can be utilized regularly, it might be a good idea to search for a high-end product, as this might not suit your needs.

When it comes to its fit, most owners are happy with the size of this glove. As a quick look over the reviews suggests, this glove is a good fit for those young players aged 10 and below. To fit the needs of all interested players, this glove is available in two hand orientations. So, it can be purchased by both left and right-handed children. Also, it is worth pointing out that this device is regarded as budget-friendly.

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Easton Z-Flex Fastpitch


If you are a big fan of gloves made of pigskin, this option might also interest you. This alternative is known for being light in weight and extremely flexible, which is why so many users speak highly of it. Moreover, given the materials that were used to make it, this unit is also likely to last long.

As a result, this model is particularly suitable for young players. On top of that, you should remember that this glove includes a Z-Flex palm design that is said to allow an easy closing of the hand. Plus, the lockdown system that it incorporates is convenient as it can guarantee that the mitt will stay secured to one’s wrist at all times.

Another feature that might make this model appealing to its buyers is that it incorporates an extended pocket that can accommodate a ball effortlessly. Besides, it includes a deep traditional woven web that most of its users find feasible.

At the time we did our research, this model had received positive feedback comments from its users. Most of them pointed out that this choice breaks in easily and that it is very comfortable. Still, some argued that the price of the unit is a tad high.

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