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Bobby Bully Review





It’s lifelike and anatomically correct appearance makes it a great sparring partner for kids.

Even though it is priced affordably, it is still designed to last through years of training.

The Bobby Bully is easy to assemble and comes with everything you need, except fill for the base.

Since it can be adjusted for height, the Bobby Bully can grow with your child.





It should be noted that the Bobby Bully can be prone to tipping over if the base is not filled with sand or water. While this doesn’t affect its overall performance, it can be a safety issue.

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Main features explained


This punching mannequin boasts a lifelike appearance that makes it a perfect sparring partner for young martial arts enthusiasts. It has a face that even adults want to punch, and its anatomically correct design makes it an ideal training tool.

Constructed from durable materials the Bobby Bully from Century is designed to last through years of training. It is softer than adult mannequins reducing the risk of hand and foot injuries. It won’t easily rip or burst even with repeated hard jabs and kicks. Best of all it is priced to fit almost any budget. Whether it’s for training or just to work off some excess energy, this punching mannequin is the perfect sparring partner for kids and even teens.


You will love how easy the Bobby Bully is to assemble. Simply attach the mannequin to the base. The wide base provides plenty of stability, especially when it is filled with sand or water. It is also a breeze to empty when the punching mannequin isn’t being used so you can easily move it out of the way. While the mannequin can tip over if the base isn’t filled, it is wide enough for you to hold steady with your feet. Best of all everything comes with the Bobby Bully, so all you have to do is add the filling.


To ensure that this punching mannequin is a good value for your money it is designed to grow with your child. This ensures that it can be used for years, especially since it also comes with a durable construction. There are two positions for height that are easy to adjust. Since the maximum height for the Bobby Bully is 5’3” it can even be used by some adults.





Whether your child is just starting out with martial arts or just has a lot of pent-up energy, the Bobby Bully from Century might be just what you need. It is constructed from a soft, durable material that ensures this punching mannequin will last for years. You will love how simple it is too assemble, all you have to do is add fill to the base. It also boasts an anatomically correct and lifelike appearance, making it the ideal sparring partner. Best of all it comes at a price that will fit almost any budget.


Buy from for ($229.99)




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