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Century Bobby Bully Review

Last Updated: 21.05.19





Its lifelike appearance makes it a great training tool for most kids’ sparring applications.

Since it is height adjustable, this punching bag can grow with your kids so it can be used for years.

Its sturdy construction ensures that the Bobby Bully can withstand hard kicks and jabs your child can throw.

To ensure that this body opponent bag is a good value, it comes with a limited one-year warranty.  





When it comes to this body opponent bag, it is hard to find any negative reviews. One consumer did note that the base is extremely lightweight. This is designed to make it easier to move as needed. During use, though, the base should be filled with sand or water. This will prevent the Bobby Bully from tipping over after a hard kick or punch.

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Main features explained


If you have younger children interested in martial arts or if they just need to blow off some steam, the Bobby Bully might be just what you need. Its lifelike appearance makes it an ideal training tool for kids just starting out in the martial arts. It also has the “angry” face of the classic bully, making it a great aid in helping children learn a few self-defense moves.

This versatile body opponent bag can be adjusted for height. This allows it to grow with your child. You will also appreciate how easy it is to adjust the Bobby Bully from 4’2” up to 4’7” tall. Even some smaller stature adults might be able to get in a few practice shots when the punching bag is extended to its full height.


Durability is always a concern when you are purchasing a punching bag. Not only does this ensure that it is a good value for your money, but it significantly reduces your risk of injury. The Bobby Bully is constructed from rugged materials that are also softer on kids’ hands than punching bags geared for adults. For added assurance that it is worth your money, it comes with a one year limited warranty.


Even though this body opponent punching bag is designed for kids, it can still withstand hard kicks and punches tipping over. The sturdy base can be easily filled with sand or water to ensure that the Bobby Bully stays upright. Its rounded design also makes it relatively easy to roll to a new location. While it can be used without filling the base, you do run the risk of it being tipped over.





The Bobby Bully is a great way for kids to get some fun exercise, while also improving their sparring technique. Not only is this beneficial for martial arts training, but it can also help them learn a few self-defense moves. Its durable construction and height adjustable design ensures that this body opponent bag will be used by your child for years. Best of all it is relatively easy to move as needed.


Buy from for ($241.99)




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