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Best youth wrestling headgear

Last Updated: 17.04.19


Youth wrestling headgear ˗ Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you are interested in getting the best youth wrestling headgear out there, but you don’t have the time to do the research, we are here to help. After going through various specialized reviews and after reading the feedback left by previous buyers, we have determined that the Cliff Keen Tornado is the product that you should invest in. This piece of gear was designed to be utilized by kids that have a head circumference of 18 to 21.5 inches, and it can provide its users with the necessary protection. The model stands out because it comes fitted with a special strapping system that keeps it in place effortlessly. Furthermore, you should also know that the model is completely adjustable and that it is made from a highly breathable material, which is a reason why many consider it very comfortable. If this item is unavailable, feel free to look at the Cliff Keen E58.


Top features to consider


Finding cheap wrestling headgear for youth is not an easy task, especially given that the market is overflooded with various models. To be of help to you, we have put together a list of features that you might want to keep in mind before placing any orders.



The breathability of the material is essential


According to youth wrestling headgear reviews, before you make a decision, you should take a good look at the material that was used in making a model.

From this point of view, a reliable item should be light in weight and highly breathable. By choosing a product that has this feature, you can be sure that the gear won’t cause any type of discomfort to the user.



Softshell vs. hardshell


Moreover, it is crucial that the selected model can supply you with the necessary protection so that your ears are not damaged while practicing this sport. Generally, you can pick between softshell ear cups and hardshell models.

Softshell devices are very comfortable, and, because of this, they are recommended to be used by youngsters. As a plus, they are more flexible than their counterparts, and they offer a customized feel that many appreciate.

What is more, it has been argued that softshell devices provide the wrestler with a better fit and that they are considerably less bulky.

On the other hand, the traditional hardshell units are sturdier, and they tend to last longer than softshell models. Also, they supply the user with better impact protection, and they are lighter in weight. According to the specialists, this alternative is also worth your attention because it can allow better hearing.



Strapping systems


Similarly to when buying wrestling knee pads, if you are determined to get good youth wrestling headgear, you should also consider the material used in the making of the straps, as this aspect can determine whether or not the selected model will fit one as expected.

It is a well-known fact that, when spandex and neoprene are used in making the straps, the resulted product will grip the head of the user appropriately and safely. Moreover, currently, you can find models up for sale that use a middle connection made from elastic that makes sure that the top strap of the device does not move and interfere with your vision.

However, these kinds of units are somewhat bulky when compared with more modern designs of headgear. Newer models use lighter straps that are thinner, more comfortable to wear, and they also manage to keep the wrestler cooler than bulkier models. If you are a newbie, you should also take a look at this article about how to purchase wrestling shoes.



Top rated products



Given that selecting a product of this type is not easy, we have decided to lend you a hand by composing a list of products that have received positive reviews from previous buyers. On top of that, these alternatives are also highly appreciated by the specialists.



Cliff Keen Tornado


If you are interested in a model that has been vetted by buyers, the Cliff Keen Tornado should be one of the devices that are on your mind. This choice was designed for younger wrestlers that have a head circumference at the eyebrows of approximately 18 to 21.5 inches.

This option is very similar to the F5 model designed for adults, as it also includes many of the features that made the F5 so popular.

When creating this product, the manufacturer made use of the results from a NASA research. As a consequence, this product is very light in weight and very comfortable.

Furthermore, the device uses a special technology that guarantees that the wrestler is able to hear while wearing this piece of gear. Also, the strapping system that it features supplies one with a better and a faster fit than most models out there. The materials used when making this choice are very durable and likely to pass the test of time.

The product has received positive reviews. Most buyers were happy with the quality of the straps and the fact that they are fully adjustable.

Buy from for ($32.94)




Cliff Keen E58


Another alternative that is worthy of your attention is the Cliff Keen E58. This model one of the best-rated items sold by Cliff Keen because this is a product that aims at increasing the comfort of the user and because it can offer better shock protection.

This choice was manufactured using a 4-strap system, the classic system. Because of it, the product is easy to adjust, and it can fit wrestlers that have heads of all sizes and shapes.

In fact, although the model was, at its core, designed to be used by adults, thanks to this adjustable system, it can also be used by youths.

Overall, this option is light in weight and very comfortable, even when worn for hours on end. The model also enables the user to hear what is going on around him/her.

Another aspect that makes this choice very practical is that the strap that it contains does not burn the chin of the user. Additionally, once you adjust it, it is said to stay in place for an extended period of time.

Buy from for ($32.95)




KO Sports Wrestling


If you want to buy a model that has an elastic top strap, the KO Sports Wrestling is the unit for you. This option has a simple design that is easy to use, and it is said to keep the user’s ears protected and comfortable.

Furthermore, the material employed in making it is highly breathable, although the item itself does offer more coverage than most of the counterparts currently available. The alternative is well liked notably because it also protects part of the user’s face during impacts.

The neoprene construction of the product is said to deliver a perfect fit. This choice is regarded as being very comfortable. Because of its sleek design, it won’t interfere with your peripheral vision. Also, this option has ear holes that allow the wrestler to hear the instructions given by the coach.

These holes also prevent the creation of wetness in the ears that can lead to bacterial growth and infections. Previous buyers of the model noted that this choice is easy to adjust and that, because of its durability, it can be used for years on end.

Buy from for ($19.99)




Gold BJJ Headgear


Another choice that you should not ignore is this device sold by Gold BJJ. According to the manufacturer, this piece of gear can offer protection against the development of cauliflower ear, a type of disfigurement caused by trauma.

The design of this option is soft and flexible and, unlike some available alternatives, it is not bulky. As a result, it won’t cause any kind of discomfort to your practice partner. The model also features a reinforced Velcro chin strap that is very durable but also quite comfortable.

As a plus, the item includes extra stitching that guarantees that the option stays in place while you are on the wrestling mat. What is more, buyers will also receive a bonus mouth guard that they can use to keep their teeth safe in case of an impact.

As the seller points out, this product is not only suitable for wrestling. In fact, you can also utilize it while practicing Jiu-Jitsu or MMA. This choice is usually preferred by those looking for a model that fits well and that allows them to hear.

Buy from for ($39.97)




Brute Youth GR-9


If you are a fan of gear produced by Brute, be sure to give the Youth GR-9 model a go. This alternative was developed to be used by younger wrestlers that weigh 55 lbs. and under. What is more, this item is appreciated because of its light weight and comfortable fit.

This choice is ideal for beginner wrestlers that are in need of a product that is protective, yet comfortable. The model stands out because of its modern styling and because it features polymer ear cups that supply the utilizer with low profile protection.

Furthermore, this choice includes a four-strap adjusting system that allows the wrestler to close it quickly and easily. According to the experience of previous buyers, this product is said to be shipped quickly, and its color is true to the picture.

Overall, this model has numerous satisfied buyers that like the fact that it can be used by both girls and boys. Also, the favorable ratings that it has received also show the owners’ content with the budget-friendly price of this sturdy alternative.

Click to see the price on Amazon!




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