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Century Kid Kick Wavemaster Review

Last Updated: 11.04.19


5.1 Kid Kick Wavemaster




Can be used for training kids for a variety of sports.

It’s made with high quality materials, which means that it will last.

You can fill it up with either sand or water.

Its height can be adjusted to work for tall or smaller children.





If you’re planning on gifting this item, you should know that its packaging will be visible, as it cannot be gift wrapped.

Buy from for ($123.99)



Main features explained


If you were thinking of introducing your little one to sports like kickboxing, boxing, karate, or some other martial arts sports, then this is the best punching bag from Century for that. Indeed, it can be hard to find punching bags that work for children, since most of them are suited for adults’ height. This is further made more difficult by the fact that some punching bags out there are better suited for one sport as opposed to several.


The last thing you want is to purchase a punching bag that won’t last you a long time. Indeed, these kinds of products are meant to be endure quite a bit of force being thrown at them. If they can’t do that, then they’re of no use. This particular model, being the best kid’s punching bag, is made with high impact foam on the inside, while on the outside it’s covered with durable nylon. Thanks to these two materials you can rest assured that you’ll have this product for a long time. In fact, quite a few owners mentioned in their Century Kid Kick Wavemaster reviews that they were very happy with how durable this punching bag is.

5.2 Kid Kick Wavemaster

Many people don’t like the idea of purchasing a punching bag that’s prefilled. Indeed, it can be quite inconvenient to attempt to get it from the front door to wherever you’re planning on keeping it. While this might not be a huge problem for you, the fact that you wouldn’t be able to decide its final weight can be an issue. This model allows you to do that, as you can fill it with either sand or water. When fully filled, this Wavemaster punching bag will weigh about 170 pounds. This is enough to resist the punches and hits of a child.


Here’s the thing: not all children are the same height. For this reason, purchasing a bag that’s of standard height might not be a good idea, since it might not be right for you child. Not only this, but children also  tend to grow up quite fast, which means that if you get a model that has only one height level, you’ll have to purchase a new one quite fast. Well, the great news is that this model’s height can be adjusted, so that your little one will be able to use it to its fullest.





If you want to get your little one started with boxing, kickboxing, or martial arts, this punching bag is the way to go. Not only will you be able to use it for a long time, but you can also control its weight, so that it will always give your child the best workout possible.


Buy from for ($123.99)




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