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Century Aerobic Wavemaster Review

Last Updated: 12.04.19






This punching bag is very sturdy and it handles a lot of action without showing signs of wear and tear.

It works great for any kind of activities, from kickboxing to any type of martial arts you can think of.

The Century Aerobic Wavemaster is more forgiving than other punching bags, and it allows users who are shorter in height to use it in the most efficient manner.

The base can be filled with both water and sand, as you see fit.

The height is adjustable so even kids and women can use it.





The Century Aerobic Wavemaster is the best aerobic punching bag you can find at the moment, but, as any product, it has its minor flaws. One of them that if you decide to fill the base with sand, it will take you a while until you get it all filled up to the brim. Filling it with water proved easier, in our experience.

Another mention that must be made is that it does not hurt to place a yoga mat under its base, to minimize its movement when you punch it.


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Main features explained


Many Century Aerobic Wavemaster reviews from users point out that its sturdiness highly recommends this specific product. This is what users want most from any punching bag, and it is great to see a product that truly delivers in this respect. Century is known for using the best quality materials to ensure a great experience for those purchasing their products.


Even if you are not heavily into martial arts, you will discover that this punching bag is really great to have around. For kickboxing, karate and any other type of workout, this is a good punching bag to use on a regular basis.


A great thing about the Century Aerobic Wavemaster is that it can be successfully used by all kinds of people, including women and children. Especially users who are shorter in height and have less flexibility highly appreciate this punching bag as the best they have ever used.


The base and its stability are very important for a punching bag. This model can have its base filled with both water and sand, so you can choose one or the other. When filled, the base is very stable and you will be able to kick the punching bag around to your heart’s content.


There are four height adjustments available, so even if you are shorter, you will have no trouble setting the bag to the right height. This is essential, as any coach can tell you, for a good and efficient workout, whether you want to stay in shape or get more proficient at martial arts and other disciplines.





This is, hands down, the best punching bag from Century, because it can be used by anyone and it offers the same solid performance regardless of the person using it. The sturdy construction and the available height adjustments make it a great choice for anyone who wants to practice low or high kicks every day.


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